​21 Best Mobile App Mockup Design Resources in 2018by@tristaljing
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​21 Best Mobile App Mockup Design Resources in 2018

by Trista liuJuly 17th, 2018
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This post includes 4 free mobile App mockup tools, 12 best Mobile App mockup template for download(PSD) and 5 excellent and latest mobile App mockup design examples.

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This post includes 4 free mobile App mockup tools, 12 best Mobile App mockup template for download(PSD) and 5 excellent and latest mobile App mockup design examples.

Showing your mockup design to your clients and users is the best way to convey your ideas about your mobile app — both in terms of design and features. Having a good mobile app mockup tool can help you design efficiently and quickly. Mockplus offers a big collection of mobile app mockup templates and examples which you can gain design inspiration.

So you can focus on working on what matters most, I have done the legwork for you and put together this list of 21 design resources for mobile app design. This post includes 4 free mobile app mockup tools, 12 of the best mobile app mockup templates for download (PSD), and 5 excellent mobile app mockup design examples.

4 free mobile app mockup tools

1. Mockplus

Mockplus has received a lot of attention in recent years. I spent a few days using this mockup tool, and I find it really easy to use. If you want powerful yet intuitive interaction features, then this app mockup tool is definitely your best choice.


  • Simple drag and drop for quick interaction
  • Lots of classic, practical icons and vector icons
  • Repeater” can save you a lot of design time
  • UI flowchart presents better visual effects
  • Real-time collaboration
  • “Form” component has the similar function to Excel
  • Import Sketch document
  • Plenty of design project examples and templates available for download

Cost: All basic features are free

If you want to design with your member, you can try Mockplus iDoc! It can connect your entire product design workflow!

2. Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a prototyping tool for mobile development that helps designers complete the design of product prototypes quickly and efficiently.


  • Over 1700 kinds of wireframes and mobile UI controls are built-in
  • No platform limit — support for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Includes over 2000 iOS, Android, and Windows 8 plug-ins

Cost: Allows you to create a free project (10 pages, no uploads)

3. Invision

Invision is a rapid prototyping tool which is excellent for app UI design.


  • Built-in layout options allow you to create visual hierarchy for your ideas.
  • With InVision Studio, when you change the style of some UI Components in the design system, the same UI Components can be updated synchronously in the entire design file.
  • Test your web and mobile product designs, and quickly incorporate user feedback.
  • Cool animation effects.

Cost: Free with one active prototype project

4. Sketch

Sketch is the most powerful mobile app vector design tool, it can help you focus on what you do best.


  • Interactive prototyping
  • Work together, stay in sync.
  • Powerful plug-ins
  • Sketch also has a dedicated developer community and create new extensions constantly to help designers improve work efficiency.

Cost: $99/year

12 app mockup template Ddownloads (PSD)

5. Free Isometric iPhone X App Mockup PSD

You can present your app design using this aligned iPhone X app mockup that generates in 3D. Three smart object screens are placed at the top of the layer panel. After placing your design, you can change the background color according to your design preferences or fill in the colors of the overall app user interface theme.

6. iPhone X — Free 4K PSD Mockups

These are three different highly accurate native 4K iPhone X mockups created from realistic 3D models, and you can download it for free.

7. iPhone X & 8 Clay Angled


These 8 clay mockups can show your apps from the best angle. Cost: $8 for a single purchase, $24 for all.

8. App Display Screen PSD Mockups

Present your mobile app screens in a professional and dramatic way using these screens mockup PSD files. Simply add your own screens to the smart-object layers and save. The mockups can be converted into a presentation. You can even use the mockups to showcase your posters or greeting cards display.

9. 2 Free iOS App Presentation Mockups

Try these free iOS app presentation mockups and present your app designs in the best way that could be possible. You can customize each screen separately, plus you can also hide any of the unwanted screens.

10. Android Mobile App Mockup

This consists of 6 different mobile App mockup screens and costs $12.


  • Pixel Dimension: 3400x2400
  • High Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Easy to replace screenshots
  • Realistic shadow
  • Automatic thick layer
  • Change background color
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Help documentation included
  • Minimum Adobe version: CS5

11. Free Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ App Mockup PSD

This PSD file is compiled with 5 screens with overlapping shadows. You can customize the opacity of the shadow according to your app design. There is no difference between the resolution of both Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. You can use the app mockup for both the 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch screens. It has all four S9 colors (Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, and Coral Blue) inside the layer folder.

5 More mobile App mockup templates for download:

12. Concept iPhone X Free Download Mockup

13. Good Mockups

14. Sketch App Resources Website

15. Pixeden

16. Free PSD Mockups

5 best mobile App mockup examples for your inspiration

17. Productivity App Transition

18. iPhoneX project

19. App Calendar Plan Mockup

20. Movie App

21. Furniture App Concept