3D Architectural Visualizations are a Game-Changer in Real Estate Marketing by@nomoko
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3D Architectural Visualizations are a Game-Changer in Real Estate Marketing

by NomokoFebruary 22nd, 2023
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3D visualizations and renderings are powerful tools for architects and real estate professionals. Drone-captured digital twins can help – here is how.
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3D visualizations and renderings are powerful tools for architects and real estate professionals. Drone captured digital twins can help – here is how.

Until recently, real estate professionals had to rely on hand-drawn presentations or plaster models to show and sell projects; the use of 3D architectural visualizations in real estate marketing has become the new normal. Current technologies are so advanced and 3D models are highly detailed and accurate and contain real-life elements like sunlight effects, shadows, and even surrounding elements.

What is 3D architectural visualization?

3D architectural visualization is the process of creating three-dimensional images or animations of proposed buildings or developments. It is a valuable tool for architects and real estate developers, as it allows them to effectively communicate how a property looks or will look like once completed.

3D modeling brings architectural projects to life before they go into the construction phase

Why is it important in real estate marketing?

There are many benefits to using 3D renderings and visualizations in real estate marketing:

  • Save time and money

    It significantly reduces the amount of time needed to draw sketches and numerous hand-made models while having a superior quality and communication impact. Using 3D visualizations, potential buyers and real estate developers can discuss business and close deals faster.

  • Spot problems early

    Changes that clients requirements are not the only element that architects need to consider. Using 3D renders, architects can catch potential problems with the stability of the property or its structural integrity. Additionally, one can see if the space is well thought out, if the design is appealing to the audience, and even if the building is in ecological and aesthetic harmony with its surroundings.

  • Edit the design in real-time

    One of the most important benefits of 3D renderings is the time needed to update the designs. A 3D architectural drawing can be reconfigured and updated in almost real time, whereas with the traditional methods, the architect would have to erase and re-draw the part that has been changed. Additionally, the dimensions linked to the part that has changed will be updated automatically. Architects can easily create various versions of the drawing, present them to the stakeholders, and decide with which one to proceed.

  • Increase interest

    3D renderings help create realistic marketing materials, such as website renderings, virtual tours, viewpoints, and even offering a view of the property in VR (Virtual Reality). This gives people a more realistic idea of what the property will look like and can lead to higher interest in attending open houses or requesting showings.

  • Highlight the features

    Some property features may not be immediately obvious from traditional two-dimensional photos, floor plans, or blueprints. This can be especially useful for properties that have unique or unusual layouts.

  • Extreme accuracy

    Architectural renderings are not only meant for impression and cosmetics. The final models can be extremely accurate as they will show the exact dimensions that can help spot design errors, for instance, view impacts and overlap on protected natural areas or other structures.

3D visualizations bring architects’ visions to life

What are the benefits of using 3D architectural visualization for selling a property?

An immersive experience of a new building has proven to be more attractive.

  • Property visualization

    It allows showing potential buyers a realistic and holistic representation of the property, including the surrounding environment. Additionally, it can present how the property will look in different scenarios and conditions, like a shadow and seasonal simulations.

  • Sell the property faster

    Buyers are already inspired by the property before visiting it. Even if the construction has not been completed yet, potential clients do not have to wait before seeing what the finished product will look like, allowing them to get client approval faster.

  • Show the true value and potential of the property

    3D visualizations can help increase the chances of selling a property at a full-asked price, as buyers are able to see the true value of the property before making an offer. It also allows potential clients to see a property at its full potential, including how it would look after any renovations or changes have been made.

  • Immersive experience

    It can help create a more immersive and memorable experience for potential buyers or renters. By seeing what the property will look like before it is even built, they will get a better sense of how they would fit into the space and what their daily life would be like there.

  • Create emotional connection

    Purchasing decisions are not only made with logic but with emotions too. Potential buyers will visualize what a property would look like and create a stronger emotional connection.

“Real estate is about storytelling. Even the developers know that…”

Marcel Gasser – AKASHA Immobilien

Are you ready to bring your projects to life?

3D renderings are a great step forward. But to use their full potential, they need to be contextualized and integrated into the existing environment. Nomoko’s 3D services create photorealistic 3D models and Digital Twins, providing a realistic and holistic visualization of the project. We capture your chosen location with drones, integrate your CAD models, and bring any project vision to life with the most immersive experience of all.

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