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327 Stories To Learn About Saas

by Learn RepoJuly 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Saas via these 327 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Saas via these 327 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

All SaaS related stories sorted in one nice internet space. From growth stories, lessons on entrepreneurship, to breaking down business models and more:

1. Developer Experience Supremacy: Here’s What Industry Experts Say About It

The focus on enhancing the developer experience is evolving rapidly post COVID, as businesses embark on the digitization journey. What really does this entail?

2. How You Could Have Potentially Saved Your Money From the UST/LUNA Disaster

Many DeFi users were hit incredibly hard by Luna’s sudden collapse. DeFiHelper could have saved your money from disasters like this

3. Side Hustle Stack: Platform-Based Work Opportunities

Sharing something a little different today: I built a product! It’s called Side Hustle Stack: a directory of platform-based work opportunities. Check it out!

4. Email Marketing: Cold Email Outreach Solutions Review For SMBs

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach new customers, especially when viewed from an ROI perspective. No one likes cold email outreach, honestly. The people sending them and the people receiving them don’t like it — but they work, which is why we all keep doing it. Although cold email outreach can be a bit off putting, by doing your research ahead of time and ensuring you are actually reaching out to people who might have some slight interest in your product can go a long way.

5. Looking for Micro SaaS Ideas? Here Are 7 You Could Build In 2023

Here's a list of Micro SaaS ideas that you could use as inspiration when coming up with your own Micro SaaS app project to work on.

6. Future of SaaS: What To Expect in Coming Years

With more and more integration of Cloud services, SaaS models continue to operate as the most popular service-based approach.

7. A Guide to BaaS — for people who do not understand SaaS

sPeople in sales love to create mountains out of molehills. In their never-ending quest of simplifying the user experience, they end up inventing terms and terminologies that achieve the exact opposite. So, when I entered this hallowed domain, I was constantly bombarded with terms such as LTV, CAC, sales funnels, contextual advertising, SaaS, PaaS, BaaS, and whatnot.

8. Growth of Vertical SaaS Challenges Market Leaders, Benefits Startups

Devs have been championing the benefits of the SaaS (software as a service) model of application delivery for years now.

9. How Bootstrapped SaaS Businesses Can Use ChatGPT for Marketing

ChatGPT and other AI tools to help SaaS companies generate content and kickstart their growth and marketing activities.

10. Side Hustles for Software Engineers to 3x their Income

This article discusses the best Side Hustles for Software Developers to earn additional income.

11. Understanding CSS Margin and Padding With Simple Analogies

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash

12. 10 Great Ways to Evaluate your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Do you know the main purpose of building Minimum Viable Product or MVP? The answer is to validate the product that you will be launching in the market.

13. Best Free Resources for Devs Bootstrapping Indie SaaS Startups in 2020

A breakdown of the best free resources I've found for developers bootstrapping their own indie SaaS businesses in 2020. 🔥

14. IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS

If your ecommerce business is progressing to the Cloud, you need to be familiar with these three main types of cloud computing:

15. The Killer Framework to Generate SaaS Ideas for Martech

When it comes to building SaaS products, every tool out there is a solution to a problem that an audience is facing.

16. How To Use Django as Your SaaS Framework

The Django Framework has been a popular choice for web development with Python for many years. And for good reason: it leverages Python's ease of modularity to offer a very flexible solution for a variety of applications.

17. Single-Tenant Cloud vs Multi-Tenant: Understanding the difference between SaaS Architecture

We sometimes hear the word "tenancy" when it comes to cloud software applications, but if you had googled the tenancy concept, it would mean the ownership of land or area by another person for a given time. The question, then, is how does SaaS apply to a tenancy?

18. 3 Reasons to Use Audit Logs for SaaS

The tech world is beneficial for all its miraculous possibilities and every program we construct and share it through the cloud. The tracking system is facing new challenges every day. Security inside the cloud is a joint liability. Auditors require evidence of their procedures, tracking, and knowledge about incidents.

19. The Google Ads Guide for SaaS Businesses

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is one of the best customer acquisition tools you can use if you are running a SaaS firm.

20. What is the Difference Between Web Apps, Native Apps, Hybrid Apps and Progressive Web Apps?

What’s the difference between Web Apps, Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps and what the hell are Hybrid Apps? In this article, we will discuss what each of these is and how you can build the SaaS app or platform of your dreams.

21. SaaS Apps Are Less Compliant Than You Think: An Analysis of The Top 1,000 SaaS Apps

Today’s IT and operations professionals might find themselves feeling like the opposite of Spiderman. With great responsibility comes … no power? The stakes are higher than ever to ensure that their organizations are protected from a security and compliance perspective, but new survey data from Blissfully shows that the most popular SaaS applications are less compliant than you’d think.

22. SaaS, it's time we learn from the Gaming Industry

This is what my friend Sanjeev asked me yesterday:

23. Demand For Subscription Services Continues to Increase

Subscription services are everywhere, and demand for them continues to grow. According to recent a U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, over 22 million customers are spending $57.6 billion on subscription services and apps.

24. The Best Companies Built On Top Of Slack

Entire companies are being built on top of the worlds fastest growing software.

25. Things to Consider When You are Building a SaaS Product From Scratch

SaaS is not a buzzword in 2019! It's a proven, efficient and most widely used model to deliver software to customers. SaaS stands for software as a service, which means the software is delivered as a continuous service over the web/internet where the customer doesn't have to download and install the product on his system. Examples of popular SaaS products include Zoho, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Twilio, etc.

26. How to Build an App that Supports Wildcard and Custom Domains with SSL on Heroku

Learn how you can set up an app that supports wildcard and custom domains with SSL on Heroku

27. The Subtle Mailchimp Trick that Gets Their Customers Emotionally Hooked

You know which company I really jam with? Mailchimp.

28. How I Designed And Launched A SaaS Product From Zero To The First 10 Customers

Creating a successful software as a service (SaaS) product is the dream for many entrepreneurial-minded programmers.

29. How to Build a Scalable Tech Stack for a Growing SaaS Product

In this article, I describe the main technical components of a SaaS product, and best practices around each one of them.

30. The No Bullshit Guide to Product Management

Why it is sometimes confusing to read about product management and why I wrote this guide: I actually wrote this guide in reaction to reading some other product management guides. I noticed that a lot of the guides I read were from pms at larger companies and didn’t actually have what I thought were the core pathways, skills, and experiences regarding product management. The guides did have a lot of tangential anecdotes, a lot of the typical hr-approved talking points of larger companies, and a lot of “check out this cool thing we did.” I tried to write this guide like something you’d hear after getting that Google pm drunk at a bar after the conference instead of hearing his talking points during the conference.

31. Setting up Subscriptions And Recurring Payments Using Django and Stripe

If you are familiar with Stripe, you know how big of a player they are in the online payment processing field.  Their API not only allows programmers to easily create one-time payments for sites such as e-commerce stores, but also provides quick integrations for monthly subscriptions and routing payouts.  If new to Django and Stripe, check out our recent article on integrating one time payments.  Otherwise, let's get into setting up monthly payments with Django and Stripe.

Why a Monthly Subscription?

32. 3 Benefits of Low Touch SaaS from a Product Manager's Perspective

I am a Stripe fanboy. Back in 2014, I remember being mighty impressed at the ease with which we were able to implement a seemingly complicated thing - the billing infrastructure at Zinrelo - using Stripe. Right from the discovery to on-boarding, the API docs to the error messages, everything with Stripe was a cakewalk. And not a single time did we have to interact with a human being at Stripe’s end. After a couple of years, I had a similar experience with another product - Intercom. Integrating Intercom and the whole product experience in general was exceedingly simple requiring no human interaction.

33. Sales 101 for Engineers: A Functional Introduction

What sales actually does and models used

34. The Future of No-Code: An Interview with Parker Thompson from No-Code Report 🚀

No-Code Report is a weekly no-code newsletter, built using no-code tools like Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier. Working at a no-code analytics firm, I wanted to learn about insights in the field more broadly, so I spoke with No-Code Report's founder, Parker Thompson, on the state of the industry and its future.

35. Low-code for Hackers

In recent years Low-code/No-code has become a hot topic. According to that approach an IT-system is developed visually. Conventional wisdom says that building an MVP on low-code is OK, but if something sophisticated and scalable is needed, you have to code it traditionally. These visual tools seem to be very limited. Let me reveal the other side of low-code world, which has no such limits.

36. What I Learned From 3.5 Years as a Product Leader at a VC Backed SaaS Startup

I first heard of Elium, formerly known as Knowledge Plaza, in 2011. I was attending a very small startup event where Gregory Culpin presented the company and its market vision.

