The Noonification: Whats Inside Play to Earn (5/21/2024)by@hackernoonnewsletter
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3,881 reads

The Noonification: Whats Inside Play to Earn (5/21/2024)

by HackerNoon NewsletterMay 21st, 2024
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5/21/2024: Top 5 stories on the HackerNoon homepage!
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Protect People From Themselves: Reducing Default Risks in P2P Lending

By @koptelov558 [ 7 Min read ] Exploring the subject of P2P lending is particularly intriguing because it involves more than just being an expert at a company, such as a bank Read More.

Dependency Inversion Principle in Go: What It Is and How to Use It

By @kirooha [ 10 Min read ] In this article, we will discuss the Dependency Inversion principle. In short, well talk about what it is and examine this principle Read More.

Optimizing Data Center Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Freecooling Techniques

By @egorkaritskii [ 10 Min read ] Explore the cutting-edge world of free cooling technology in data centers, its impact on efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability. Read More.

Whats Inside Play to Earn

By @systerr [ 17 Min read ] Deep Dive into Blockchain (EVM), NFTs, NFT Metadata Standards, Game Economies, Authorization, and How We Can Incorporate NFTs into Gaming. Read More.

Effortless Assisted Injection in Multi-Module Android Projects: Introducing Anvil Utils

By @ilyagulya [ 3 Min read ] Step by step reducing boilerplate required to make assisted factories work in a multi-module android project. Read More.

Weight of AI Expectation Weighs Heavy as iPhone 16 Launch Becomes Pivotal for Apple

By @peter-jobes [ 5 Min read ] 2024 has been a challenging year so far for Apple’s embattled stock, but the launch of the iPhone 16 could change everything. Read More.

When It’s Time to Give REST a Rest

By @johnjvester [ 13 Min read ] Based upon the underlying requirement, sometimes GraphQL with Apollo Server is the best approach over using a traditional RESTful API. Read More.

GitHub Copilot and the Endangered Code Monkey

By @ajar [ 9 Min read ] The rate of improvement for artificial intelligence, and in particular for GitHub Copilot, is so steep that a career pivot may be in order. Read More. 🧑‍💻 What happened in your world this week?It's been said that writing can help consolidate technical knowledge, establish credibility, and contribute to emerging community standards. Feeling stuck? We got you covered ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ANSWER THESE GREATEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME We hope you enjoy this worth of free reading material. Feel free to forward this email to a nerdy friend who'll love you for it.See you on Planet Internet! With love, The HackerNoon Team ✌️