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42 Startups Changing the World

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@kbrshKabir Shah

The startups that focus on the future

Every year there are a lot of new startups, coming up with more and more creative ideas. All of this is kind of trending right now…so there are a LOT of startups every year. A majority of them are useless (eg. Fresh Banana’s delivered to your house!) On the other hand, some are really useful and…well, futuristic!

Startups are doing a lot of things that are changing the world. Some improve communication, some are figuring out what to do because of climate change. The point is, these startups are really doing an awesome job!

Here is a roundup of startups that are useful to us humans

1. Tesla Powerball: Tesla home battery.

2. Motion AI: Create Artificial Intelligence to do almost anything!

3. Email Hunter: Helps you find all the emails related to a domain.

4. Nubia Shower: Better shower, 70% less water.

5. Lily: A drone with a camera that follows you.

6. Slack: Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

7. Medium: Yes, Medium is gaining a lot of attention.

8. Dataminr: Real-time information discovery.

9. Periscope: Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

10. Postmates: On demand delivery.

11. Paper: The new sticky note.

12. Sunrise Meet: The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting.

13. RocketClub: Get startup shares in the products you use & love.

14. Slash Keyboard 2.0: Smart keyboard with built-in search engine.

15. Shyp: Shipping on demand.

16. Be My Eyes: Lend your eyes to the blind.

17. Robinhood: Free stock trading.

18. Zenefits: A platform for all your HR needs.

19. Dropbox Paper: Collaboration tool built for teams.

20. Gigster: Hire a development team in 5 minutes.

21. Clara: Clara is a virtual employee that schedules meetings for you.

22. Spark: A smart, fast and free email client for iPhone.

23. Slide: A hoverboard by Lexus.

24. Capitan: A smart shopping list that learns as you use it.

25. Graava: A camera that automatically edits its own video.

26. Product Hunt: A daily leaderboard of the best new products.

27. DroneDeploy: Image processing for any drone.

28. Magic Leap: Combines visual ability with mobile computing.

28. Reginald: AI Powered email manager/butler

30. Pianu: Teaching You how To Play Piano…in your browser

31. Nest: Smart home heating system

32. Lrn: Learn to code…with an app

33. Jukedeck: Make Music with AI

34. Leap Motion: Control stuff with your HANDS

35. Make a Nameplate

36. Weld: Make a website…for free

37. Highbrow: Get smarter by spending 5 minutes a day…reading an email

38. Sell It Easy: Sell Things Easily

39. Panda: All of your inspiration in one place

40. iAllocate: AI powered robot that helps you invest in stuff

41. AI Powered Personal Assistant to plan meetings

42. Alice/Alex: AI Powered…friend?


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