37. How to Write About Abstract Concepts

When it comes to technology, there are often concepts that exist in a purely abstract way.

38. The Tech Stack of a Solo-Developer to build a SaaS With React and AWS

My stack to build a SaaS with Next JS and serverless backend. A full-stack react SaaS boilerplate template to kickstart any project.

39. Improving SaaS activation rates, step by step tutorial. 42% to 76%!

A few months after launching my SaaS I realised I have a problem.

40. How To Develop Structured Thinking As A Product Manager?

Structuring your thoughts as a Product Manager is imperative to help you make the right decisions. We've collated some tips to help you do just that!

41. The Unbundling of Excel: How SaaS Businesses Are Replacing Excel

Weekly tech analysis, market deep-dive & strategy. Today’s post is about the future of SaaS.

42. A Simple Growth Marketing Plan For SaaS [Free Template]

Use this framework to successfully distribute your SaaS product online!

43. Why you Should Consider Building a SaaS Company

Learn the key SaaS statistics on how SaaS companies raise their capital, what their funding amounts are, and where they spend their money.

44. Ruby vs PHP vs JavaScript - What Should Your Next App Be Built On?

NodeJS vs PHP vs Ruby? Find out what to use when coding your web application be it a static site; a dynamic web application (SaaS, online portal) or eCommerce.

45. Why Canva, Figma & Shopify are Exploding like Mentos in Diet Coke

From being great story-tellers to delivering value fast and leveraging product qualified leads (PQLs), the best PLG companies are a cut above the rest

46. Everything You Need to Know About Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end library, that gives you the power of quick design and responsive mobile-first site layout. It lays on top of the 12 grid system and it has extensive pre-built components.

47. How learning Elixir helped me build a SaaS for Marketers

In 2019, I was looking for a project.

48. How SaaS Evolved from the 2010s to the 2020s and What To Expect in the Future

2020 has settled in and with the New Year has come a whole new decade! Now, looking back, SaaS companies have had quite a ride in the decade that passed by. The graph’s been rising up and as per studies conducted, by 2018, around 89% of the world’s business enterprises were already using SaaS solutions.

49. The Importance of Business Communication Software in 2020

Business communication software is the beating heart of the world's most successful and enduring organizations. Gradually introducing itself into the workplace over the course of a few decades, this sort of technology has become more indispensable to our working lives than ever before. From Zoom, to Microsoft Teams, we're incredibly reliant on communications software to help us stay connected and maintain productivity on a day-to-day basis.

50. Therapy as a Service, Sex and Other Coping Mechanisms While Homebound

I remote-chat this afternoon with Stefan van Tulder, founder of Talent Data Labs and one of the best brains I know in the field of Behavioural Science, Quantitative Psychology and Psychometrics. He’s born in Amsterdam and is currently home-bound in his lovely apartment in the historic museum quarter.

51. Business Intelligence in microservices: improving performance

Do you know why microservice design is so popular within the development of BI tools? The answer is clear: it helps to develop scalable and flexible solutions. But microservice architecture has a great drawback. Its performance usually requires great improvements.

52. How To to Win at SaaS Email Marketing [Top 6 Tips]

Marketing SaaS products can be challenging, especially since they have no physical presence. However, there are plenty of marketing channels to attract your target audience. Email marketing is a notable mention employed by marketers, far and wide. After all, there are 3.9 billion active email users around the world, which accounts for nearly 50% of the world’s population. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? And, interesting enough, with the booming SaaS industry, a large chunk of these emailees might be keen on your niche market.

53. How Dropbox Grew 3900% Using Referral Marketing

Dropbox’s referral marketing campaign is infamous. The company grew 3900% in 15 months between 2008 and 2010. How did they do it? Learn how in this Dropbox case study – and what you can learn from their example.

54. Learning to Code: The Hero’s Journey

Almost universally learning to code is hard. It is hard and it is frustrating. Resources to go from 0 to 1 as a beginner are easy to find but figuring out the path from 0 to mastery are not.

55. How I Copied My Favorite SaaS Landing Page 👀

I've got some bad news...

56. The Other SaaS: Satellites as a Service

Satellites as a Service: What is it? The Collaborative/Sharing Economy is now applied to satellites. Now you can “own” your very own satellite, for a fraction of the time and price. Just as Uber enabled anyone to access expensive town cars and chauffeurs and Airbnb enabled us to access beach-side mansions for a single night, this same business model is applying to expensive satellite technology. You don’t need to be a tech billionaire or a government agency to launch your own space fleet into orbit, you can simply rent some of theirs.

57. Here's What I Learned About SaaS During My 5 Years At Buildium, After it Sold For $580M

I’m pretty jaded when it comes to the financial numbers that get thrown around in start-up land—I don’t care what TechCrunch says, I don’t care what your market cap is—I think it’s clear that the world of technology start-ups is pretty screwed up when it comes to financial valuations. Only in this world is whether or not your company is profitable so often seen as being of secondary importance. I digress.

58. 6 Productivity Practices for New (and Old) Developers 

Humans are complex creatures, with a wide variety of motivations for getting work done. Our motivation as developers is not purely extrinsic, or financial—sometimes it's for the joy of delivering code.

59. 13 Things You Should Know If You Are A Software Developer/Entrepreneur In 2020

13 different things that you can learn today if you want to be a tech entrepreneur or a better engineer to make an application and ship it to your customers!

60. How I Bootstrapped a Website Builder Without Programming Skills

Hey! My name is Alex. I had been dreaming to create a website builder for years. Fear, laziness, and uncertainty used to push me back. Until one day I listened to my dreams and followed the natural flow of life.

61. Six Indian SaaS Startups Products To Watch in 2022

After Silicon Valley a6 Indian SaaS Startups Products that will disrupt the market in 2020nd Israel, India is the 3rd largest tech ecosystem in the World.

62. SaaS Pricing: Steps, Strategies, and Tactics

The goal of any business is to make customers use their products and services. In order to do that, companies should implement the best pricing models that attract customers, as well as, that fits the companies.

63. A Step-by-Step SaaS Marketing Roadmap

This article is meant to serve as a step-by-step SaaS marketing workbook that will walk you through the entire process of building a full-funnel lead generation platform to enhance your marketing campaigns.

64. 6 Keys to SaaS Security Posture Management

You're not doing everything you can to protect your SaaS environment if you're skipping one of these: 1. Security policy enforcement, 2. Regular configuration..

65. Top 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Working in the SaaS Industry

After 6 years as the CEO of NetHunt CRM and several years in the SaaS industry, I can now talk about the important lessons this industry has taught me.

66. Just Launched ConnectDome to Solve Networking for Developers

Interacting to exchange info and develop professional or social contacts can be tricky. Check out the newly launched ConnectDome for a potential solution.

67. iPaaS on the SaaS

iPaaS is the new alternative for conventional integration methods.

68. They want to cancel their subscription? OK I don't need them!

You are building a product and you put your hurt and soul into it. You're rewriting the details, crafting perfect pixel design, generating leads, ads campaigns, cold outreach, and publishing on all channels.

69. The Newest Frontiers on the Modern Data Stack

Data-driven operations are the newest frontier of the Modern Data Stack with tools.

70. One Month at Microverse...

And you say learning to code is hard…You say code is not a woman’s  thing…You even imply that women are lazy when it comes to tech commitment okay, you are staring at a woman who never quits. This is my ever first tech article, and I am almost new to programming.

71. Powering the Future of Digital Project Development Through Data Democratization

Powering the Future of Digital Project Development Through Data Democratization

72. Want to Drive Retention? Gamify Your SaaS Product

Games are designed to keep us playing as long as possible. By presenting players with challenges and rewards for completing them, apps can generate dopamine hits in their users that can keep them coming back for more. Most people love a challenge, and consciously or not, we love rewards even more, even if they’re largely arbitrary.

73. 7 SaaS Tools to Guarantee Accelerated Growth for Your Business

Are you looking for ways to accelerate growth for your company, then check out these 7 tools as these tools will be on your priority list that will reduce cost.

74. 5 Reasons Your Team Needs an Online Whiteboard

Are you using online whiteboards? Here are five reasons why you should and how they can positively affect your business.

75. What is a SaaS Software? What are the Benefits of Using One?

In simple words, SaaS or software as a service is like a one-stop solution for businesses where rather than installing software, you can access data the Interne

76. SaaS marketing: How to revolutionize customer experience post-pandemic.

Tips for improving saas marketing post-pandemic. Here's how consumer behavior is affecting saas marketing, and how brands can work with the changing market.

