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20 Best Online Video Editors for Beginners

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Movavi Software Inc. is an international software company making intuitive yet powerful video editing tools.

Did you know that over 86% of businesses use video marketing in 2021? Millions of consumers use editing software for personal needs. The reason is simple – video brings huge engagement. People publish their content on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and a dozen other platforms to share thoughts and promote products.

The easiest way to create quality videos is to edit with top-notch software. With more than a hundred programs on the Web, it is hard to make the right choice. You’ll find out about the 20 best free online video editors below!

What kind of video editing software do you need?

Downloading professional applications that take a lot of space is often an option that isn’t even considered. Adding even the simplest features becomes a pain with these.

That is why there are two points to consider:

  1. The application must be simple.
  2. The service must be available online.

Combine these features, and you’ll get software that is easy to use and available on any device. Besides, this will shorten the editing time as well!

If you are a content creator, speed is important too. You cannot waste time editing one video for ages. The audience will shift to another channel, and you’ll lose all engagement. This scenario isn’t affordable. Online video maker programs will help you create content faster without losing quality.

20 best online video editors for beginners and amateurs

Now comes the most useful part of this article – a list of the best online video editors. You will find out about their features, pros & cons, price packages, and more.

1. Kapwing

The very first browser-based video editor on our list is Kapwing. It covers general features like trimming, cropping, applying transitions, overlaying text and media. All are combined on a simple interface.

Kapwing comes with two types of access – free and paid. Buying an annual pro package will cost you $17 per month. It increases the upload limit and export length, removes storage limitations, and lets you upload custom fonts.

Advantages of the free version: 

  1. No ads;
  2. No watermarks;
  3. Cloud-based;
  4. Great tools.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 250MB file upload limit;
  • 7 minutes export length;
  • Up to 3 hours of video per month;
  • Files are stored for only 2 days.

The pro version, of course, powers up the application. However, free access is all you need for short personal videos.

2. InVideo

If you’re looking for templates, text-to-video, or a place to edit your best shots, InVideo is a great option. This awesome tool comes with a whole lot of possibilities. Intros, outros, ads, promotions, explainers, invitations – there’s a pre-made video for each type. All these are quite easy to edit.

InVideo comes with three price plans – “Free,” “Business,” and “Unlimited.” Upgrading costs $15 and $30 per month, respectively. The paid features include premium templates, access to stock materials, improve video quality, and add new tools to the list.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 3,500+ templates;
  • 60+ exports per month;
  • 15 minutes length limit;
  • Team sharing.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 720p resolution;
  • No background removal;
  • Only 1GB of cloud storage;
  • Works only in Google Chrome.

InVideo is the right choice if you are looking for a service to create a video in several minutes.

3. Wideo

Wideo is a template-based editing service that helps you create content in less than 5 minutes. It is a great choice for marketing, tutorials, and short stories. The simple interface makes things even better.

There are 4 price packages at Wideo. The most expensive annual subscription costs $79 per month. All the pro versions change are the number of downloads, video lengths, templates, and account limits.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 10 templates;
  • Less than 5 minutes to create a video.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Video length is limited to 1 minute;
  • Only branded content.

As you can see, Wideo is good enough for very short animations. Advanced features will require some investment.

4. Fastreel Video Editor

When you don’t want to use everything at once and need a single feature, Fastreel Video Editor is your choice. The application covers merging, compressing, cutting, audio editing and also provides a variety of templates.

Fastreel provides three pricing plans. The unlimited premium package costs $9,95 per month. It removes watermarks and grants access to all features. However, there also is an option to pay $5.95 per exported video in case the subscription isn’t required.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 22 editing tools;
  • Video length up to 30 minutes;
  • No sign-up is required.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Watermark;
  • Projects are saved for only 24 hours;
  • Each tool is a separate edit.

Fastreel is the right choice when you have to change something quickly from any device. 

5. FlexClip

If you’re looking for a service similar to desktop applications, then FlexClip is what you need. The service provides many customizable templates, animated elements, free stock media, basic editing features, and more.

There are 4 subscription plans at FlexClip. The most expensive one costs $19,99 per month and provides full-HD quality, up to 1000 projects, 30 minutes video length, and no watermark.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • A variety of tools and templates;
  • Desktop-like experience;
  • Multiple stock media.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 480p quality;
  • 1-minute limit;
  • 1 stock video per project.

FlexClip is a good option for personal videos. Using it for marketing and social media would be better with the paid versions.

6. PowToon

PowToon is a powerful tool for whiteboard and animated videos. It covers different types of videos and provides templates, characters and has multiple integrations. The service can be used in all kinds of areas.

To get access to all the features, you will need a paid package for at least $19,99 per month. This will remove the watermark, increase video length, add 2GB of storage, and let you download MP4 content.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • HD quality;
  • 100 recordings;
  • Great tool for all kinds of video formats;
  • Integrations with Canva and other services.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Paid MP4 download;
  • No character customization;
  • Video length is limited to 3 minutes;
  • Only 100MB of storage.

