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47 Stories To Learn About Bash

by Learn RepoApril 10th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Bash via these 47 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Bash via these 47 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Hide the Exported ENV Variables From the History

Hi, happy to join your community. This is my first post, so I start from the simple one, but useful. Maybe you don't know about it yet.

2. How to Start Simulator Without Using Android Studio and Xcode: An Essential Guide

Life is too short to start our simulator using conventional ways. Here is the hack.

3. Basics to Bash Scripting for Network Engineers

Today, we will learn about the basics of bash scripting for network engineers.

4. How to Generate Bash Scripts with NodeJS

Convert files' and folders' structures to Bash Scripts with NodeJS.

5. How to Customize Your Shell for Efficiency

create a beautiful custom shell setup on your Linux/macOS with oh-my-zsh

6. Master The Art Of Using Typescript Without The Compile Step

If you're like me you create scripts to automate things all the time. While you can do quite a bit with bash, it's just a lot easier to use your primary language--in this case TypeScript. With just a few tricks you can start writing your scripts in TypeScript.

7. How ChatGPT Handles Linux Bash Scripting

Using ChatGPT to help write a bash script to download YouTube videos

8. The Shell and the Terminal: What's the Difference?

How to know the difference in shell and terminal

9. Yet Another Guide About Bash tricks

If your work needs you to use Linux, these Bash Tips can save you plenty of time and effort in your day-to-day operations while streamlining your processes.

10. Understanding 'Git', 'Bash', and 'Git Bash'

Do you know when you install Git Bash on windows what exactly you are installing? Git or Bash? In this article, I will explain everything about them.

11. How To Create Reusable Bash Scripts

Bash is a language that is quite useful for automation no matter what language you write in. Bash can do so many powerful system level tasks. Even if you are on windows these days you are likely to come accross bash inside a cloud VM, Continuous Integration, or even inside of docker.

12. How to Use ShellJS to Combine Bash Shell Commands and Javascript

If you are looking for a way to use Bash shell, or Unix shell commands within Javascript to automate your workflow, then ShellJS is the perfect library for you.

13. Creating API with Bash Code in AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Amazon web services (AWS) is a powerful platform for almost every webservice you can imagine. With AWS API Gateway and Lambda you are able to create REST API’s with ease! API gateway is enables you to create the API. Lambda lets you execute code when the API is invoked. This code can be in many programming languages like Python or Node.JS.

14. Introduction to Bash Scripting: My Open Source E-Book

I have just released an open-source introduction to Bash scripting ebook/guide that will help you learn the basics of Bash scripting and start writing awesome Bash scripts that will help you automate your daily SysOps, DevOps, and Dev tasks.

15. How to Create a Simple Bash Shell Script to Send Messages on Telegram

In this article, you will walk through the creation of a simple Bash shell script to send messages to Telegram messenger using the Curl command. Then you will use this script to send a notification on every ssh login into your server.

16. YSK #1: chmod

chmod changes who can read and write your files (!!) which is probably something you want to keep control over. the basics:

17. Configure Your Linux With Passwordless Sudo For A Specific User

Linux follows tough rules when it comes to permission. Being a root user or sudo user gives you permission to do almost anything which normal user don’t have. Several commands need sudo keyword to run and each time you try to run sudo, Linux asks for a password, today we will configure a passwordless sudo.

18. How to Simplify Cron Monitoring With a Simple Bash Trick

If you have worked with software systems long enough you have surely worked with crons. Cron is a time-based task scheduler in UNIX-like operating systems. We use to run some task/script periodically, for example, every day at 9:30 AM.

19. The Problem With Promotion-Obsessed Cultures

The problems with promo-culture

20. How to Connect Your Bastion Server to a PostgreSQL Server with an SSH Tunnel

In this article, you'll learn how to connect to an RDS server through a bastion server in Bash using an SSH tunnel.

21. How To Use The Linux Command Line

Learning the basics of the Linux Command Line helps users get the most out of their machine while streamlining the experience of using the open-source OS

22. Port Your Medium Articles to Your Personal Blog with a Simple Bash Script [A How To Guide]

As good as it is, having your own blog outside of Medium is still not a bad idea. It enables you to have another channel you can totally own to communicate with your readers. And who knows, no company can last forever, what if Medium got acquired by some other company or something even worse happen. You can still sleep well at night knowing you won’t lose all your articles.

23. 20,000 Leagues Under Your Shell

Ready to dig deep into your Linux filesystem? An exploratory look at some of the lesser-known features of /proc, /sys/, and /dev.

24. Poor Command-Line Hygiene? Consider Load-bearing the Shell History

Can you use your command-line shell history as a second brain? Should you? Here are some ideas to help leverage the humble Ctrl-r key to supercharge your work.

