The TechBeat: Can AI Audit Smart Contracts Better than Human Auditors? (4/15/2024)by@techbeat
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The TechBeat: Can AI Audit Smart Contracts Better than Human Auditors? (4/15/2024)

by TechBeatApril 15th, 2024
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Can AI Audit Smart Contracts Better than Human Auditors?

By @bunzz [ 3 Min read ] AI-based audits are not yet perfect, but they may be the next step in smart contract auditing. Read More.

Backing Up Weaviate with MinIO S3 Buckets to Achieve Strategic Enhancement to Data Management

By @minio [ 19 Min read ] Combining the advanced vector database capabilities of Weaviate with the storage solutions of MinIO empowers users to unlock the full potential of their data. Read More.

How to Advertise to Your Target Audience without Creeping Them Out

By @hackmarketing [ 3 Min read ] Welcome to another edition of Hack marketing diaries by team HackerNoon! This time, we wanna share our learnings and observations on surveillance capitalism. Read More.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is (Quietly) Changing Libraries

By @zacamos [ 5 Min read ] Libraries are probably not the first think that comes to mind when you think of AI — but they're impacted all the same. Here's how AI is changing libraries. Read More.

Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Konstantin Malkov - Product Manager

By @malkovko [ 7 Min read ] Konstantin Malkov is a product manager with over 7 years of experience building customer-centric consumer mobile apps. Passionate about sustainable growth. Read More.

Why Is Upwork Suspending Six-Figure Clients?

By @nebojsaneshatodorovic [ 6 Min read ] Upwork is suspending long-term six-figure clients. Read More.

Unlocking IaC Part 4: Terraform & Github

By @chrisray [ 5 Min read ] Nothing will kill your ambitions to work with code faster than losing all your progress every time you 'build. The solution to this problem is Git Read More.

'Multimodal is the most unappreciated AI breakthrough' says DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder

By @David [ 9 Min read ] Joshua Browder, Founder/CEO of DoNotPay, joined the HackerNoon community to discuss AI agents, dividends, and what's next for DoNotPay. Read More.

Interview With UeCalc Founder Daniil Khanin: Unlocking the Power of Unit Economics for Startups

By @vvmrk [ 6 Min read ] Victor Markov, Daniil Khanin, Unit Economics, UeCalc Founder, Value Engineer, Entrepreneur Read More.

Cracking System Design Interviews: Answers to Top 25 Interview Questions for Software Developers

By @javinpaul [ 15 Min read ] Explore 25 key system design interview questions with detailed answers, covering topics like scalability, load balancing, proxies, database sharding, and more. Read More.

Deep Learning: Edge Devices With mmWave FMCW Radars Part 1 - Signal Processing

By @owlgrey [ 10 Min read ] millimeter-wave FMCW radar: efficient, environmental-independent sensing for device integration and advanced consumer electronics Read More.

Software Regression Testing: Enhanced Regression Strategy and Zero Defects

By @shad0wpuppet [ 6 Min read ] Learn about Zero Defects and advanced regression testing strategies to enhance software quality and testing efficiency Read More.

Masa Network's AI Marketplace Goes Live: A Game-Changer for Data Monetization

By @ishanpandey [ 3 Min read ] Joe Downie, head of marketing at NiceHash, shares insights on leveraging NiceHash's global leadership in cryptocurrency mining to accelerate Bitcoin adoption Read More.

PostgreSQL or MySQL: What Should I Choose for My Full-Stack Project?

By @leandronnz [ 6 Min read ] A comprehensive guide comparing PostgreSQL and MySQL for full-stack developers, covering installation, transactional support, performance, security, and more. Read More.

Revolutionizing AI: and Aptos Labs Forge a Path for Decentralized Innovation

By @ishanpandey [ 3 Min read ] partners with Aptos Labs to decentralize AI by integrating blockchain technology, aiming to make AI more accessible and affordable. Their product, Read More.

The Metaverse Identity: A Soon-To-Be Cornerstone of Daily Life According to WEF Report

By @thesociable [ 9 Min read ] Virtual voodoo dolls, autonomous avatars & digital doppelgangers will be your behavior-profiling passports in the metaverse: perspective Read More.

100 Days of AI, Day 19: Klarna’s AI Chatbot and The Rise of Generative AI in Startups

By @sindamnataraj [ 3 Min read ] Klarna leveraged generative AI to create an AI assistant and improve its customer support experience. What can other companies learn from it? Read More.

MITRE Pushes to Launch New Insider Threat Framework

By @isaac-kohen-teramind [ 7 Min read ] Insider threats are a problem as old as time. So why are we still not so great at dealing with them? Read More.

Mastering Product Engagement: Amplifying Interaction Through Strategic Marketing (Part I)

By @rachelecarraro [ 5 Min read ] Businesses can amplify the interaction between users and their tech product by leveraging strategic marketing. Here is how. Read More.

Apple is Fighting the US Government, and the US Government is Right

By @okikio [ 2 Min read ] Apple is abusing Market Power in a way that makes it difficult to compete on their platforms. The lawsuit is valid both legally and logically. Read More. 🧑‍💻 What happened in your world this week? It's been said that writing can help consolidate technical knowledge, establish credibility, and contribute to emerging community standards. Feeling stuck? We got you covered ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ANSWER THESE GREATEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME We hope you enjoy this worth of free reading material. Feel free to forward this email to a nerdy friend who'll love you for it. See you on Planet Internet! With love, The HackerNoon Team ✌️