39 Stories To Learn About Ieoby@learn
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39 Stories To Learn About Ieo

by Learn RepoOctober 15th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Ieo via these 39 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Ieo via these 39 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Select a Crypto Exchange for Beginners to Crypto

Choosing a crypto exchange to start trading cryptocurrencies can be difficult. Picking the right one requires you to consider these factors to suit your needs.

2. Number of STOs May Double While IEOs Will Almost Triple By Q4 2019

With regulators clamping down uncontrolled blockchain funding, I expect the number of ICOs to drop 90% from 980 registered in Q1 2018 to around 100–110 in Q4 2020. At the same time, regulatory compliance would allow STOs and IEOs to flourish.

3. Life After ICO: 4 New Ways to Launch a Token

The history and end of the ICO hype are well known: many projects turned out to be unfeasible or fraudulent, and many people lost their money.

4. IEO and Trading Bots to Help You Win Each Battle

Post by Tim Kozak, Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

5. The IEO Gamble: Does it Raise Capital or only Trouble?

Graphics by Regex SEO

6. The ICO to STO Evolution is Complete. So, What’s the Difference?

In the blockchain industry, there is now a lot of talk about replacing the ICO with a new, more legitimate method of attracting investment, called an STO. However, this definitely is not something completely new. During the heyday of the ICO, entering the market with security tokens was not very popular, and even now, many projects, and the investors themselves, do not always understand the difference. In this article, I will explain what makes an STO and an ICO fundamentally different.

7. 10-Step Checklist for Assessing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Project

Dye to the growing demand for educating new crypto investors, we’ve put together the following, 10 definitive factors for assessing a successful ICO project.

8. Why Social Media is not for Marketing?

9. Is Binance Launchpad a Breeding Ground for Pump and Dumps?

Back in 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were all the rave. Much like Initial Public Offerings, (IPO), ICOs act as a way to raise funds by selling a quantity of cryptocurrency in the form of coins to speculators and investors.

10. Are Exchanges Manipulating the Price on Initial Exchange Offerings?

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are a relatively new method of distributing cryptocurrency tokens during the startup crowdfunding stage. As described in the article, IEOs are closely related to ICOs. However, IEOs use exchange(s) as part of the distribution model.

11. What Happened to the Ico?

How ICOs evolved into IEOs and IDOs. What are Initial DEX Offerings and how do they compare to other models of crypto crowdfunding.

12. The yet another Asian story - ICO Scam

Disclaimer: This article was posted on JUNE 11, 2019.

The Story of Bitsdaq

13. Digital Asset Company Damex Introduces IEO and Smart Finance App

Damex is an established digital asset platform that has just announced the launch of its IEO, and smart finance application.

14. Token Valuation Done Right: A DCF Model To Value Perlin's Native Network Token

The following post is a walkthrough on the methodology we followed to value Perlin's native network token, the PERL. The report and post were authored by @eliasimos, Senior Research Analyst at Decentral Park.

15. Finding Trust and Value in BNB (Binance Coin) - A Noob's perspective !!

Let’s start with a disclaimer. I am a big fan of the Binance and it’s various ecosystem. You may find this article a little tilted in favour of Binance. I do hold BNB and I won’t be paid for this article.


Fundamentals Check:

17. Are Crypto Airdrops Broken?

The concept of airdrops has been around as a marketing tool just about forever. Both upstart companies and well-established brands use the airdrop approach to drive awareness and engagement, encourage trial and purchase, and target likely buyers. In the non-crypto world, it appears as free trials, direct mail offers, bundled package inserts, or even Costco aisle samples. I vividly remember as a child how excited I got when the March of Dimes would include a dime in their direct mail as an incentive to open the envelope and hopefully donate. (Hey, a dime was a lot back when I was a kid!)

18. Crypto Staking: Assessing the Risks and Profitability of USD Neutrino, Cosmos and others

Crypto industry keeps generating new investment tools – only to be discarded  in disappointment a year or two later. The latest trend is staking - delegating coins to to earn validation rewards on the blockchain. Is it a legitimate passive income scheme? And what should you choose - regular PoS coins like Cosmos or stakable stablecoins?

19. IEO Marketing Checklist

After working with crypto and blockchain startups from all over the world, I noticed the huge gap between ICO marketing and IEO marketing. In this article, I would like to share my experience and insights working at Guerrilla Buzz with some of the most interesting and innovative blockchain companies to help you plan and execute the best marketing campaign for your IEO.

20. IEOs are a Crypto Has-Been

While some endorse IEOs, Kick Ecosystem’s CEO Danilevski argues that they’re a dangerous scam enterprise which will soon be replaced by the much more secure STOs and honest utility token sales.

21. The Regulatory Standpoint of Digital Asset Offering

2017 will continue to evoke different memories for different individuals. As for the crypto space, it remains one of the critical moments in the history of cryptocurrency. To some, 2017 was the year that crypto millionaires came to the fore, while others still revel in the unprecedented publicity that spurred the numerous innovative movement that has come to define the space.

22. How to attract more investments with a Pre-IEO

Today we will look at some strategies for raising additional investment funds before the main round of an IEO. Toward the end of the article, you’ll find a step-by-step practical guide on how to do a Pre-IEO.