77. Software Product Success: 3 Key Operational Excellence Drivers

While most of the focus remains on the core product functionality, features, and usability, the ultimate business of a product relies on the customer experience

78. 7 Marketing Mistakes B2B SaaS Startups Make & How To Fix Them

Everything rises and falls on marketing. If your B2B SAAS startup will scale, then you should watch out for these marketing mistakes.

79. We Raised $450k For Omnisearch’s Pre-Seed Round: Here's What We Learned

Eight key takeaways from raising Omnisearch's pre-seed round.

80. A Quick Start Guide to Use ShardingSphere-Proxy in Real Production Scenarios

This post describes how to use ShardingSphere-Proxy and what's its differences with ShardingSphere-JDBC.

81. Does Your Product Keep its Promise?

The JTBD framework introduced me to the idea that customers don’t “buy” products. Instead they “hire” products or services to help them overcome an obstacle and better their lives. Products that deliver on this promise of upgrading the customers’ lives are loved whereas the ones failing to do so are dumped.

82. 4 Tips for a Killer SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Creating consistent and relevant content is crucial. But all of it will be in vain if you do not have a well-laid content marketing strategy.

83. How I Pre-sold my SaaS Start-up Idea and Grew to 10 Customers in One Year

Here's how I stumbled upon an idea and turned it into a SaaS start-up with 10 customers and over 4000 users, and everything I've learnt along the way.

84. People, Not Systems, are the Real Vulnerabilities in the Workplace

Why companies need to reevaluate cybersecurity to reduce risks within the flow of work. Remote work and SaaS apps make securing people more important than ever.

85. Where B2B SaaS Pricing Models are Headed in 2022

Pricing trends are particularly important for B2B SaaS to keep an eye on as they indicate how the buyers in your market value the types of services you offer.

86. Your SaaS User Communications: Don't Overlook the Security Issues

In this article, we cover why you should look closely at how secure your customer communications are and implement strict security measures for emails, push not

87. Ransomware-as-a-Service: SaaS' Evil Twin

This article will educate you about RaaS groups and protective measures against ransomware attacks.

88. Can You Ignore Resiliency When Building Cloud Native Apps?

Temporal's Samar Abbas believes developers shouldn’t have to even think about losing state.

89. I Schedule a Call With Every Sales Person That Spams Me: Reverse Sales 101

If you are any type of entrepreneur you are probably inundated with cold emails, LinkedIn messages, and Facebook messages from salespeople at other SaaS companies. Every recruiting agency, web development agency, software tool, etc. is reaching out to you and flooding your inbox.

90. The Most Effective Ways To Get Your First Clients With SaaS Startup in 2019

Getting your first customers is always the most difficult step for any entrepreneur in the SaaS industry as it requires a lot of effort and dedication. These first clients will be the foundation that your success is built on. This is why it is so important to keep the first customers loyal to you long after they've purchased your product.

91. A to Z Complete Overview About White Label Partnerships

The idea of optimum business success in this ever-advancing digital industry calls for smart work. Opting for white label solutions rather than building customized solutions that cater to clients’ specific requirements is the smartest thing that an entrepreneur can do to attain business success.

92. How to Succeed in the Saturated Market of SaaS Businesses

When the obvious opportunities have large incumbents, is it enough to find a niche?

93. 5 Ways SaaS Can Help Speed Up Cybersecurity Implementation

SaaS is making cybersecurity implementation less expensive and easy, and businesses, especially startups, are now leveraging its tools to drive efficiency.

94. Spreadsheets Don't Scale Well: Here's How 3 Startups Have Overcome Those Limitations

Spreadsheets are the versatile go-to for a wide array of business practices. Companies use them for everything from finance to marketing analytics. "Just use Excel" has even been the go-to battle cry of data scientists who are frustrated by watching companies waste billions of dollars trying to ramp up analytics programs that they're not ready for.

95. 5 Tips to Win Customers With Your SaaS Brand

Building a SaaS product doesn't automatically makes you a success. You've got to win your first customers to build an empire. Here are some tips to get started.

96. Applying First Principles Thinking to your Startup Idea to Enhance Impact

One thing that surprises me over and over is how many startup founders don’t use models and equations in their business. I always get strange looks when invariably I ask my favorite business questions: “So, what is the equation here? What variable are you hoping to affect by doing this?”

97. A Shift in Saas Industries -The Future is Vertical

Saas industries are booming day by day. Here's how companies can stand out with new vertical Saas trends and achieve all their goals with this new technology

98. How to Get Your SaaS Blog Posts Noticed by Search Bots

Struggling to create search-optimized content for your SaaS blog? Read me.

99. Lessons From the WeWork and Blue Apron Hype

Startup founders' dreams are often filled with massive fundraising rounds, IPOs, and high valuations, and their nightmares with crashing stock prices and angry VCs. WeWork and Blue Apron have long been the type of company many founders look up to, but they seem to be facing their demise in 2019. How do companies with so much initial promise crash and burn so quickly? And how do we avoid the same fate?

100. SaaS Explained In Simple Terms

Software as a Service is a new method for delivering software applications through the Internet.

101. An Introduction To The GraphQL Editor v 4.5

GraphQL Editor new release

102. Build Scalable Products by Coding for Future Feature Expansion

How to build scalable products by coding for future feature expansion & code deprecation while maintaining a simplified user interface for complex functionality

103. SaaS Sales Guide: How to Close Deals Despite the Pandemic

We haven’t even seen the end of the first quarter, yet our yearly plans need to be built from scratch. Forget about your brilliant business plan for 2020. The economy and market rules have completely changed, and you need to adapt if you want your business to see the end of this crisis.

104. Stop Introducing "Just Any" Software Into Your Business

To ensure that organizations have a cohesive approach to purchasing and introducing new tools, companies should standardize their software procurement process.

105. 6 NetSuite Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

NetSuite developer suggests configuration over customization, initially. You can bring customization later once the project manages to mature over time.

106. "Make Other Developers’ Lives Easier" Valerio Barbera, CTO at Inspector

The Inspector founder's story: a journey from developer to SaaS founder. How their software development tool is making developers' lives easier.

107. "If Google Lets me Down, I Write About It," Ben Church — Google Writer of the Year Nom

Ben Church is an engineer from Canada has been nominated as Hacker Noon's Contributor of the Year in our Google story category. The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today. So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Ben had to share.

108. SaaS IPOs and a Zoominfo S1 mini teardown

By some estimates, investing in the IPOs of the 75 or so SaaS companies would have netted you 5x in less than 5 years. That’s the kind of math that makes even the world’s best investors drool, and considering the target for most private market investors is 3x, and that do in any liquid security, it makes this all the more interesting.

109. What is User Activation and How Eyelet Can Increase it

User activation and product adoption are terms that describe an action(or a series of actions) that a user takes after he completes the signup process within yo

110. How to Face and Overcome Global Remote Work Fears

Global Remote Work Can Be Scary, But It Doesn't Have To Be! Omnipresent shares tips on how to face your fears about global remote work just in time for Hallow.

111. How to Properly Implement GDPR for Customer Communications

If you are considering sending notifications to the users of your SaaS application, whether via email, push, or a Slack bot, you need to keep GDPR in mind.

112. How Developers Will Work in 2022

The job of developers has never been more difficult. There is constant pressure to keep up with the trends. Here are a few to keep in mind for 2022.

113. 5 Marketing Mistakes That SaaS Founders Make

Working with SaaS founders over the years has allowed me to look at their marketing mistakes. The success of SaaS depends mainly on the marketing strategy that is put into place. As a SaaS founder, you must be aware of the mistakes that could cost you time and money, eventually failing your startup.

114. Exporting Data to Fit Your Needs

A lot of the work we do at ChartMogul centers around how we display and present your data in a clear and transparent way.

115. As Tech Labor Shortages Worsen, One Immigration SaaS Firm Plots a Solution

For several years now the United States has witnessed an unprecedented boom in the size and complexity of the technology sector. The rise has been so sharp that at one point the five largest tech companies here accounted for 37% of the growth in the S&P 500 stock index. These results have kept the overall economy humming along, even in the face of worsening global economic indicators.

116. The Most Important Stages of SaaS Application Design

While every startup has their journey, SaaS application designing and development has their SDLC. Here's what you need to learn about them.

117. What ARR Actually Stands For

ARR originally stood for Annual Recurring Revenue, which had a rather definition of only looking at recurring contracts with a service length of a year or more.

