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4 Defi Platforms with NFT Gaming to Watch in 2022

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Defi and NFTs are now household names in the crypto universe. Since 2021, the two crypto tools have seen immense growth and adoption in different sectors. Entertainment is one of the sectors that has contributed to the increase in Defi and NFTs. Moreover, more projects are buying the idea of developing Metaverse, a network that hosts games, concerts, and gambling houses.ย 

However, the most prevalent Defi and NFT adoption was in the gaming industry. Dozens of platforms were conceived within and before 2021, intending to provide gamers with play-to-earn systems using Defi and NFTs. Below are some of the Defi platforms with gaming and NFTs that investors should watch out for in 2022.ย 

1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a Defi project with gaming and NFT functionalities, in which players hunt for beasts and use them for battles. Its developers aimed to create an entertaining game with a good experience.ย 

Illuvium combines Defi and NFT to provide passive income options while gaming. For instance, the network has a native token dubbed $ILV, which is the main asset of the ecosystem. $ILV helps in purchasing NFTs and rewarding the network participants.ย 

The $ILV token is what makes Illuvum a Defi platform. Illuvium provides a Defi staking option using the $ILV token. There are two core pools available for staking $ILV to earn rewards. They instituted a liquidity mining program whose primary intention was increasing the supply of $ILV tokens. Stakers receive regular rewards and can vote on the betterment of the project.ย 

Already, some of the platform's tools are online. Hence, the network takes the first spot as one of DeFi and NFT gaming projects to watch in 2022.ย 

2. AidiVerse

AidiVerse is another Defi network focused on blockchain-based gaming. It is a product of Aidi Finance, bringing a vast array of Defi, gaming, and NFT solutions.

Aidiverse launches as a play-to-earn gaming platform combining yield farming and blockchain gaming solutions. This platform combines entertainment and competitiveness with income-earning options. It offers rewards to its network participants and players.ย 

The Aidiverse platform combines a comprehensive collection of services to reach investors. It has a dual token system involving the AIDI ETH and BSC tokens.ย 

Aidi ETH will be the primary token for Playfi (gaming). It will be the main currency to purchase in-game assets in the playFi. On the other hand, the Verse is the utility token for AidiCraft, the NFT platform. The platform operates on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and BSC.ย 

As a Defi platform, AidiVerse has a decentralized exchange option working in multiple chains, dubbed AidiSwap. On top of that, it has an in-house NFT marketplace, an asset tracker app, and a merchandise store.ย 

3. GoFungibles

GoFungibles is another decentralized finance platform that combines Defi and NFT in gaming. The Defi-focused network allows investors to create, trade, and earn using NFTs and other features.ย 

GoFungibles allows participants to generate income while gaming. According to their website, their combination of different tools ensures gamers have a thrilling experience. It combines a wide array of Defi tools starting from yield farming, staking, and rewarding solutions.ย 

GoFungibles also instills different NFT options to offer a good user experience. It provides fractional NFT ownership, a unique property compared to what most NFT and DeFi projects offer. It harbours collateralized NFTs, NFT leasing, farming, staking, and artist donations. GoFungibles also has a fair NFT fee structure making it easy to mint and list NFTs with low fees paid when selling. It also features the DAO governance tool for decentralizing the services.

4. NFTb

NFTb defines itself as a multichain Defi and NFT gaming option. NFTb, which first launched its services in May 2021, aims to create a gaming environment where participants can generate income within the network.ย 

In its mission to enhance the growth of Defi, the network introduces a launchpad that helps new projects. Defi and NFT related projects can leverage the launchpad to seek community support.ย 

On top of the launchpad, the network also offers Defi services. For instance, this network has an NFTb earn tool, mainly focusing on providing Defi-related staking and farming services. Investors can stake the native token NFTb and earn an income in the network.ย 

The network has a tool for creators to mint NFTs, with a marketplace where investors can purchase or sell NFTs. The marketplace takes the bidding format, where the highest bidder goes with the asset.ย 

Final Words

The concept of blockchain gaming integrated with NFTs is still growing, although not all die-hard gamers consider the ideology' palatable.' However, as time flies, developments on the DeFi and gaming could change their minds. Upcoming projects like Illuvium, AidiVerse, GoFungibles, and NFTb aim to uplift the blockchain gaming industry, as they also plan to improve the gaming experience of a modern-day gamer.

All said and done, as an investor, you should do exhaustively research what projects suit your position. The above projects are the 'ones to watch,' but remember to DYOR on every project available before investing.

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