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3 Tips on How to Stay Safe in Your Everyday Cyber Life

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@lina-survilaLina Survila

I am tech PR with a passion for cybersecurity and... fashion. Founder @ Abstract Stylist magazine.

Remember your mom always repeating "stay safe" phrase? Well, you should stay safe! Not only in streets, but also in cyberspace.

You can't imagine how easy it is for someone to buy your credit card details, login into your accounts, or even get your passport copy. Nobody is protected when it comes to major leaks or breaches that can happen from time to time, but we cal surely try!

Here are 3 things you should include in your cyber routine

Train your memory

Or use a password manager. If our password is leaked from any service, that means that hackers can use your password to access not only the specific account but also any other you might have. Trust me, it happens. Rely on the password manager to store all the information.

Train your suspicion

Well, it's not easy to be paranoid, but it's not all bad. Remember - if the service or an app you use is free - you are the product. There is no free stuff nowadays, and if you download your beauty app for free, maybe they can access all your data now. Also, that happened a lot, as data collectors clone apps and spread them all over app stores.

Train your computer or mobile device

All world applause free wi-fi. With free wi-fi comes great responsibility. For example, if I would like to access your phone, I would need to clone your home wi-fi and... voila! If your phone auto-connects to a wi-fi network, it may connect to the fake one, especially Android phones. And the rest is history.

Try to include these 3 tips to your cyber routine, and I will keep you updated on what's next!

Stay safe, kids!


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