23. The Ugly Truth Behind IEOs and What to Expect in 2020

Let’s face it, you won’t be able to conduct a successful IEO unless you have a fully-operational and fully compliant prototype and unless you’ve clinched a listing deal with a major exchange with actual liquidity within its community of retail investors, and traders.

24. “With IDO’s on Early Stages, IEO’s Continue to be The Mainstream For Raising Funds” - Kiana Shek

If you have been keeping up with the latest developments in crypto; BTC is only a tip of the iceberg. This year saw the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which is now a hot topic amongst the crypto community and stakeholders including regulatory authorities.

25. Unraveling The Budget Of A Crypto Startup: Behind The Secrecy

In project management, there are several key success criteria for the possible implementation of any project: from building a plant, developing a software product, opening a new supermarket to something else. They are time, budget and quality.

26. Hybrid Trading Platforms - Meet Your Newest Competitor

Digital asset trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges have been a hot topic in the blockchain industry and will continue to be so as long as the industry exists. According to statistics, there are about 2004 Listed cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, which are tradable in about 14287 markets with a total market cap of USD 222.8 Billion, this creates a daily trade volume of USD 14 Billion.

27. Can IDOs #RightTheWrongs of ICOs and IEOs?

Crypto startups are stacking up to launch their IDOs on DEX platforms like Polkastarter, DuckSTARTER, SpacePort, BSCPad and a few other leading platforms.

28. "IEO Will Continue to be Mainstream Even With IDO And DeFi on The Rise" - Kiana Shek

The current push for DeFi has not only changed the way we engage with our everyday financial needs but has also introduced new means of accessing, supporting, and investing in new projects. Tagged as Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), the possibility of bypassing restrictions when identifying and investing in projects has improved crypto funding. However, this does not mean that other models of crowdfunding have become redundant. For what is worth, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is still the go-to option for projects that prefer to capitalize on established launchpads and introduce a more diverse array of crypto products not necessarily restricted to the financial sector.

29. Interview With Kristof De Spiegeleer: We Need a New Internet Which is Not Owned by a Few

Kristof De Spiegeleer is a serial entrepreneur who is the co-founder and chairman of the ThreeFold Foundation, where he is building the next generation of IT infrastructure, leveraging the power of the blockchain.

30. The Future Of Email on The Blockchain Launches An IEO To Accelerate Its Development

SafePost, the innovative and secure solution alternative to traditional emails and document storage (a market of more than $ 200 billion / year with more than 3.5 billion users), will hold its first-ever Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through the P2PB2B launchpad from March 16th to April 19th, 2020.

31. How IEOs help Crypto Exchanges boost their Native Token price

Cryptocurrency exchanges actively use native tokens for promoting and strengthening their market position. After issuing its own assets, new platforms attract a seed capital, and the ones already experienced get to increase capitalization. As for traders, they receive benefits of interest or good discounts on fees, which in turn represents an effective way for an exchange to expand its customer base.

32. WTF is Exchange Staking?


33. Can the Combination of STO + IEO Become the New Step in Crowdfunding Evolution?

Content of the Article:

34. Making Sense of the Difference Between IPO, ICO, IEO, and STO?

The advent of blockchain technology gave life not only to a new profitable financial asset, but also a new business model of funding startups. An increasing number of new companies are trying to use cryptocurrency to finance their projects. Unlike an IPO, which is a traditional and widely accepted form of external financing, STO, IEO, and ICO allow companies to start fundraising at a much earlier stage of development and the latter two avoid strict regulatory control. Already today, as a result of ICO, more than 1000 cryptocurrencies appeared on the market, and their number continues to grow. The practice of ICO has become so widespread that, in the opinion of many experts, it began to resemble the events of the dotcom boom of the late 90s and could lead to the same destructive consequences.

35. What makes or breaks an IEO?

Initial Exchange Offerings are becoming much more popular compared to Initial Coin Offering these times. The ICO craze that was the Summer of 2017 has long passed us, but there are still more and more being promoted every single day.

36. An Overview of IEOs in 2019 To Understand What 2020 Might Hold

In just over a year since it became popular, IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) managed to replace ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) as the fundraising system of choice for a majority of blockchain enterprises.

37. Blockchain Marketing The Definitive Insights Guide [2019]

Being a marketer in the blockchain world is hard. High competition, dozens of different channels to be active in, High PR costs, and the ban of Google, Twitter, and Facebook make the whole marketing strategy extremely challenging.

38. Are IEOs a Passing Fad or Are Their True Value Yet to Be Unlocked?

2019 has been the year of IEOs. With less than 2 months to go before we march into 2020, I think it’s a safe claim to make now. What’s surprising here is that barely a year ago, crypto pundits had almost unanimously declared that 2019 would be the year of STOs. But when has the crypto market ever listened to the mandate of the people? So what started as a novelty in January, had become a rage by the middle of the year. And although the intensity has reduced a bit now, there is no sign of the IEO chariot stopping.

39. IEO (Initial Exchange Offering): What Kind of Beast Is It?

In 2016, ICO became the main way of financing innovation and blockchain startups. The first project, released on ICO, was Mastercoin in 2013. After it, thousands of projects attracted funding through the emission of tokens. According to ICODATA in 2017, the volume of investments raised through ICO (Initial Coins Offerings) were more than $6.2 billion, in 2018 — about $8 billion. After analyzing the data from the TokenData, it can be concluded that in 2018, unfortunately majority of the projects turned out to be a scam.

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