25/01/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

1. Former CFTC Commissioner Joins Crypto Exchange Omega One

Bart Chilton is a former commissioner for the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) located in the US. He has often been vocal about enabling cryptocurrency trading to flourish by regulating the market. Chilton is now joining Omega One, a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, under the role of Regulatory Adviser. The former commissioner was first attracted to the company as they both agree on regulation being fundamental for this type of trading to grow. Furthermore, Chilton is also interested in taking part in the cross-industry regulatory venture Brooklyn Project, launched by blockchain tech firm ConsenSys, also a partner of Omega One. Considering the importance of Chilton’s role at the CTFC for seven years, this is big news for the cryptosphere.

2. Queensland Will Soon Have the First Cryptocurrency Airport

Brisbane Airport (BNE), located in Queensland’s capital city Brisbane, will soon become the first cryptocurrency airport terminal in the world. It was reported that travellers would be able to make purchases using Bitcoin, Dash and Ether as forms of payment. The General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development Roel Hellemons said that many crypto investors travel frequently, and offering them a cryptocurrency experience seemed natural to him. The airport will be helped with the project by local and international companies. TravelbyBit will take care of the payment system, allowing people to spend their cryptocurrency.

3. Ripple Signs Contracts with Two International Payment Providers

Ripple has signed contracts with two international payment providers dealing with millions of transactions: IDT Corporation and MercuryFX. The move increased the value of the company’s token XRP, which has already grown by 500% in one year. According to the deal, the two providers will access and provide liquidity to their clients using the xRapid platform. Despite banks wary approach, it aims to become the ‘Bitcoin for Banks’. Their platform would help companies holding funds in other currencies by holding them on a third party blockchain platform. This would cut costs and save time, as well as allowing a freer flow of capital.

4. DNV GL Partners with Blockchain Startup VeChain

The Norwegian quality assurance & risk management company DNV GL has partnered with the blockchain startup VeChain, with the aim of using blockchain technology to improve its assets ownership tracking system, which would improve the supply chain as a consequence. Initially, the platform would enable them to track food, fashion and retail. It would then expand to the aerospace industry. DNV GL CEO Luca Crisciotti said that this partnership will allow the giant to adapt more easily to customers’ needs.

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