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34 Stories To Learn About Messaging

by Learn RepoAugust 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Messaging via these 34 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Messaging via these 34 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Cefion Anonymous Messenger App Review: Confidentiality, Simplicity, and Blockchain

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on your smartphone? Nowadays, almost all communications have moved to the digital environment, replacing traditional live talks. Moreover, most business processes have also become entrenched in the cloud. We learn to work and live on the go because the new realities of the social and commercial spheres oblige us to move forward, dissolving users in the Web. It increases the digital literacy of the population but reduces the confidentiality of personal data.

2. Signal Protocol — Open Source, Private, Encrypted Mobile Messaging App

Signal doesn’t store any personal data and is highly transparent about their work because they are an open-source organization rather than a corporation.

3. 2 Ways to Access WhatsApp Conversations

In this article, you'll find the best ways to hack WhatsApp chats including syncing the app with the web version or exporting a txt file of the chat.

4. Telegram VS WhatsApp: An Honest Comparison

Telegram and WhatsApp are two popular instant messaging apps known to app users all over the globe. Read a honest comparison of both apps from an app user.

5. From FireChat to Starlink: The Best Attempts to Decentralize the Internet

In this article, we look at the past, present, and future of internet decentralization efforts. We'll explore how projects such as FireChat and Starlink.

6. Chat API Comparison: Sendbird vs TalkJS vs Stream vs PubNub vs Cometchat

Choosing the right chat API requires a ton of research. This is a quick guide so you can compare the most well-known chat APIs.

7. Privacy Communities: Blockchain-Based Networks Rise After the Breakdown of Tech Giants

Online communication is undergoing a tidal shift as various groups and communities seek to relocate to more secure blockchain messaging platforms.

8. Is The Future Of Encryption On The Line?

In a world where encryption of our messaging apps is at stake, is there a solution that works? Aside from the traditional WhatsApp and Signal, there's Usecrypt.

9. Deploying AES Encryption On Cryptool 2.1

The AES encryption algorithm is a block cipher consist of a block length of 128 bits that uses the same encryption key to perform several rounds of encryption.

10. Comparing Apache Kafka with Oracle Transactional Event Queues (TEQ) as Microservices Event Mesh

This blog contrasts and compares transactional and message delivery behavior of Kafka with the converged Oracle DB and Oracle Transactional Event Queues/AQ

11. Alternatives to WhatsApp: Five Messaging Apps to Consider Instead of WhatsApp

People have been switching from WhatsApp to other messaging apps; for a good reason. Here are five new apps taking the place of WhatsApp now in the tech space.

12. How to Build A Chat App Like A True Champ : Features, Cost, Techstach

Build a Whitelabel chat app with MirrorFly Chat APIs and add your own company colors, logo, theme, features, hosting options to publish on iOS, Android store

13. Cracking The HMAC Message Authentication System In Cryptography

★ HMAC, a popular authentication mechanism used for authenticating a message using cryptographic hash functions.

14. How Spike Replaces Slack as the Leading Communications Tool

15. KubeMQ Secrets To Build A Great Kubernetes-based Solution In A Hybrid Environment

A messaging platform that was purposefully built utilizing Kubernetes is a crucial component to successful deployments in hybrid and edge environments.

16. A Miniature Guide to Messaging App Development in 2021

How to create a messaging app - what tools and technologies are used in messaging and chat application development process.

17. iMessage Not Working? [SOLVED] - Here's How to Fix It

iMessage not working? Here is the list to fix and troubleshoot issues like bad connectivity issues, synchronization with macOS, red exclamation mark, and more.

18. Privacy Protection: How Secure is Telegram Messenger?

Is Telegram messenger secure enough for private messages and group chats? Can Telegram protect the privacy of users? We did research on this.

19. How to Migrate From GCM To FCM

Reinforcing Google’s decision made about deprecating the Google Cloud Messaging on 11th April 2019, everyone is required to migrate from GCM to FCM to ensure smoother push notification to the subscribed users. And, the migration part requires seamless efforts and technical expertise to carry out. So, this blog will unfold all the terms pertaining to GCM to FCM migration

20. Developing Your TikTok Messaging for Your Marketing Strategy in the "New Normal"

For those, who want to try this trendy business app, remember that you will be creating video content in a different format than Instagram or Facebook.

21. 5 Things Every Apache Kafka Dev Needs To Know: A Performance and Architectural Deep Dive

Here are five tips on how Kafka works and how you can get started with Apache Kafka.

22. Content Isn't Community in the Same Way the Map Isn't the Territory

What's the difference between community and it's digital representation?

23. How to Efficiently Manage Queues in SQL Databases

A queue using an SQL-database? well, you need to know pros and cons, and a typical implementation.

24. The Evolution of Online Carrier Pigeons — Breaking Down Messaging in Web3

The way we communicate is about to change — forever.

25. ANSI X12 EDI Basics: A Guide to the ANSI X12 Standards

ANSI X12 EDI is one of the most important concepts that you must be aware of prior to implementing EDI in your organization.

26. Messaging: The #1 Copy Ingredient You're Probably Missing Now

Do you want to know why your copy isn't converting well? Learn how to use messaging in your copy to influence buying decisions & increase your conversions.

27. Communicating to Save Lives: Digital Healthcare in 2021 [Infographic]

A look at how the future of healthcare has become mobile.

28. 10 Quick Tips for Launching Chat Messaging Functionality in a Limited Timeframe

Building a chat messaging API.

29. Introducing the Uke Alpha - The First Wallet-less Blockchain Chat App That's Going to Break Web3

Walletless web3 messaging, now implemented for your messaging pleasure.

30. Is Your Messaging Truly Anonymous?

Anonymous messaging is a lie

31. What Does Good PR Support Look Like for Startups and Small Businesses?

No doubt everyone nowadays has an opinion whenever a startup needs PR or not. There are tons of advice. However, the questions still stand.

32. Why is In-app Chat the Perfect Tool of Help for on Demand Services?

In less than a decade, on-demand services have grown from a sapling to a strong and robust tree.

33. The Power of Mobile Communications

In 2019, 69% of people would rather use their phone than approach an employee in a store.

34. How the KubeMQ Messaging Platform Uses Operators to Succeed

The KubeMQ messaging platform uses Operators to help you build complex and scalable messaging services with minimal coding and overhead.

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