PowToon is a great choice for visual communication; however, tasting the maximum will hit your wallet.

7. Video Toolbox

Need to change the video format or crop the content quickly? Then Video Toolbox is here to help. The service can crop, cut, merge, and record videos. Some other features also include watermark and subtitles creation.

Video Toolbox is completely free. This, however, brings some limitations, like 1500MB of video content and 3000MB of other data. Also, files that are older than 1 month are deleted automatically.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Different tools;
  • Video conversion;
  • Nice tutorials.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • A tricky interface;
  • Requires registration;
  • Files are deleted after 1 month.

Therefore, if you’re ready to get used to the website’s design, you will reap all the benefits of this resource.

8. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is another service that comes with multiple templates and tools. With a desktop-like interface, this service provides a variety of features like compression, conversion, rotating, trimming, and recording. You can also add different kinds of animated texts.

The application has 4 price packages, with the most popular one costing $19 per month. Upgrading the subscription improves video quality, adds cloud backup, grants access to stock media, and broadens the number of features.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Unlimited video exports;
  • Huge template library.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 480p quality;
  • No cloud backup;
  • Reduced number of features.

This is a good choice for personal videos. Publishing on YouTube and other platforms is recommended with at least 1080p quality.

9. Animoto

Simple, stylish, and modern – that’s how you can describe Animoto. The service provides access to stock materials, 40+ fonts, custom watermarks, cropping, trimming, and many other features. Apart from that, the app has also got useful tutorials with editing guides and tips.

The free version includes standard options and places Animoto’s watermark on your videos. You can enhance your experience with the “Professional” package for $15 per month. It adds custom watermarks, HD quality, stock media, and other features. 

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Unlimited video downloads;
  • 720p quality;
  • 50 music tracks, 30 color swatches.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Animoto’s watermark on all videos;
  • A small number of stock materials;
  • Only 3 standard fonts.

Animoto is easy to use with businesses and personal videos. However, you won’t be able to have that much variety with the free plan.

10. HippoVideo

HippoVideo is designed for creating marketing, sales, and support videos. The service helps users record, edit, and share their content along with monitoring analytics. Editing your videos is very simple. All the basic features are included.

If you want to use HippoVideo for education, then there is one free plan. All other purposes provide only paid access with a 1-week free trial. The package price highly depends upon the selected plan. You may pay from $7 to $79 monthly.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Unlimited number of videos;
  • 15 minutes recording limit;
  • Google Docs and Google Slides integration.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 480p quality;
  • Not suitable for marketing, sales, and support;
  • Doesn’t include all the features.

HippoVideo is only good when it comes to commercial materials. There is no sense in using this application for personal videos.

11. Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is a simple yet efficient service with different tools. The editor comes with a variety of possibilities. It helps users cut, trim, rotate, loop videos. Also, there are features for adding text and watermark removal. 

There are two account types – free and premium. The latter costs $5 per month. It increases the number of daily edits, file size, processing speed, and removes ads.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 41 tools;
  • Easy and simple interface;
  • Fast material processing;
  • No time restrictions.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 500MB max file size;
  • Only 10 file edits per day;
  • There are ads.

Online Video Cutter is the right tool when you have to edit some simple features quickly. 

12. Kizoa

If you’re looking for a service that is suitable for social media, personal and professional edits, Kizoa is the right choice. This movie maker comes with a whole bunch of features with all the necessary tools for editing. Apply special effects, add GIFs, and customize the material according to the platforms.

Kizoa comes with 5 different price plans. You can start with the basic package for free and upgrade to the business plan for $299,99 with all the service’s benefits. This will bring maximum resolution, unlimited storage space, DVD burning, 30 minutes of one-on-one training, and more.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 720p quality;
  • 1GB of storage;
  • Project sharing;
  • Basic editing features.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 1-minute video limit;
  • Kizoa’s watermark;
  • Advanced features are not available.

Basically, Kizoa is good for all professional activity. It comes at a price but brings a huge number of possibilities.

13. Wave.video

Wave.video provides a wide variety of visual effects, graphic elements, and tools for editing. The service covers all your content needs. It also has multiple tutorials and a blog to help beginners with montage.

This online editor provides three price packages – free, creator, and business. By upgrading your plan, you remove most limitations and unlock new features. Also, MP4 downloads become possible starting with the “Creator” plan.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 2 million royalty-free materials;
  • Unlimited social media shares;
  • 1 brand preset and multiple templates.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • MP4 downloads are unavailable;
  • 15 seconds editing limit;
  • Only the basic features are present.

Wave.video is a powerful media editing tool suitable for beginners and professionals. It is a great addition to your social media accounts. However, the maximum taste can only be achieved when getting the paid package.