118. 6 Important SaaS Metrics and Their Relationship with UX design

Churn rate , MRR , LTV , CAC , CAC <> LTV Ratio , and Engagement are some of the most important SaaS metrics you should be monitoring.

119. Increase Your Onboarding Conversion by Over 20% with These Techniques

Everything you need to know to drastically improve your SaaS onboarding completion rates.

120. Social Selling Vs. Social Media Marketing: Choose Your Fighter

Social this, social that, social everything; a need for society lies in the very nature of human beings. As a species, we rely on cooperation with each other to survive and thrive. Naturally, businesses capitalise on this; social media is the fastest-growing market ever.

121. "Working From Home is a Learning Experience For Everyone" - Kenny Su

Gradually and already palpably, Covid-19 is setting the global economy to the new order. Apart from delving financial institutions into a slump not visible since the Second World War, and it caused a dramatic digital surge which is set to transform organizational practices once and for all. That’s what McKinsey report points at: same organizational principles that applied before can no longer be sustained, and the flatter, more agile and empowered structure has to be brought into force. All of that lays down the ground for new rules and opens a completely new paradigm in which organizations have to withstand.

122. How Startups Can Get Results with Two Underappreciated MRR Growth Levers

MRR (or close derivatives like MRR Growth Rates) is the primary metric most B2B SaaS companies, their CEOs, and their investor partners measure themselves by.

123. 3 Ways to Use Personalization And Increase SaaS Conversion Rates

SaaS companies do not rely on one-off purchases. As a SaaS company, your goal is to increase brand awareness, build strong relationships with customers, and inspire brand loyalty in the long-run.

124. Post-Pandemic SaaS  Business Trends That Are Here To Stay

Technology business owners are benefitting from an increase in consumer confidence. Here are the latest SaaS trends that are shaping the business world in 2021.

125. 5 Reasons Why Open Source Vs. SaaS is A One-Sided Battle

Open Source Vs. SaaS is A One-Sided Battle

126. How to Make Explanatory Videos for Your SaaS Product in Just 16 Hours

For an explanatory video, there are multiple options. Easiest is to sit in front of your camera and speak or record your screen with voiceover.

127. Enterprise Blockchain: Stakeholder Engagement Tips and Traps

What’s the best way to unite stakeholders around your enterprise blockchain project? Partner with other companies to launch a consortium, then jointly fund...

128. Make it Sticky, then Acquire: 4 Pricing Lessons From My First 0-100 Users

In an ideal world, the goal of any business starting up is to make money. In most cases, the profitability of a product is closely tied to how you as a product manager choose to price your product. Apart from building a product that provides real value to its customers, profitable monetization is the second most important aspect of running a successful business.

129. 8 Tactics for Crafting Unique Content That Grabs Attention and Builds Authority

Learn to craft content pieces that give you an edge in the SERP and become the standard everyone wants to match.

130. A ‘SaaS’y Disruption: Printing Software

Software as a Service will be disrupted by the Gaming Industry and IaaS / PaaS providers to deliver clients entirely customized Solutions

131. There Are More Risks Associated With SaaS Data Security Than Potential GDPR Fines

The growing reliance on SaaS business calls for an improvement in security. On occasions, data security can be of existential importance to organizations.

132. About Anything as a Service (aka XaaS)

Because of some conversations I had and a talk I gave regarding digital business modeling last week, people reached out to me with questions about the differences between Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). In more detail, the questions were about my views regarding the strategic implications for value creation, business model development, pricing strategies, and when to start thinking about these implications. Because the question came up almost a dozen times, and I can only process so much coffee, I decided to write it down in this mini-blog about a phenomenon which is called XaaS, Anything as a Service.

133. Win in a Hyper-Competitive SaaS Market With a Competitive Differentiation Strategy

Competitive differentiation is a strategic positioning approach that helps you stand out from the noise and grow your business.

134. Easy 15 SaaS Conversion Strategies That Requires No Budget.

SaaS conversions can benefit from tactics like using "you" instead of "me", "us", or "we" and through cleverly displaying information by breaking up numbers.

135. Introducing Apache ShardingSphere 5.2.0!

ShardingSphere 5.2.0 is released bringing new cloud-native possibilities, elastic migration from Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and more features & enhancements

136. 5 Popular Types of Penetration Testing for SaaS Businesses

If you are running a SaaS business, you know that security is everything. Nowadays, we can see many different cyberattacks and their variants targeting SaaS.

137. Why SaaS Companies Require Security Testing?

SaaS companies offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing essential software solutions to their customers. They have an added advantage of being easily accessible and that too on all kinds of devices. As a result, the modern age businesses are rapidly switching to these solutions provided by SaaS vendors.

138. My Story About Getting the Salesforce Administrator Certification

Spoiler: Achieving the certification was not an all smooth journey...

139. The Full Potential of Account-level Data in B2B SaaS

Understand the basics of account-level data and how you can leverage them to measure product engagement, marketing attribution, and much more.

140. How to Start your First SaaS Business

With Saas business, there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs that make a good livelihood by developing niche apps for certain markets.

141. 6 VueJS Admin Templates With Cool UX Design You Should Check Out

Choose the VueJS template, the fastest-growing framework in JavaScript due to its high performance and flexibility. Check all the benefits inside.

142. SaaS Pricing Localization: How to Do It the Right Way

One way your pricing can change as your company evolves is by using multi-currency pricing. Here’s what you need to know about SaaS pricing localization.

143. 3 Benefits of Using SaaS Vs Traditional Licensed Software Business Model

SaaS enables you to purchase and use software applications without having to deal with physical copies - here's why that's better than before.

144. Pool Architecture for Saas

Most of the startups facing scaling problems move to microservices. Inspired by cell-based architecture, it split services per function and scale only specific features. It works especially well for B2C where traffic is uniformly spread across users. However, B2B can face a different type of scaling issue where only one user is scaling. A pool architecture is a simpler yet powerful solution, used both by GAFA and fast-growing startups.

145. How to Solve Enterprise Data Breaches with Turnkey Neobank Solutions

Digital banking is emerging as one of the fastest-growing segments across the globe. The over $800 billion in revenue generated in 2018 is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years, reaching $1.7 trillion by 2026.

146. Everything You Need To Know About The SaaS Business Model

Not sure if the SaaS business model is right for your product? We cover its benefits - and the challenges you'll face.

147. How to Choose a Blockchain Accounting Solution

To thrive in a volatile economic environment, blockchain accounting tools are needed that boost efficiencies and cut costs. Here's how to find the right one.

148. How Startups Can Increase Profitability & Productivity Through Time Tracking

Have you ever wondered how time tracking can invest in your growth and raise the bar of your profitability? Investing every inch of a cent into production has always been crucial for the survival of thriving startups.

149. Out with The Old, In with The New: Augmenting Lab Performance with SaaS

Big companies are always looking for the next best thing to augment the strength of their position in a competitive market. Innovation is key to supporting this position of strength since it produces an edge over a rival. Competition drives innovation, and it generates differentiation of offerings from the business next door.

150. SaaS Website Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

The SaaS market is expected to generate $76 billion by the end of 2020. For you as a SaaS business owner in such a competitive ecosystem, putting yourself in front of the right customers and maximizing conversion rates may be extremely challenging.

151. Why Did Twilio Acquire Segment for $3.2 Billion? To Better Understand End User Data

This week the API-based communications platform giant Twilio formally announced that it would acquire the customer data platform startup Segment for $3.2 billion in all stocks. The market responded quite positively to the news, driving Twilio’s stock price up by 7.7%, bring Twilio’s market cap to a staggering $49 billion.

152. How We Used Humor to Differentiate Our SaaS Landing Page

Despite some strong competition, we haven't (yet) lost our sense of humor.

153. How The Cloud Turned IT Outsourcing On Its Head

In my previous article I interviewed Michael to discover just how a decentralized virtual private network might work. This time around, I wanted to learn what the cloud meant for IT professionals like himself: what their work was like before it became an everyday tool, and how they could describe its impact.

154. 4 UX-Enhancing SaaS Features To Make Your Software More Sticky

Four features to include in your SaaS brand that will be more convenient for your customers and improve their overall user experience using your software.

155. How Cloud Industry Platforms Improve Remote Teams

Cloud Industry Platforms are front helpers in the advancement of remote work and this article explains how

156. Everybody Loves Rust: How Rust is Being Used in Production

Who uses Rust, and what are the benefits of choosing this programming language for your stack? Find out the answer in stories from 9 successful companies.

