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3 Books to Top the List on Digital Trends in 2021

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@juliarekamieJulia Rekamie


1. "Envisioning Holograms Design Breakthrough Experiences for Mixed Reality"

PDF > https://urlzs.com/oZtMK

“Reality is what you want it to be.” – M. Pell

One thing you notice right away when talking with people in the high- tech industry – they are very particular about terminology. Complete strangers will correct you immediately, with disdain, if you use a term they care about incorrectly.

Call it a geek power trip, lack of social graces, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, it’s uncomfortable to be called out for using a term incorrectly. That said, there’s often sufficient grey area in what these terms refer to that we’re often redefining things to fit our perspective. At the end of the day, it’s just people splitting hairs with semantics to make their position known. Which leads me to make a terminology assertion here before you even start reading this book.

2. The Digital Transformation Playbook Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age

PDF > https://urlzs.com/q8w3Q

Five Domains of Strategy That Digital Is Changing.

If electrification was transformative because it changed the fundamental constraints of manufacturing, then the impact of digital is even bigger because it changes the constraints under which practically every domain of business strategy operates.

Digital technologies change how we connect and create value with our customers. We may have grown up in a world in which companies broadcast messages and shipped products to customers. But today the relationship is much more two-way: customers’ communications and reviews make them a bigger influencer than advertisements or celebrities, and customers’ dynamic participation has become a critical driver of business success.

3. DroneDeploy State of the Drone Industry Report 2021

PDF > https://urlzs.com/q8w3Q

2020 has been a year filled with fluctuating degrees of anxiety and uncertainty. Thousands of companies worldwide have felt the effects of COVID-19, the economic downturn, and a tumultuous political landscape. Rarely has something proved itself “business as usual.” But through these challenging times, industries have adapted.

Whether adopting new technologies, increasing spend on different programs, or promoting a remote-first work culture, we have seen an influx of companies looking at alternatives to traditional methods to improve their operations and streamline their workflows.

Two staples of these “alternatives” are drone utilization and capitalizing on visual data. As these technologies advance and become more accessible, more and more companies are reaping the benefits.

This year, DroneDeploy surveyed more than 600 users across 20+ industries spanning over 40 countries. The goal was to determine how vital drone technology is – and has become – to their operations and how the industry will evolve in the coming years. Even during the pandemic, and amongst the uncertainty, the results are surprising.

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