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Best Graphic Elements for Christmas Mood on Your Website

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I’m falling in love with beautiful web design. I like to share my experience and explore something i

Autumn has flown almost unnoticed by and Christmas is coming already. It is one of the brightest and most brilliant holidays which bring us smiles. We all love to ornament our house with Christmas decorations. A Christmas tree, garlands, snowflakes, ornaments, bright colors - all this brings the atmosphere of celebration and joy.
So why not transfer this Christmas mood to the pages of your website or blog too?
I will talk about decorating the site for Christmas with the help of different graphic elements.
In this collection, you can find such elements as:
  • illustrations
  • animations
  • templates
  • icons
  • banners
  • flyers
  • frames
  • patterns
  • borders
  • greetings cards
  • Christmas wreaths
  • fonts
  • landing pages templates
  • logos

There are 3 main reasons for some Christmas elements on your website:

1. The first reason is obvious — the first impression.
When a person on the eve of Christmas gets on your site and sees that you decorate it, he has nice and warm feelings. This shows that you care about your service and your clients.
2. Also, the user can stay for an extra 5-10 seconds on the page of your site to simply consider some decoration elements on the website.
If you try very hard and make some very original decorations, then for sure the visitor may want to bookmark your site or share a link to the site on social networks.
3.The last reason is that you create a New Year mood, both for visitors to your site and yourself.
When you decorate your house for the holiday, put a Christmas tree and decorate it, this creates a special atmosphere and mood. So, the decoration of the site can just as create such a festive mood, both for you and your visitors.
Of course, there should not be any Christmas music on the site.  Also, these decorations should not be too distracting. I mean huge snowflakes that endlessly fall down of your site and thereby distract your visitors from reading the text.
Now let's read about some website decoration ideas and see what you can do.

5 Blog Decorations ideas with Christmas graphic elements

  1. Create a Christmas banner — You can prepare and place a festive banner with congratulations in the sidebars of your site. If you have some kind of slider on your site, you can specially prepare a beautiful New Year's slide and place it on your site for the New Year holidays.  
  2. Redecorate your logo — I can suggest you, for example, add some Santa’s hat. It looks simple but also adorable at the same time.
  3. Design newsletters — Christmas is the perfect opportunity to break out of its usual patterns and send its customers extraordinary and creative newsletters. Important is also the design of the Christmas mail. With some ready newsletter template or banner, you can create extraordinary Christmas mail templates and use them for your Christmas newsletters.
  4. Don’t forget about social networks. Create banners or posts for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to share your holiday mood.
  5. Change the background image of your blog. If you find it too much, try just to add some little Christmas patterns or an animation. It will work too and make people smile. 

Best graphic elements for Christmas mood on your website

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday

Vector Christmas Collection Illustration

Christmas stories coming alive

Christmas Overlays - Vector Set Illustration

Seasons Greeting


Christmas Watercolor png Illustration

Christmas Party Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Winter Fun Illustration

Vintage Christmas Labels illustration

Christmas Party flyer Template

Winter Spirit Font

It's called fashun

Merry Sugar Font

Christmas Logotypes

Christmas Landing Page Template

Merry Christmas illustration

Festive Art

Christmas New Year Icons Set Illustration

Final House


Which Christmas design do you like the most? :)
Share your thoughts below ↓
Disclaimer: I do not have a vested interest in any of the projects mentioned above
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I’m falling in love with beautiful web design. I like to share my experience and explore something i


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