157. Creator-User-Buyer Is a Mouthful. It’s also the Biggest Trend in Enterprise Software.

If you want to see the future of software, watch what product teams are buying or building.

158. How To Pick The Best Tech Stack for your SaaS Startup

Choosing the right set of frameworks, database, front-end tools, back-end tools to build a long lasting tech stack for your SaaS

159. How To Save Some Time When Building A New SaaS [Part 1]

Building a new SaaS can be fun, time-consuming, and rewarding. The challenge is to deliver a quality product as quickly as possible so you can test the idea and either invest more time or move onto the next one.

160. Tips to Make Your CTA Button Work 10X Harder

Find out how to optimize your call to action to get more customers.

161. Why does Market Cap Matter for Public SaaS Companies?

In this article, we will discuss the concept of market cap in detail and how it relates to SaaS companies as well as why understanding why it's important.

162. 5 Great Email Marketing Hacks for Startups

Generally, startups have to use any available opportunity to get an advantage in competing with other companies. It means they should adopt various tools and strategies and adapt them to their current marketing can be one of them. It can not only grow brand awareness for startups but also increase revenue. In this article, you will learn some hacks that will lead young businesses in the right direction considering email marketing.

163. 5 Ways To Conquer The Content Game As a SaaS Startup

As a Software-as-a-Service business, building awareness is imperative for your endeavour. Content marketing has established itself as one of the most powerful tools a SaaS company can use to attract, educate and convert customers.

164. 4 Common B2B SaaS Marketing Analytics Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Whenever we talk to prospects about what’s broken in their marketing efforts, 8 out of 10 tell us analytics and attribution. How to fix 4 common pitfalls.

165. 4 Link Building Strategies For SaaS Companies

While many marketers and business owners understand the importance of links, very few can execute an effective link building strategy.

166. Making The Case for Integrated File Annotation with Popular SaaS Tools

Why is Evernote the only SaaS app that enables users to annotate attached images directly in Evernote? Well it's because they bought Skitch in 2011 and integrated the annotation tools.

167. How AI and Machine Learning are Reshaping SaaS FinTech

AI and Machine learning are awesome pieces of technology. With applications in many fields, find out how AI and ML are reshaping the Saas fintech landscape.

168. How to Build a Successful SaaS Business: The 10-Step Guide

Looking for some straight-to-the-point advice to help you build a successful SaaS business? Philipp Wolf shares personal advice from a founder in this article!

169. A Critical UX Review of Trello's New Features

Trello recently launched new features and a business version. This could only mean one thing. It's time for a design review.

170. How to Drive Growth for Your Online Business at the Point of Sale [Deep Dive]

What matters most to a business at the end of the day? Revenue. I am sure most of you would agree with me on this. All your marketing efforts go down the drain if you are not able to generate enough conversions at the end of the day or retain your customers for that matter.

171. The Best Real Estate Tech for Landlords

I've written for numerous real estate publications throughout my career as a freelance writer. With that, comes the privilege of working behind the scenes to provide a plethora of information for landlords and property managers.

172. How to Secure Your SaaS Application

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model has been gaining in popularity in the business world in recent years as an alternative to on-premises software deployment. Also known as on-demand, hosted or web-based software, the model entails the delivery of cloud-based applications via the internet. The service provider is responsible for the service’s security, availability and performance so SaaS is a natural choice for businesses (especially small ones) that want to save on IT infrastructure installation and maintenance, as well as on software license purchases.

173. 15 Passion Economy Subscription Marketplace Ideas

A few months ago  I wrote about the latest instalment of the web mimicking real-life:  The Passion Economy Marketplace. Within the article, I discussed how it brings local artisans to a global audience – and how that relates to “Homo Deus” – a civilisation advancing through a hyper-connected world.

174. Get Referrals for your SaaS Product Easily by Following this Guide

Get referrals for your product without asking by leveraging word of mouth marketing. Focus on creating customer evangelists.

175. 6 Insider Secrets to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn secrets for increasing the likelihood of garnering an outlier valuation (as well as tips for avoiding an unfortunate re-trade).

176. Understanding the Hazards of Ransomware-as-a-Service Attacks to Organizational Security

If you've ever wondered why ransomware attacks are taking over businesses, this article explains it in detail. It also explains its future and evolution.

177. Top SaaS Product Ideas for Startups of the Future

No business wants to jump on every platform, and SaaS is no exception. You always need to brainstorm many ideas and get some guidance in order to succeed.

178. How Obsessing on Outreach and Marketing Helped Truepush Grow

179. How to Make Better Use of SASS Extensions for Custom CSS Variables

Do you often write CSS rules for pages and have to copy parts of the rules from file to file? You probably haven’t heard of the SASS extension that exists to help you solve this problem.

180. How We Built This: Launching our Flight Alerts Service with No Financial Backing

We often pay for air tickets more than necessary. And most of us know about that. However, we sometimes just have no time or patience to find better deals. That’s the reason why email subscribing services, sending their users notifications about advantageous flight deals, have recently become popular. They commonly work as freemium services offering free or paid subscription plans. Since this market is relatively young, we saw an opportunity to enter it with our product and launched our Manyflights system in late December.

181. 4 Tips for Successfully Launching Your First Digital Product

Launching a digital product isn't easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your next product launch.

182. How to Raise the Net Promoter Score of Your SaaS Product by Bringing Your Teams Together

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator that your customers are happy with your product. Check out real world tips on how to increase NPS of a SaaS product.

183. Do You Really Need A Fixed Price Model?

When you have to develop a software product from a third party, it is certain that you have to go through different contract models. The impact is the same no matter which model you choose.

184. Cloud Computing is Replete with Clouded Judgements #BreakTheChain

We are banking online, shopping online, using social networking sites, playing online games, storing photos, audio, and video online and using online file-sharing. And mostly all those services are cloud-based. For example, such famous platforms as Airbnb, PayPal, Zynga, Spotify and Adobe Systems are “cloudy”.

185. The Four Key Drivers to Accelerate Our SaaS Business

Every business will look for ways to take a rapid path to success quickly. Not everyone in the world needs your product, and that’s alright. So trying to run behind everyone to pitch your product is simply a waste of time.

186. The Essence of The Zoho vs. Freshworks [Deep Dive]

Two weeks back, Zoho Corporation sued Freshworks for copying its trade secrets. I wrote a report on comparing the two businesses during my MBA as part of a course requirement. In the wake of recent developments, I believe it will be an interesting read: attaching below, a version of the essay. Disclaimer: I worked at Freshworks for fourteen months before pursuing MBA

187. A Guide to Link Building: How to Use Product Reviews to Increase Ranking

Everyone knows that acquiring high-quality backlinks, from sites with better domain authority, is an essential component of any SEO strategy. A quick search on Google will return a ton of great strategies for this. It's also well known that getting your customers to write reviews on sites like G2 or Capterra or even Google Places can lead to a nice bump in traffic. But these two marketing approaches aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Well, they are, but they don't have to be.

188. Case Study: 6 Growth Tactics that Turned Freshworks into SaaS Unicorn

Before getting into this growth story, I’d like to give a shoutout to Chris Von Wilpert from Sumo for inspiring me to write this case study.

189. B2B Marketing: Strategy and Tactics for SaaS

According to Wikipedia B2B Marketing, or Business marketing is a marketing practice of individuals or organizations (including commercial businesses, governments and institutions). It allows them to sell products or services to other companies or organizations that resell them, use them in their products or services or use them to support their works. It is a way to promote business and improve profit too.

190. Sass Introduction


191. SaaS Marketers Converting Less: Latest Research on Landing Pages from Unbounce

SaaS landing pages have changed a lot over the last 10 years. Long gone are the days of blocky designs, cold informational copywriting, and generic stock photos that show suspiciously-attractive people shaking hands in what looks like a very important business meeting.

192. How To Easily Integrate Twilio Into Your SaaS Startup [Part 2]

In the "Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product" article, I documented the foundation for a new SaaS solution that I am building (initially for my sister-in-law) — utilizing the Heroku ecosystem. At the end of that article, I had planned to write about the core technologies (Spring Boot, Angular 9, ClearDB, Okta, GitLab and Heroku) in place, as we raced for the 1.0.0 release of the solution.

193. What OpenAI’s GPT-4 Means for the Future of Software Engineering

OpenAI's GPT-4 could impact 80% of US workers' jobs, but is the end for software engineers?

194. How to Monitor a Bagisto e-commerce in Real-Time using Inspector

Hi I'm Valerio, software engineer from Italy and CTO at Inspector.

