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45 Stories To Learn About Error Handling

by Learn RepoApril 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Error Handling via these 45 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Error Handling via these 45 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Solve Quickbooks Error 1311- Source File Not Found

Learn ways to fix Quickbooks Error 1311- Source File Not Found (filename).

2. Fast Golang Router With Error Handling

Getting started with fast Golang router that allows to handle and monitor errors using middlewares.

3. How HotelTonight Prioritizes Finding and Fixing Critical Bugs While Maintaining a 1% Error Budget

The stability score in particular has made it possible for their team to measure their application’s stability & maintain their team’s error budget of 1% error.

4. How to Solve the Python Memory Error

A memory error occurs when an operation runs out of memory. It’s most likely because you’re using a 32-bit Python version.

5. QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387 and How to Solve It

The C=387 error occurs because there is an unknown mismatch between amounts in different accounts on different ledger and sub-ledger levels.

6. 7 Most Common Google Chrome Problems and How to Fix Them

This is a post on 7 common Google Chrome problems. Learn how to fix them in this in-depth post.

7. API Error Handling in React

I will tell you what formats for common handlers exist and why it is better to agree on a single format with the backend than to fence a new solution every time

8. How to Fix Outlook Email Search Not Working on Windows or Mac [SOLVED]

Here are 3 ways to troubleshoot when Outlook email search isn't working.

9. Error 429 Too Many Requests: What to Do When You've Been Rate Limited?

Your application is running smoothly. Tests have passed. Suddenly you start to see 429 error responses from an API. As the name implies, you have made too many requests and your application has been rate limited. The 429 (Too Many Requests) error is an HTTP status code that often occurs when you've hit a request limitation of an API.

10. Axios: What to Do When Something Goes Wrong

You've seen a couple of ways to deal with error responses when making HTTP calls with Axios.

11. How to Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

If your computer has geforce experience error code 0x0003, you can try to fix the computer yourself by using a registry cleaner.

12. How To Fix: The File is Too Large for the Destination File System Error

Have you ever encountered this error “the file is too large for the destination file system” while moving files from your windows PC to USB flash drive or external hard drive?

13. How to Handle All PHP Errors

Sometimes your PHP application might produce many different types of earnings.

14. Frigidaire Freezer Error Codes

Frigidaire is the most reliable freezer brand due to its highest quality and excellent performance. Most people prefer this brand to others because of its attractive features, including a cooling system, a light that shows that the power is on, a temperature alarm, leveled stands, and numerous shelves for storage. Another added advantage to the Frigidaire freezer is the presence of a reversible door, which makes placement more flexible, thus more superb.

15. Pinpoint Those Pesky Minified Javascript Errors With Sentry

Source Maps to the rescue.!

16. Explore Error Monitoring and Stability Management for Flutter Applications with Bugsnag

Explore Error Monitoring and Stability Management for Flutter Applications

17. A Comprehensive Guide for Handling Errors in Rust

This article address how errors are handled with the Rust programming language.

18. How to Resolve the "SyntaxError: Non-Default Argument Follows Default Argument" Error in Python

Learn how to resolve the "SyntaxError: non-default argument follows default argument" in Python with this in-depth tutorial. Understand the difference between d

19. What does API Gateway Encoding not Enabled mean?

In this quick debugging article, you'll learn what does the error api gateway encoding not enabled mean, and how to handle or debug it.

20. Error Handling Strategies for Serverless Event-Driven Architecture

Designing the error handling for event driven architecture.

21. How to Handle Your Web Components Errors Effectively

This blog post provides an overview on how to effectively handle errors in web components and the recommended way to do it in the React ecosystem.

22. How to Solve: Nova Spatie 422 error "This disk is not configured as a backup disk"

Spatie's Laravel Components are surely known to most and are great helpers to build any kind of Laravel application or website. I've been using the Spatie' Laravel Backup component on my projects. With my recent shift to Laravel Nova on my new project, I've started to look at the related Nova component. It worked fine, once I got over some initial trouble.

