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3 ICOs Leveraging ‘Token Baskets’

Token baskets are a great way to diversify, spread risk and maximize gains while minimizing losses. Here are 3 groups that have a great shot at blazing the trail for investors while keeping them safely diversified:

Hedge Token

Hedge Token project fancies itself on being the ‘S&P Index for Cryptos’. Hedge Token launched ICO on September 15, aiming to revolutionize the way investors, and speculators interact on crypto markets by creating the first professionally developed, rulebook-based Crypto Top 30 Index, Crypto Traded Indices™, and a suite of crypto-derivative hedging instruments. The project is still in the process of raising additional funds and now might be a good time to engage on that level.

The Hedge Token Project is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diversification through our flagship products, Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs), and hedging through different instruments. Our platform will enable crypto investors to manage the risk exposure they have on the market confidently. Furthermore, Hedge Project is in process of launching set of professionally designed indices for crypto market — first such indices to serve as a base for construction of cryptocurrencies baskets.


The Vectorspace platform enables dynamically generated intelligent “token baskets” based on user-selected trends that exist in search, social media and news. The reason we’ve included the word ‘intelligent’ is based the ability for these baskets to determine for themselves whether or not to include additional cryptocurrencies or components from related baskets that may increase overall returns. Baskets that interact this way with one another will conduct these kinds of transactions between one another using the Vectorspace utility token, VEC which is also required to dynamically generate baskets.

Components within the dynamically generated baskets can be made up of cryptocurrencies along with other new innovations for stores of value in the cryptocurrency space that may arise in the future. Traders, investors and funds can optimize basket returns by applying filters such as technical analysis indicators and custom algorithms. Human researchers and curators of baskets are allocated VEC for their work in this area. The VEC utility token can be used to purchase blocks of dynamic basket generations in addition to subscriptions to higher level features offered by the platform including transacting baskets as trades on exchanges. VEC utility tokens are awarded to creators of top performing baskets which are displayed on a leader board each month.

The Vectorspace crowdsale is currently in its pre-sale phase of its crowdsale where it looks like they’ve issued a moderate of tokens totaling 50M. They can be contacted through its crowdsale page here.


Bancor is a Decentralized Liquidity Network that allows you to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network, with no counter party, at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet.

The Bancor protocol is an upgraded functionality standard for Ethereum tokens which allows smart contracts to be their own market makers. These Smart Tokens™ hold “Connector” tokens which plug them into a decentralized liquidity network.

A wallet on the Bancor Network is claimed to be “really smart”. It can hold all of your Ethereum tokens, discover new ones, and instantly convert them to any other token in the network at a mathematically calculated rate.

As most of us know the Bancor crowdsale ended and they are listed but at half the price they went out at as you can see here.

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Cryptocurrency or Token Baskets can be a an effective way to lock in gains while limiting the risk and volatility normally associated to holding a single cryptocurrency alone. I’m personally making token basket strategies a big part of overall crypto investment efforts. Happy trading!

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