14. Adobe Spark

You’ve definitely heard of Adobe and its products. Adobe Spark is a tool that promotes the effortless creation of content for social media, websites, and marketing. It is pretty easy to use through a web browser on both mobile and desktop. Most basic editing features are available.

Adobe Spark comes with 3 price plans – free, individual, and team. The “Individual” package is available without paying for one month. Upgrading unlocks all the service’s features along with adding priority support.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 1000+ free images and videos for your designs;
  • Free for educational purposes;
  • Variety of templates;
  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • A lot of features are blocked with a paywall;
  • Transitions are only focused on storytelling.

If you’ve used Canva or Crello before, you will find Adobe Spark very similar to these services. The design is almost the same, and editing is quite simple.

15. WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editor for business, education, and lifestyle. As a general practice, there is stock content integration. Speaking of other features, the service uses a green screen, optimization for different platforms, and all basic tools for the montage.

There are 5 price plans at WeVideo – from free to $36,99 monthly. Upgrades remove watermarks, provide unlimited storage, unlock all the features, and add a possibility to create custom templates.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • 1GB cloud storage;
  • Multiple video formats supported;
  • Screen recording;
  • Voiceover and other features.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 480p resolution;
  • Watermark;
  • 5 minutes of video per month;
  • Advanced features are unavailable.

WeVideo’s free version is a good option when you have to make videos only once in a while. Otherwise, you’ll need an advanced package.

16. Renderforest

With Renderforest, you’ll be able to create videos, logos, websites, and mockups of all kinds. The service has video templates for all purposes and realistic mockups that speed up the editing process. Your videos can be animations, intros, slideshows, visualizations, and presentations. It all depends on you.

Renderforest comes with 5 price plans – from free to $49,99 monthly. Upgrades increase storage, video quality, remove watermarks, and provide a feature for custom fonts.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Unlimited video exports;
  • 200k+ stock materials;
  • Templates and mockups;
  • A lot of great features.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • 360p resolution;
  • Video length is limited to 3 minutes;
  • Watermarks on everything;
  • A limited number of music tracks.

Renderforest is a great choice when you work with graphics overall. It is an all-in-one tool for designers and content makers.

17. Magisto

Magisto is a video editor that uses AI to make better content. The service can automatically create stories based on your instructions. Upload the materials, answer the questions, and it’s done. That’s how Skynet will soon appear.

Although it isn’t written in the price plans, Magisto is actually available for free. However, there are paid packages starting with $4,99 per month. They improve video quality, increase the length limit to 10 minutes, and provide additional features.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • AI edits everything for you;
  • A variety of styles, songs, themes;
  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Low video resolution;
  • Features and downloads are limited.

Magisto is the perfect solution when you need content in no time and don’t want to edit manually. It does everything instead of you.

18. Biteable

Biteable is a competitive service for all kinds of videos and animations. It is a great choice for marketing, social media, explanations, or any other content type. Multiple templates come in handy when you’ve got no editing experience.

You can start using Biteable for free. However, removing the watermark and getting access to additional features will cost at least $19 per month. This will also improve video resolution and provide a license for commercial use.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Unlimited exports;
  • Multiple templates and stock materials;
  • Most features are included;
  • Videos for all kinds of areas.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Watermark;
  • Low resolution;
  • No collaborative editing.

Biteable is an easy and fast way to create any video. Sales, charity, advertising – it is all in one place.

19. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online will help you cut, trim, and edit any video, along with giving access to stock materials. It doesn’t require registration and works without watermarks. The best part is that it also edits audio with fade-in-out effects.

The application is completely free. There are no paywalls. However, you might get a bit stuck with the interface due to its over-used simplicity. It isn’t a huge issue but consider it when working with Movie Maker Online.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • Completely free – no paywalls;
  • Multiple tools for editing videos, movies, audio;
  • No registration is required.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • Tricky interface;
  • Requires that you disable Adblock.

If you’re searching for a free service with all features available, then Movie Maker Online is your choice. Make sure your Adblocker is disabled!

20. Clideo

Clideo is an easy browser-based video editor for a basic montage. The features include merging, compressing, resizing, applying effects, adding music, and many other tools. Basically, the service covers all the needs to create a simple video.

The “Pro” version costs $9 per month, and all it does is grants access to unlimited video editing. All other features seem to be available without restrictions.

Advantages of the free version: 

  • All the features are available;
  • Simple to edit;
  • No registration is required.

Disadvantages of the free version:

  • A limited number of edits;
  • Sometimes appears to be a bit “laggy.”

Clideo is a very simple editor that is good for beginners when they don’t want to download any software. 

Which online video editor is the best?

It all depends on your needs.

The rating above included services for all kinds of use. Personal, educational, commercial purposes – it is all covered in the list. All applications have a free version which, however, doesn’t always provide their full power.

Choose the best online video editing software wisely!

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