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194 Stories To Learn About Git

by Learn RepoMay 2nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Git via these 194 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Git via these 194 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. -

1. How to Delete Commits From Remote in Git

This article explains how to remove commits from a remote server in Git.

2. How to Configure VS Code for Java in 2022

VS Code is Java-ready! Learn which extensions to use and how to configure it to start coding Java in a modern IDE.

3. How To Rename Your Git Repositories From "Master" to "Main"

Until recently, almost every Git repository had a default branch named "master". But thankfully, as part of a movement to make the tech industry more inclusive and open, many software teams and open source projects are moving away from this unhealthy naming.

4. A Guide on How to Host Your Own Git-Server With Raspberry Pi

Hosting your own git server can be a fun learning experience used to understand the ins and outs of what goes into maintaining a codebase.

5. Top Differences Between Tags and Branches In Git You Must Know

New to version control? Welcome! 👋 Understanding the lingo is very important. This can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, you’ll get there!

6. How to Make an Unforgettable Code Review? Guide for Authors

Code review is an integral part of any software development process. Here are a couple of rules for making great code review.

7. How To Delete Files or Folders From Remote Git Repository

GIT is great, it has made collaboration with other developers so easy, I can’t thank GIT enough. But GIT is vast and not every command remains on my mind. I find myself googling over and over again to get that right GIT command that can solve my problem.

8. Making a Node.js App to Interact With a Smart Contract the Git Way

Hey everybody, this is the second post of the series on writing apps the Git way, where you just go take a cup of coffee and browse a Git repo to learn something new!

9. How to Really Use Git: 10 Rules to Make Git More Useful

Git is awesome if you know how to use it effectively. It's not just a backup system! Here are 10 best practices for version control with Git.

10. It Isn't Just GitLens: 6 Cool VS Code Extensions to Supercharge Git

Yes, I know, we should all be terminal ninjas, memorising every git command yadda yadda. Or, like the caveman, we could put two sticks together (or in this case

11. Git Branch Naming Convention: 7 Best Practices to Follow

Git branching naming conventions support the organic growth of a codebase in a systematic way. It helps in separating the work strategically.

12. Can You Restore A Deleted Commit on Git?

Git became already a standard in software engineering. There is no need to talk about the importance of the version control system nowadays. Even more, it is hard to imagine any kind of project without it. Constant changes to the code and continuous release cycles require that.

13. How to Link GitHub and Jira Without Installing Any Apps

This story covers basic GitHub Jira Integration without requiring admin privileges to install apps on Jira.

14. An Intro to Git for Beginners

Git is an essential tool for version control, no matter what programming language or framework you use.

15. 7 Rules for Writing a Good Commit Message

In this article, we’ll outline a widely accepted yet simple format for good commit messages.

16. Introducing Tour My Pull Request For Github Extension


17. Undoing a Git Pull

18. Code Reviews For Non-technical People. Explained.

19. Setting Up .gitignore For Your JavaScript Project

Gitignore lets you give instructions to Git that makes it ignore name patters that you designate, making it possible for you to control the files tracked by it.

20. A Guide to Staying Sane While Working with Git

How to work with git

21. How to Push an Empty Commit with Git

Have you ever faced the need to push a commit to a Git branch without changing any files in order to re-run your integration process?

22. Time to Rewrite your Git History Effectively with git reflog

In this article, you'll learn how to utilize git reflog to re-organize and rewrite your Git commit history effectively and easily.

23. 10 GitHub Repositories to Follow

GitHub is a well-known platform to share all kinds of technologies. The following article contains the 10 most widely used GitHub repositories.

24. How to Clean Your Git History

An informal talk about some very useful git commands.

25. A Complete Guide to Code Reviews

Code review is not a battlefield, the reviewer is not an opponent of the author. Both of them are aligned on the same goals.

26. How GIT Works Deep Inside

A short article about how Git hash-based decentralized filesystem work

27. Git and the benefits and challenges of everything-as-code

We love Git and everything as code, but how can we move beyond static definitions in GitOps and understand how our systems are really changing?