23. Master JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Dynamic, Interactive Web Pages

This blog post discusses JavaScript, its role, features and frameworks that are at a developer’s disposal. Read on to know more…

24. How to Fix IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Driver Issue

If you are getting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error on your screen, then this could be a driver issue. It turns out to be more frustrating when you are doing an essential task on your device. Windows 10 users get this error frequently. But now you can fix this issue by yourself. In this article, you will find different ways to remove the problem from your device. Moreover, the reasons for this issue are also listed in it.

25. Error Handling in React Applications

Handle error in react components like a pro.

26. The Tale of My First Linux Crash: Fixing a File System Error in Ubuntu

My experience with a Linux crash and how i fixed it.

27. What Causes Malformed Lambda Proxy Response and How to Fix it

Malformed Lambda proxy response is a common configuration error in a serverless architecture. Learn what causes this error and how to fix it.

28. Unlocking Bugsnag's Power Features: Gain Precision and Reduce Noise

How to efficiently monitor app health and stability, as well as identify root causes of bugs

29. Working With Transient Errors

Each remote service that we call eventually going to fail. No matter how reliable they are, it is inevitable.

30. API Downtimes and Errors, How You Can Recover

APIs are stable until they aren’t. We talk about that often at Bearer. If you control the APIs, it gets easier, but with third-party APIs and integrations, it can be more difficult to predict when an outage or incident is about to happen.

31. The Throw Keyword was a Mistake

Exception Handling

32. 28 Creative 404 Pages for Your Inspiration

Landing on a default, un-styled ‘page not found’ with no further info and links can be really annoying. A creative and clever error page goes a long way in turning your visitor’s frown into a smile. 😉

33. How Error Tracking Saves Time and Accelerates Development

Let's examine why error tracking matters and how Bugsnag can help you save time and accelerate development.

34. Simple Steps to Avoid the Retry Behavior from AWS Lambda

When a Lambda function invocation crashes due to an uncaught application error, for example, AWS may automatically retry the same request.

35. Billion-Dollar Mistake in Go?

The following sample code is from Go's standard library documentation:

36. Golang ― More Error Handling with Less Checking

Error checks are essential but turn to noise without automatic propagation. Fixing Go's error-handling.

37. Tips for Fixing the Net::err_cert_date_invalid Error

If you receive the error message "Your connection is not private" or "net::err_cert_date_invalid" in your Google Chrome browser, it means that the browser is unable to establish a secure connection to the website you are trying to visit.

38. Error Handling Test for Web Applications Without Coding

Writing code that works when everything works as expected can be termed as Happy Path coding. It is a very good start. An experienced developer actually thinks all possible use cases and corner cases and make sure his code informs the users of the application even when an unexpected error happens. This level of coding is brilliant and the most wanted way to operate in Software Engineering.

39. Exception Handling with Examples

Exception handling is common to most programming languages, and the mechanism and behaviors are similar in most languages: try\catch\finally. It is well documented. We are not going to discuss that.

40. How to Resolve Quickbooks Error Code H202

Generally, H series errors are considered to be inevitable errors that may be caused by internal and external technical glitches.

41. An In-Depth Guide to AWS Lambda Error Handling

In this article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about the basics of AWS Lambda error handling.

42. A user encounters a JavaScript error. You’ll never guess what happens next!!

One of the hardest things a developer must do is release their bug-riddled code out into the world, knowing they may never hear from those little critters ever again.

43. How To Create Error Workflows in n8n

Errors can always creep up while working with software. It’s important to get notified about it so that it can be timely fixed. n8n allows you to set an ‘Error Workflow’ for your workflows. When your workflow runs into an error, the error workflow is triggered. This workflow can do anything that other workflows can like send an SMS or Slack/Mattermost notification to alert you about the error.

44. Don't Let Your .NET Applications Fail: Resiliency with Polly

One aspect of application development that is often overlooked, especially by beginner developers is application resilience.

45. Effective Error Handling in iOS

Why caring about error handling, and practical improvements to apply on your iOS app. Examples in Swift.

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