195. About Scaling a Startup and Growing a Dedicated Fully-Remote Software Team [SaaS Unbound Podcast]

HackerNoon Founder & CEO David Smooke joins the SaaS Unbound Podcast to discuss scaling HackerNoon with a dedicated fully remote software team.

196. Avoid a Loss in MRR and Make Your Dunning Campaign Really Powerful: Know How

If you’re running a subscription or SaaS business, you know that at the end of the day your chief metric is monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

197. 4 Tools To Help You Grow Your SaaS Business

Selecting the right tools to enable your SaaS PLG growth strategy can be challenging. There are hundreds of tools out there and they all claim to be the magic wand you need to understand your users and drive growth.

198. Developing a Salesforce Career: From Trainee to Expert

What Salesforce developers and administrators should know about career development.

199. The 4.5% Success Story: Lessons From 70+ Projects

Most of those who succeed in the startup world often talk about the fact that it takes an average of ten failures to find the right idea.

200. SaaS Pricing Guide

Pricing is one of the important factors that make any business move forward. Even if your product is awesome, users won’t feel like buying it unless the value is appropriate for them. So, you need to keep your pricing right.

201. Solving for Real ‘Real-Time’ API Monetization

The API Monetization Platform under consideration had an option of choosing between Pay-Per-Use (PPU), Pay-Fixed-Rate (PFR), lease-based, subscription-based and

202. Starting a B2B SaaS Company

Ben Milne, Founder & Chairman of Dwolla, and Jordan Husney, Co-Founder & CEO of Parabol, join Amy Tom to chat about how they started their B2B SaaS companies.

203. The Future of Talent Acquisition: Predictions for 2024

This article is about the future of recruitment which has been predicted to be aligned with AI involving AI-powered ATS, chatbots, assessments for a recruitment

204. Introducing

This post has been authored by Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik

205. 6 Ideas to Market your SaaS Business

The SaaS market is on its way to the top and so is the competition. And that’s good news because the entire digital space is creating opportunities left, right and center for growth-hungry SaaS startups.

206. A Bootstrapped SaaS Story: from $0 to $10K MRR 🦄

The journey of a bootstrapped landing page builder SaaS. Learn how the idea was born, how the tool was built and discover the traffic channels that worked.

207. 5 Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies In 2021

During this pandemic, SaaS companies are still those with the strongest chance of survival. Let's talk about which SaaS startup marketing strategies work best.

208. 4 Key Steps to Developing a Successful SaaS Product

We'll cover everything from product ideation to marketing and sales to customer success.

209. 8 Most Important Metrics for SaaS Businesses

The 8 most important SaaS metrics to help regularly track and analyze the best optimum performance levels for products.

210. The MRR Guide that Actually Makes Sense

Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is a way of calculating total repeatable revenue generated by a company on a monthly basis for products like subscriptions

211. "Insurers Miss Out On Millions Of Dollars In Business", Manuel San Miguel, Ignatica CEO

Ignatica CEO and Co-Founder Manuel San Miguel discusses why he founded the company, AI and Machine Learning and why he should have gone to Japan sooner.

212. 4 APIs Every Startup Should Know About

Your Startup is looking for ways to work more efficiently and improve your customer experience? This article shows you 4 APIs that can help you.

213. Facebook: Now Available at an Introductory Price of $11.99

Meta announced a so-called subscription bundle that will get you the verified badge on Facebook and Instagram along with a bunch of other benefits.

214. API-as-a-Service is the Next Step in the Software World's Evolution

APIs are the foundational building blocks on which the software world is being built. What will the next wave of API-as-a-service winners look like?

215. How to Choose a Technical Partner for Your Business

A golden rule is: “Don’t start a partnership before you plan an exit plan.”

216. 5 Essential SaaS Tools for Ecommerce Startups: Shopify, Oberlo, Canva, ShipStation, and Grammarly

Ignorance is bliss but in business, it can cost you a lot. Learn about the best SaaS tools to help your small business grow. A useful read for beginners.

217. Walnut Raises $2.5M Seed To Make Product Demos Easier For the Post-Pandemic World

Seed round is being led by NFX with additional participation from other top SF Angels

218. Email is Not Dead: Response Time is Everything

Email has been going strong for over 50 years but according to many news outlets, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, email’s use has gone down drastically. But the data tells a different story; it is estimated that by 2022, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent. In 2017, 90% of all Americans of all ages, from 15 all the way to 65 and up, checked their emails regularly. Even Gen Z checks their email - and quite often too. More than half check their emails several times each day. So in the end, email is alive and well and is still commonly used for personal and business applications. Using email for business can be a tricky endeavor however.

219. 10 Benefits of Call Recording Features in Phone Systems

220. The Pros and Cons of Low Code Development

The demand for software greatly surpasses the number of coders and ‘no-code development solutions’ are helping organizations overcome the talent gap.

221. "Software Management Is A Challenge For Every Company Of Every Size," David Campbell, Tropic CEO

Tropic wants you to fall in love with procurement. See how this startup is transforming an underserved industry in an interview with their CEO, David Campbell.

222. How to Get Early, High Quality and Actionable Insights From User Testing

Easy User Test can produce actionable insights directly from your customers, even on draft copy and initial versions of web content.

223. Introducing My Product Vision Realized Pre-emptively

READ ON DOWNWARD for a sneak preview of an up-and-coming bot I've been creating that might make a subscribable appearance...

224. 4 Ways to Scale Your Business With Cloud Computing

225. Retaining SaaS Customers in a Global Economic Downturn

In a global economic downturn, retaining current customers is crucial for businesses, especially for SaaS companies facing the growing risk of customer churn.

226. A Digital-First Approach Could Take the Headaches Away from Buying Insurance

A deep dive into major tech-driven changes within the legacy insurance industry.

227. 4 Tips SaaS Founders can use to Optimize their Sales Funnel

This article will show you 4 tactics for optimizing your SaaS sales funnel

228. Tips For Winning a Proposal For Software Engineers

Chances are if you're doing freelancing sooner or later you'll come across a need to write some kind of proposal to your potential customer.

229. 3 Things To Change About Your Approach To Digital Transformation

The barriers to digital transformation, personal experience of its implementation, and the lessons learned during the evolution of a composable enterprise.

230. Courier's Path to Becoming SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

This post is about what it means to be SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, why it is important that Courier now is, and what our journey looked like on our way here.

231. Reimagining Marketing Teams: Why Creatives Should Embrace the Tech Side of the Business

With the pace of the business world, it is increasingly important for marketers to embrace new technological breakthroughs to stay ahead of the curve.

232. Increase Your Conversions with these Pricing Models

There are many pricing models that you can use to increase your conversions, here is a list of 5 pricing models you should be using.

233. Upselling and Cross-selling: Boosting Tech Sales in a Changing Economy

234. Start To Take Actions with Buddy

Buddy is the underdog of the CI/CD world. It's a frustrating world, filled with broken Jenkins servers and exhausting CodeBuild UIs. I discovered Buddy about a year ago and I've been raving about it ever since. It offers a different approach to a complex, difficult problem.

235. It’s Not About You: Finding Success Through Managing Ego and Focusing on End Users

Alfonso spoke with me on an episode of the SaaS Origin Stories podcast about his victories and missteps over the years, and generously shares critical lessons

236. Is Keyword Research Still Important for SaaS Blogs?

Keywords can significantly impact the growth of SaaS businesses. Here're the key steps to take your blog SEO to a new level.

237. 12 Tips to Help Technical Founders Grow Sales-Driven Organizations

If you are a highly technical person, who’s found one of the many problems in a big enterprise, join the club! There are so many things to fix that seem easy from a coding perspective but so hard from an organizational perspective.

238. Create a Search Engine and Other Startup Ideas Using Data-Ferret

Data-ferret is a tiny, yet powerful util library to scan or transform deeply nested and complex object-like data with ease.

239. Understanding the Difference Between SaaS and Traditional B2B Software Models

Get a clear understanding of the differences between SaaS and traditional B2B software models. Discover which model is right for your business needs.

240. Building a RESTful API Service in Go Without Having Repetitive Boilerplate

How to build a RESTful API service without repetitive boilerplate and hassle.

241. Understanding the Directions of Technical Data Platforms Scalability

In this blog we’ll evaluate the direction of scalability and the tradeoffs you might encounter in the decision process.

242. 4 Reasons Why SaaS Will Benefit Your Business Big Time

Let’s admit it. Typical software is old-school in the tech industry now. Companies find subscription-based services more comfy these days. Are you still toying

243. Bringing Web3 to Life: An Exclusive Interview With DCENTRAL Founder Justin Wu

Web3 is creating waves of excitement in the world of tech. I spoke with Justin Wu, founder of the web3 community DCENTRAL, to discuss the industry's future.