25. How to use Bash

With Bash, developers can do lots of computer processes right from the terminal without ever having to use their mouse or keyboard for interaction. Learn Bash.

26. I Found The One Tool To Sort All Your Pictures Like A Boss

For years I have been frustrated and I wanted to find a proper way of sorting my pictures. I had photos coming from several devices, and made manual copies on my laptop and on my external hard drive. I ended up with tons of folders and a lot of duplicates.

27. Warp: The Terminal For the Modern Developers

Today, I’m proud to officially introduce Warp, a from-first-principles reinvention of the terminal to make it work better for developers and teams.

28. Programming With Shell for Automation

Most of the programmers use programming languages such as C,C++, Python, Javascript. They use shell for many tasks . But most of them don’t know that they can program with shell for automating stuff that we find ourselves doing over and over again.

29. Bash Aliases to Make Your Life Easier

I spend a lot of time working on the bash command line, and I've come to highly value the availability of my custom set of shortcuts, preferences, and tricks, r

30. Scaling Symfony Consumers using Kubernetes [A How To Guide]

At Debricked we have been using Symfony for our web backend for a while now. It has served us very well and when they announced the Messenger component back in Symfony 4.1, we were eager to try it out. Since then we have used the component for asynchronous queuing emails.

31. How To Create a Foolproof Shell Script

I am a lazy DevOps Engineer. So whenever I came across the same task more than 2 times I automate that. Although now we have many automation tools, still the first thing that hit into our mind for automation is bash or shell script.

32. How to write Bash one-liners for cloning and managing GitHub and GitLab repositories

Few things are more satisfying to me than one elegant line of Bash that automates hours of tedious work. As part of some recent explorations into automatically re-creating my laptop with Bash scripts (post to come!), I wanted to find a way to easily clone my GitHub-hosted repositories to a new machine. After a bit of digging around, I wrote a one-liner that did just that. Then, in the spirit of not putting all our eggs in the same basket, I wrote another one-liner to automatically create and push to GitLab-hosted backups as well. Here they are.

33. Enhancing Your Git Commit Messages

Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

34. Calling Shell Commands from Python: OS.system vs Subprocess

If you are a Python programmer, it is quite likely that you have experience in shell scripting. It is not uncommon to face a task that seems trivial to solve with a shell command. Therefore, it is useful to be familiar with how to call these commands efficiently from your Python code and know their limitations.

35. Execute Multiple Commands On Parallel Terminal Tabs With A Simple Bash/Apple Script

Are you frustrated to run same scripts again & again before resuming your work?? Here is a simple solution to automate starting those scripts before you start.

36. How to Automate the Creation of a Development Server

In part one, I have shown how to create a remote development using DigitalOcean and rsync. In part two, I will show how to automate the entire process using Bash script.

37. Using a Script to Send Desktop Notifications from Your Linux Terminal

Send visual feedback and reminders from scripts, using notify-send and at commands on Linux. Also how to get MacOS to do it as well, through some jury-rigging.

38. How To Install Bash On Windows 10

Microsoft recently joined hands with Canonical (the parent company of Ubuntu) to bring the entire userland into Windows, minus the Linux Kernel. So as a result, you, as a developer, get access to the whole range of Ubuntu command-line tools and utilities with bash shell integrated with Windows. Let’s look at how we can install Bash on Windows 10 and take full advantage of the new feature.

39. Using Github Actions and Bash to Create Dynamic Github Profile

Creating a Dynamic Github Profile With Github Actions and Bash. Parsing RSS and XML in Bash.

40. PostgreSQL diff Explained

Normal development flow requires continuous patching the production database with local changes normally made automatically by the orm software, this method is not perect but deceptively simple, all we'll use is standard Unix commands, and is good enough for us.

41. How To Use Command Line

💻 Command Line:

42. Real-time Scanning of Other Terminals with Strace


43. Linux Isn't Scary

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Africa), a boy of great courage dared to use Linux. This is his story.

44. An Introduction to Parameter Expansion in Bash

Linux shell scripting has a little-seen parameter expansion operator that tests if a variable exists or is null.

45. How To Extend Your Terminal Functionality with zsh and Prezto

For some time now I've been using zsh as my default Unix shell, which is an extended Bourne shell with many improvements, including some features from bash, ksh and tcsh. One of my favorite shells is fish shell. It's easy to set-up and many of the features that I use comes pre-installed, as it is not POSIX supported it has a much readable (fish) syntax for scripting.

46. How to Create a Remote Development Server


47. What The Shell?! (Podcast Transcript)

Amy Tom chats with Michael Nitschinger, a Software Architect at Couchbase, and Jonathan D. Turner (AKA JT), the Co-Creator of NuShell, about Shell scripting.

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