4 Must-Read Tips Before Designing Your Logo by@jared-greene

4 Must-Read Tips Before Designing Your Logo

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The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients. 

That being said, there is more work and thought that goes into the branding process than meets the eye. If you plan on hiring a graphic designer I suggest you search a platform like Upwork and ask him/her about their process while keeping in mind the considerations listed below. And if you plan on creating your own logo, try a logo generator tool like GraphicSprings and pick a template that reflects these 5 tips.

1. Simplicity Is Memorable

Stay away from cluttered, overdone designs. These designs are hard to use in various formats and look unprofessional. A simple design demonstrates organization, structure and a concise branding message. Most people have the tendency to get carried away with fancy fonts, intricate graphics and lots of colors. Simple designs are chosen by the world's biggest brands because simplicity is memorable. 

2. Think Outside Of The Box

Trying to be like everybody else in a crowded and competitive market is a death sentence for your business. Trends never last and a logo is meant to be timeless. Whether you are considering a color palette or choosing a layout, being different is good. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and look at inspiration from industries outside of your own. Too often I hear clients asking for a car graphic for their auto sales company logo.

NovaCleaners is a great example of a cleaning company that does not have a mop or vacuum cleaner graphic in their logo. It is simple, with clean lines and fresh colors - the perfect combination for a cleaning business. 

3. Meaning Of Color

Color Wheel Pro's created a chart that explains the meaning of colors and how they can be used in communicating to your customers. Each color has impliction so I suggest you learn more about what your brand colors will be communicating. For example, red is known to bring out energy which makes it the perfect color for a logo for fitness centers and sports cars. Red is also associated with aggression so it might not be the best fit for a wellness spa. 

4. Tell A Story

Logos are the first step in creating a brand and it sets the foundation of how and what you communicate. When people see the Apple logo they think of style, quality and innovation. Apple’s overall brand has been a huge contributor to their global success. This is why it is important that the rest of your branding material, your customer service and website are all in line and tell a consistent story about your companies values. If you can do this, you will win the trust from potential customers and make growing your business easier.


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