244. Retention Rate Essentials: Let’s Walk You Through Correct Measures

Retention is the most crucial factor that drives acquisition and monetization. What that means is that it plays a role in all three elements of a growth engine.

245. Goodnight Journal Introduction: Building the best online journal community

Goodnight Journal was launched on Jan 1, 2013 and has been serving over 100,000 members in the world. It started as a side project and became a full time job when I decided to revamp the app and community completely.

246. Building your Chat App From Scratch vs Integrating with a Chat API

If you're contemplating whether to build a chat from scratch or buy Chat APIs, then you must read this article to find out which option is best for you.

247. How to Forecast MRR Growth: A Streamlined Approach

Probably 1001 ways to model out a forecast for MRR. We're going to suggest the very quick and dirty ways that seems to work best while pointing out the pitfalls

248. Anybodies Breaks the NFT Mold

Looking for Solana's next top NFT project? The search ends at Anybodies—this is your comprehensive guide.

249. The Types and Benefits Of Cloud Computing

In this article, we discuss the options available for businesses to make the correct choice in terms of cloud computing to complement a business' needs.

250. How We Built Arengu — Story and Vision of Our Startup

Arengu was officially founded in May 2018, but we had to come a long way before finding our value as a company. Today, we'd like to share our road with you, so you can get inspired and learn from our story.

251. Designing the Perfect Mobile Push Notification

The biggest reason to focus on mobile notifications is because it will improve UX for anyone using mobile apps - which at this point, is everyone.

252. Bootstrapped Founders Should Track This Important Metric

Attention bootstrapping founders. Do you know what business metrics to track to understand where your business is going? Here are a few to start with.

253. Unveiling Crowdin Enterprise. New Technology to Build Multilingual Software

It’s pretty amazing how many tech products expand globally. Reaching new markets and looking for new business opportunities. Even despite today’s economic challenges. What’s much less pleasurable to observe is the amount of effort localization can take if done without proper technology.

254. Think Big and Keep Growing: Interview with Noonies Nominee Vlad Gukasov

First of all, a huge thanks to the HackerNoon community and staff for considering me worthy of this opportunity.

255. Build a Startup Program for Your SaaS Business: A How to Guide

Many SaaS startups offer their service at a discount to customers that are part of an incubator or accelerator which has become known as a startup program.

256. Top 7 Promising SaaS Entrepreneurs in 2021 You Should Not Miss

The article gives you an idea of how the top SaaS companies made progress and ranked themselves in the top list.

257. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon Contributor Zaheer Dodhia, CEO and Brand Hacker

Let's make the business world beautiful with brand designs.

258. Marketing Centric Idea Evaluation Process for Startups

How to select the right business idea? A vital guide for the product designers and startup founders

259. 10 Quick Tips for Launching Chat Messaging Functionality in a Limited Timeframe

Building a chat messaging API.

260. SaaS Marketing: Why You Should Keep Going, Even in a Recession

Marketing is usually one of the first things to get cut during a recession. But is that the right move? Several studies suggest that might not be the case...

261. How to Create a Data Analytics Strategy to Grow Your Business

Are you building a Software-as-a-Service platform? Wondering what data is essential for your business? Time for a Data Analytics Strategy.

262. How to Take a Hold of Your MRR Movements

Tring Tring. You just received a notification from ChartMogul. A new customer signed up. Oh yes! Your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) just shot up.

263. What's Your Cycle Time?

If you can’t answer it, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many engineering leaders couldn’t tell you without some significant number-crunching. Gaining visibility into performance is only half the battle though. Knowing how to interpret metrics and how to apply them to improving performance is where the magic happens. Many CEOs do not know how to align engineering metrics to business KPIs (revenue, customer retention, etc.). Bringing metrics to your board or non-technical CEO for the first time may be challenging if you are unable to help them bridge the gap.

264. Why Pricing is Important for B2B SaaS Startups

Anton Zagrebelny, Co-Founder & CTO of Stigg, discusses pricing for B2B SaaS enterprises and why it's vital.

265. How to Provide Developer API Access for your SaaS Product Users

Here’s how we used AWS Cognito’s authorizer to enable users to have developer API access restricted to their user data using Client Id/Secret.

266. Migrating To Cloud: How to switch to SaaS Software?

Moving to SaaS software is a huge step to take, and it requires deep analysis and proper process setup. Find out here how to move to SaaS.

267. Ransomware: AIDS, Scientists, and a Floppy Disk

Global technological trends are pushing scammers to create more inventive ways to pay the ransom.

268. Understanding SaaS Multi-Tenant Architecture vs Single-Tenant Architecture

Learn about the great potential that SaaS multi-tenant architecture has and how to determine what is right for your business.

269. ShardingSphere-Proxy Front-End Protocol Troubleshooting Guide and Examples

Case study: introducing the tools used in database protocol development with a troubleshooting guide for ShardingSphere-Proxy MySQL protocol issues.

270. How Piwik built a Google Analytics alternative out of an open-source project

We discuss Piwik, an open source analytics software and why marketing teams are choosing privacy-oriented alternatives to Google Analytics.

271. Applications of DistSQL: Build a Dynamic Distributed Database

Taking data sharding as an example, we illustrate DistSQL's application scenarios to create a distributed database.

272. The Ramifications of The Peak-End Rule for SaaS Businesses

Massive, missed opportunity for increasing the value of your saas.

273. How to Choose the Best API Integration Platform

Discover the most important things to consider when choosing an API integration platform for your B2B SaaS company.

274. A Deeper Look into Our Design Process for SaaS Applications

We develop a custom product design process that takes UX and UI into account and allows us to build effective software products.

275. Atlassian Announces Its Shift To Distributed-First Policy

Successful remote-first companies like Atlassian show what it takes to run a distributed-first team. In this interview, Sherif Mansour shares why transparency,

276. On-Page SEO checklist to get your SaaS SEO Right from Day 1

A complete on-page SEO checklist to assure you that you can finally finalize your on-page SEO campaign.

277. Eliminate Friction In Your SaaS Customer Experience With This Simple Guide

Why is eliminating friction so important?

278. How to Ensure your SaaS is Compliant - For Developers

This article reviews what kinds of compliance certifications and regulations exist, what they mean for developers, and how to begin the certification process.

279. SaaStock West Coast 2019 Launches in Startup Mecca San Francisco

SaaStock, "a global community of software as a service (SaaS) founders, executives, and investors" is an ambitious organization with successful events already held in Latin America, Asia, and the U.S. Eastern Coast. West Coast (happening now), Dublin, Australasia, are the final events planned out for this year. San Francisco and Silicon Valley is the birthplace of the world's biggest SaaS companies which brings symbolic significance for this particular event. Unlike the other events held by SaaStock, the West Coast event is specially catered for companies with traction and already in the growth stage doing $0-$10M in ARR.

280. Dear SaaS Managers, Is Your Content Value-Driven?

Want to establish your SaaS brand as the go-to authority in your niche? Start publishing value-driven content. Here's why.

281. How to Better Understand the Impact of Low-quality Trials in a PLG Company

Trials are different not only in terms of what type of user is trialing ChartMogul, but also in terms of user setup and how they are using our product.

282. A Year in Review of My Developer-Focused SAAS

This is the first annual review of Snipline. The shell command bookmarker app.

283. "Powered by": An Acquisition Channel That Drove Initial Growth for 43 SaaS Companies (My Analysis)

Update: Some of you emailed me a few questions after this post got on HackerNews front page, so I'll be addressing them in this updated HackerNoon post & include the additional examples I've received.

284. Ten Reasons You Should Remove Google Analytics From Your Site, and I'm Building a Competitor

I'm working on a leaner and more transparent alternative to Google Analytics without all the privacy baggage. It's called Plausible Analytics and you can see the live demo here.

285. 7 Critical Challenges Caused by SaaS

Enough of the glorious side of SaaS. There are challenges to address before hiring a SaaS service provider such as lack of control over data & software glitches

286. Engaging Visual Content for Every Stage of Your Customer Journey

As marketers, we wish we had the intent of the customer sorted upfront. However, it’s challenging to have customer intent fully figured out - given the number of distractions consumers face on their path to purchase.

287. Fleet Serverless Node.js Function Introduction

In February this year, we announced Fleet (Formerly Hole), a FaaS platform built on Node.js to be faster than other platforms and to create a more faithful integration with the ecosystem. In this post, I will clarify how all of this works and what we are bringing differently to the Serverless ecosystem, and what it means for startups and companies.

