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31 Stories To Learn About Society

by Learn RepoOctober 4th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Society via these 31 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Society via these 31 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Embracing Offline-First Technology

Along the way, after getting smartphones and voice-controlled assistants, we've lost the plot. Perhaps embracing offline-first technology will help us find it.

2. Perverse Incentives: A Story About Rats, Nails, and Atrocities

Errors and atrocities happen when hunting for incentives, and humans manipulate the rules, ravaging natural, moral, or cultural ecosystems.

3. 3 Reasons Why Everyone Now Cares About Web3

The world post-pandemic wants real change and Web3 offers new advances to build a better future.

4. Happy Pride Month From HackerNoon!

A code of solidarity.

5. The Black Pterodactyl Event

The failure to recognize the Black Pterodactyl event means we run from fearful attack to fearful attack.

6. Technical Debt and the Obfuscation of Truth

"Tyranny without the tyrant" - Hannah Arendt

7. Metaverse: a New Step for Digital Entertainment or an Economic Gamechanger?

The metaverse could reform industries and societies. This potential was recognized at a state level when Shanghai included metaverse in its 5-year plan.

8. How to Lose Your Legitimacy

Like feudalism and divine right monarchy before it, the creator economy (at least, in its current, highly centralized form) is experiencing a legitimacy crisis.

9. From Sci-Fi to Reality: The Matrix as a Mirror of Our Screen-Centric World

Exploring the parallels between the cult classic The Matrix and our screen-dominated reality.

10. Unbundling Social Networks and Thoughts on The Third Pillar

Two ways to make money in software: bundling and unbundling. Centralized socials polarized views and fueled tribalism. Socializing is about to go vertical

11. "Racism and vigilantism are pervasive on safety platforms"

In one town, police say products like Nextdoor and Ring are helping fight crime. But racism and vigilantism are pervasive on safety platforms.

12. Product 'Longtermism' and the Danger it May Bring

There are no guarantees the future will hold the same values as us, so what right do we have to encode ours upon them?

13. An American Brain Drain the Life of Samuel Ball Represents

Fans of History Channel series The Curse of Oak Island probably know the name Samuel Ball.

14. Turning Your Imagination Into Reality

You need to know when your AirTaxi pickup time is. You think for a moment and the answer pops into your mind in less than a few milliseconds. You suddenly remember to catch up with your friend over in Shanghai and you reach out to him. A flood of joy washes over your mind as the connection is established. He allows you to traverse through his feelings and of a recent holiday as you connect with each other. A virtual message notification pops up in front of your eyes but intuitively, you will it to go away. You feel the AirTaxi landing outside and start walking towards it, through automatic doors, and allow it to carry out an invisible memory check before sitting down…

15. Foundation Series: Data Science, Psychohistory, and the Future of Humanity

A world where the future of humanity can be predicted through an interdisciplinary science called psychohistory! A data scientist's review of Foundation Series.

16. Is "Society 5.0" Supplementing AI as Technology's Latest and Greatest Snake Oil?

Photo Credit, Jeremy Weate

17. Another Perspective On Science

Science, as we have come to it, is about innovation and the way forward. It may be defined both as a process and as an outcome – the process of obtaining knowledge and the knowledge that is obtained. Thomas Kuhn, a Physicist and historian of Science, hints at this duality when he says that Science is “the constellation of facts, theories and methods collected in current texts”, while “scientists are the men (and women) who, successfully or not, have striven to contribute one or another element to that particular constellation.”

18. The Survival Of Urban Areas

Through millennia of plagues, wars, and natural disasters, cities have borne witness to and magnified human suffering and death.

19. How Diets and Dying Related to Demographics

When we seek to understand consequences of our actions and the hidden complexity that underlies them we can make better decisions. One set of decisions that everyone participates in throughout life is choice of diet. The impact of what we consume on a daily basis is often only felt many years later — and can be an accident of birth.

20. Steps Toward a Decentralized Society

While many of the ideas conjured today are outlandish, real use cases are likely to appear in the near future.

21. Societies and Decentralized Systems Have A Lot In Common

22. OnlyFans’ Truth Laid Bare: The Marriage of Sex, Money, Tech and Power

Sex, money, tech and power. OnlyFans, a social media platform created to share explicit content against tips, finds a way to merge all four.

23. Innovation Is Slowing Down

Innovation is a critical driver of economic growth and societal progress. But worryingly, tech innovation has been slowing for decades.

24. "We Are Rich Because We Are Free." - How Society Creates Entrepreneurs

An economic perspective on how society allows a social contract to build entrepreneurs.

25. The Tech Industry is a Balancing Act Between Two Value Systems: Cash and Humanity

Tech is a balancing act between two value systems (cash and humanity) and it can never not be. Here's why:

26. How Humanity’s Need to Be Certain Is Holding Us Back from Evolving Our Society

As I get older, something that becomes abundantly clear is that no one has any clue what the hell is going on.

27. On the Infestation of Small-Souled Bugmen

Bugmen are what we get when a culture is infantilized and stripped of the very intellectual, philosophical and honourable fibre that once made it great.

28. ”Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness” - Reality of Hackers’ Life

Hackers are also ordinary people who fear, worry, and feel ashamed of their atrocities

29. Six Ways to Change Your Thinking About ChatGPT

When we’ve said it all, there may be a lot left unsaid

30. The Precariat: A New Social Phenomenon

The precariat is a class of socially unsettled people who do not have full guaranteed employment.

31. What Sociologists Are Saying About 2020's Myriad Political Movements

2020 has been a hotbed of political and social debates. Curious, I got out my python script, scraped some academic data and set out to find what the Sociologists are talking about in September 2020.

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