28. How to Commit and Push a Blank Directory to Your Git Repository?

Usually, blank directories are not pushed when you commit and push new code to your repository. Let's look at how to push a blank directory to your git repo.

29. A Walk-Through to Github For Beginners

And slowly github became the new facebook for coders where instead of posting pictures and life events people post code for projects and your fellow developers comment, request features and fork the code to suit there needs.Brian Doll, GitHub’s vice president of strategy says “If you look at the top 100 sites, you’ve got a handful of social sites, thirty flavors of Google with national footprints, a lot of media outlets — and GitHub”

30. How to Fix the "Detached HEAD" State in Git

Git commits are immutable—meaning you can create new ones, but what’s already inside will never be changed.

31. It's Not All Rosy Out Here: The Challenges of Everything-as-Code

In this post I’ll take a look at the benefits of everything-as-code before considering some of the gaps that remain.

32. Mercurial Sunset: How To Automate the Bulk Transfer of Mercurial Repos to Git

With Mercurial sunsetting support, it was time to move our repos. But how do you do this en masse?

33. This Is What I Learnt After Making Over 1,000 Code Reviews

This story was originally published on my blog. If you're interested in this kind of content, feel free to check it out and subscribe :)

34. Customize Oh My Zsh with Syntax Highlighting and Auto-Suggestions

As a developer, we spend a lot of time working on the terminal and having personalized shell makes the working environment perfect, decreases frustration and also, increases productivity.

35. How to Avoid Git Disasters (Gitstasters) Part 1: Git Reset

Deepen your understanding of git internals and learn what to do when you wish you had the opportunity to go back in time and fix your mistakes,

36. The Most Important Git Command

When working with Git, the most useful command is "git help", which provides us with all of the assistance we require.

37. 5 Simple Tips to Become a Better Programmer

Developing software is more than just 'coding'. To grow as a programmer, you'll have to master other practices — here are 5 timeless tools and methods.

38. Building Homebrew Taps for Private GitHub Repos

How to create private homebrew taps

39. 🕵️‍♂️ Learning to Use Git Alias to Boost Your Productivity

Repeating the same git commands over and over again can be such a waste of time!

40. Git and Folder (Non)Tracking

The lack of folder tracking in git as a version control system is a pain in collaborative engineering. This post will unpack this.

41. Git Worktree: How It Can Help You Enhance Your Git Workflow

Git worktree allows us to checkout many branches in a git repository. This lets us switch between different branches without losing our changes.

42. Using Git Merge to Merge Changes from other Branches

Git provides a powerful tool by letting us create branches

43. Why You Can Sometimes Use git push -f: Rewriting Code Repository History

One of the first admonitions that a young Padawan gets together with access to git repositories is: “never use git push -f”. Since this is one of the hundreds of maxims that a novice software engineer needs to learn, no one takes the time to clarify why this should not be done. It’s like with babies and fire: “matches are not toys for children”, and that’s it. But we grow and develop both as people and as professionals, and one day the question “actually, why?” may arise.

44. Now You Can Use GitHub Issues to Track Customer Feedback

If you need a simple issue tracker for your app I'd recommend looking into using Github issues via the API, at least until it stops working for you!

45. Is GitOps the Emperor With No Clothes?

GitOps makes me think of the old Hans Christian Andersen tale, about what’s real and what’s imagined.

46. An Introduction to GitOps and DevOps for Developers

Businesses need manageable and automatable approaches to CI/CD and DevOps to succeed in building and maintaining cloud-native applications, and devs love GitOps

47. Ten Useful Git Log Tricks

If you are using Git for a while you should have come across git log. As everyone knows, the git log is a simple command that helps us to view the changes or project history.

48. How To Push To Git When Your File Is Too Large?

Pushing to git when a file is too large (more than 100MB)

49. Pull Request Checklist: What You Need to Do Before Assigning a PR to Someone

If you work in a team opening a Pull Request (or Merge Request) looks appropriate. It’s a common practice nowadays. However, have you ever thought about opening a Pull/Merge Request when working by yourself?