288. Tech Round Table: The Biggest Challenges in 2019 and Predictions for 2020

For the second year, members of our BIP Capital team came together in at the end of 2019 to discuss the year’s biggest technology and business trends, as well as what opportunities and barriers ahead as we move through 2020. The discussion also included leaders from a number of our portfolio companies so that they could offer their own unique perspectives, especially as they relate to the challenges of growing a successful business.

289. How Product-led Content is Revolutionizing SaaS Marketing

Product-led content has changed the way that subscription as a service business models function online, opening new opportunities in the online field.

290. 9 SaaS Retention Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn

Customer retention is the key for any business and for SaaS, it's way too hard without a perfect strategy. Do check our blog to find the best tips!

291. 7 SaaS Metrics that Affect Growth in 2022

This guide provides actionable insights on the most important SaaS metrics, how they’re calculated, and how you can use them to improve your business.

292. What's the Difference between Inbound Vs. Outbound Sales?

Inbound sales begin when a lead comes from a potential customer reaching out to your organization to inquire about a product or service. Outbound is opposite

293. The How and Why of Building Our SaaS Platform on Hetzner and Kubernetes

This blog post enumerates how and why we built our SaaS platform on a discount bare metal provider.

294. Tracking Metrics as a Bootstrapper

I’m a ChartMogul customer, and I’m a bootstrapper. I’m the founder of Feature Upvote, a bootstrapped and profitable SaaS.

295. How To Incentivize Free Marketing For Your SaaS Product

Your SaaS product is likely more important than ever before, given that many businesses are pivoting to the world of digital retail and find themselves in desperate need of excellent software to facilitate this sudden change. Despite the fact that SaaS products are in hot demand, however, many of their creators are unfamiliar with the best marketing tactics that are needed to cut through the marketplace’s noise and reach out directly to prospective clients. Furthermore, many SaaS gurus understand that free marketing for their product would be fantastic, but have no idea how to generate such advertising without having to pay for it.

296. 6 Best Communication and Collaboration Software for Businesses

Read this article to learn about the best business communication collaboration software, such as Troop Messenger, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, and others.

297. A Guide to Sentiment Analysis APIs for SaaS Product Managers

A sentiment analysis API can be instrumental in helping you ace business strategy for growth. Check out the guide to sentiment analysis APIs for SaaS Managers

298. Alibaba Cloud’s OpenSergo & ShardingSphere Release Database Governance Standard for Microservices

ShardingSphere partners with Alibaba Cloud's OpenSergo to combine Database Plus & Database Mesh and release a database governance standard for microservices.

299. How to Get the Best out of Your Next Software Demo

Choosing a new software platform for your nonprofit can cause lots of stress. there's one part of the process that especially freaks out nonprofit techies.

300. How to Use Intent-Based Promotions to Drive E-commerce Revenue

This article is aimed at business owners and marketing professionals looking to advance their customer engagement and sales strategies.

301. What Type of SaaS Are You Building?

What sounds like an unimportant question has important implications for your overall strategy and the success of your SaaS company.

302. Why are Document Creation Apps the Darlings of Salesforce Users

Document creation apps solve ultimate problems of different professionals in companies from the sales, customer success & support and legal to the management.

303. Starting a SaaS Business During Covid: My 5 Year Journey

In September 2020, I went all in working for myself. The COVID Pandemic and my cushy engineering manager job made it a hard decision. However, it wasn't one I made overnight. In fact, It took me five years to wrap my head around it. I can divide that time into three entrepreneurial seasons of my life. Each season taught me essential lessons that provided enough insight into changing the course of my career.

304. Monitoring Your WebRTC Applications’ Performance Can Tremendously Improve Your User Experience

The last thing a business wants is to be known as an unreliable and poorly performing service, especially if there are similar solutions a few clicks away.

305. 60% Suffer From The "Sunday Scaries"​: What Is It and How to Overcome It

In the UK & USA, there have been recent surveys showing that over 60% of people feel uneasy on Sundays due to work-related stress and anxiousness

306. Death to the "Demo" CTA!

Building interactive guided software demos to increase prospect engagement and shorten the sales cycle.

307. Best Practices I Wish We Knew When Integrating Stripe Webhooks

In this article we will describe what are the best practices to create a webhook integration with Stripe.

308. Business In The Era Of 'Life As A Service'

Today, there are subscription services for toothbrushes, makeup, fashion, perfume, Japanese snacks, children’s toys, artisanal beef jerky, craft chocolate, dog toys, exotic spices and interactive murder mysteries. For enterprise or B2B businesses, this model is nothing new -- though the products are a bit more eclectic.

309. Why SaaS Companies Require Security Testing?

SaaS companies offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing essential software solutions to their customers. They have an added advantage of being easily accessible and that too on all kinds of devices. As a result, the modern age businesses are rapidly switching to these solutions provided by SaaS vendors.

310. Should You Build Your Payment Solution From Scratch?

What’s the right payment solution and should you build or buy?

311. SaaS Startups: How to Build Strong Customer Onboarding Experience

“You’re searching for a web app to do something. You found a search result that looks promising and decided to try it. After creating an account and reaching the dashboard, You click on different menus and look for that one thing you have in your mind.

312. 5 Steps to Build a SaaS Product That Gets Funded

Roughly a decade ago I decided to move away from my corporate job in investment banking in London to pursue something I always knew I wanted: to become an entrepreneur.

313. Startup Wrappers Can Be Insanely Valuable

SaaS businesses (particularly ones for technical users) sometimes have to deal with a vocal outcry that their product “is just a wrapper around” something. The implication is that ‘a wrapper’ is inherently not valuable, and it’s impossible to build a great business around such a product. This logic is a product of lazy thinking and myopia; ‘wrappers’ can be insanely valuable.

314. 7 SaaS Trends to watch out for in 2023

7 SaaS industry trends of 2023 that can give your growth strategy the push it needs.

315. ...And This Is Why Your Next Business Needs To Be Focused On Developers

Over the last twenty years, Saas and Cloud have been the two emerging technology sectors.

316. How SaaS Companies are Changing How We Live

SaaS companies are remaking how we interact and we don't even notice it. Here's what SaaS means - for dummies, and how they make you a happier customer.

317. Everything You Need to Know About Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end library, that gives you the power of quick design and responsive mobile-first site layout. It lays on top of the 12 grid system and it has extensive pre-built components.

318. Dicas para ter um “bom” Front End

Apresentarei aqui algumas abordagens que ajudam( ou podem ajudar) no desempenho e qualidade de seu Front End. Estas ideias foram fundamentadas em minha experiência profissional e no curso de Arquitetura de Software. Serei mais sucinto possível. Qualquer dúvida entrem contato comigo.

319. Convert Customers with Better Copy (feat. A SaaS Website Teardown)

Disclaimer: This company does not sell soap. Or boxes.

320. How To Price Your SaaS Product

Don't fool yourself: SaaS pricing estimations aren't simple. You can’t decide the price of a product just by running some numbers.

321. Treat SaaS As A Business Model!

Andreessen Horowitz: ‘’Software Is Eating the World’’

322. How to Do Sales Forecasting in a Product-Led Business

Sale forecasting isnt an exact science. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put more rigor into it to make a model that is in line with your go to market motion

323. Evaluating the Performance of SaaS Companies During COVID

Following companies has a huge advantage – you can actually see every company’s performance by tracking its stocks. As the below table depicts, a few companies like Shopify, RingCentral, Twilio and Docusign have had tremendous growth in the past 6 months. Why – because in one way or another they enable people with ease of access to either office or ecommerce. Let’s look at the highlights of each company’s performance.

324. Subscription Analytics: Build Versus Buy

Everything you need to consider before you’re ready to make the Build vs Buy decision for your subscription analytics platform.

325. Going public: A Growth Story!

Now that summer is officially coming to an end, thought it was worth doing a post-mortem on the barrage of S1s that happened over the past month. Looks like the entire analyst community came out swinging this month, and I don't think I have ever read this many founder/ company/ strategy/ technology histories and deep dives. A few takeaways, just reflecting on the froth!

326. Ensuring Security in Your SaaS Applications [An Overview]

Enterprises are constantly faced with the task of balancing the advantages of productivity gains and lower costs against significant compliance and security concerns as they move their data and applications to the cloud.

327. A Better Approach To Start-up Hiring

Start-ups offer employers and job candidates a unique opportunity to create win-win working relationships

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