50. Top 5 Tips for Securing Your GitOps Environments

Here are the top 5 Tips for securing GitOps environments.

51. Annotated and Lightweight Git Tags

Tags are a simple aspect of Git, they allow you to identify specific release versions of your code. You can think of a tag as a branch that doesn't change. Once it is created, it loses the ability to change the history of commits.

52. Why Git Is A Great Documentation Management Tool

Sometimes not only documentation but also the process of working on it may be critical. For example, in the case of projects, the lion’s share of the work is related to preparing documentation, and the wrong process may lead to errors and even loss of information, and, consequently, loss of time and benefits. But even if this topic is not central to your work, the right process can still improve the quality of the document and save you time.

53. Things You Must Know About git-crypt To Successfully Protect Your Secret Data

Many software projects use secrets - usually, keys to external APIs or credentials to access an external resource such as a database. Your application needs these keys at runtime, so you need to be able to provide them when you deploy your application, or as a step in preparing your deployment environment.

54. How Git stores data

55. How to Improve Team Communication with Conventional Commit Messages

Sometimes, when working in a team or open source organization, you may misspell a message or make errors in your repository's commits

56. How to Participate in Hacktoberfest 2021: Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Hacktoberfest is round the corner and registrations are now open!

57. How to Authenticate Your Git to GitHub with SSH Keys

Authenticate your local machine git's to GitHub using SSH authentication. You do not need to type username and password anymore with this easy addition.

58. GIT: Explained in 5 Levels of Difficulty

I will explain GIT in five levels to different audiences.

59. Tips for Writing Good Commit Messages

In this article, I’d like to share my opinion on how to write good commit messages that would make your git log useful and improve your code review process.

60. GitLab vs GitHub: Repositories, CI, Deployment, DevOps, Pricing, and Documentation

Interested in understanding the debate of Gitlab vs Github? Which one is better in 2020? Which one should you pick?

61. A Guide to Git with Trunk Based Development

Learn the mindset and process behind Trunk Based Development, and how to use git effectively with this pattern.

62. Pull Request Etiquette: 20 Core Principles For Handling PRs As A Software Developer

“Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators...” - Github

63. Clean Stale branches with Github Actions

Automate staled branches management routine with Github Actions.

64. Install and Configure Git on Amazon Lightsail, and Deploy Your Website in Minutes! (Freebie Inside)

We break down how to easily deploy your new website on Amazon Lightsail in less than 5 minutes. Get your code up and running and get back to doing what you want

65. 5 Git Tips You Should Try For Better Workflow

No matter how experienced you are, Git will always find a way to surprise you. It is loaded with neat tricks that have the power to make your daily coding routi

66. 5 Steps You Need to Make as Beginner Web Developer

When most people fantasize about the idea of starting a web development hobby (or career) they get eventually frustrated. Hard.

67. Amending and Updating a Git Commit

Now, you can easily update your commit messages by simply adding --amend to your git command.

68. How to Integrate Playwright in Your GitHub Action CI

In this post I will go through all the info you need to integrate Playwright in your CI without any problem.

69. 7 Ways You Can Use Git to Boost Productivity

Git is the most popular source control system. In this post, I'll show some of these features that will make your work easier when using Git.

70. Hi, Github! Bye, Bitbucket!

Originally published on

71. Amend vs Reset: 4 Simple Ways to Reverse a Git Commit

If you want to keep your history clean and make your mistake disappear, let me show you 4 different ways to undo a commit.

72. Git blame - Figuring Out Who Modified a Line With Git

Have you ever found a bug inducing line change in your code, and wondered who made the change to that line? Fortunately, git has a command for that

73. How to Use Git to See Recent Changes in a Specified Time Period

Have you ever gone on a long holiday and wanted to check the updates your team has made since 2 weeks ago?

74. Git it Right or Git Gone

Complete tutorial for Git & Github.

75. Git Bisect for Understanding the Root Cause of Regressions

Your git fairy godmother will test and locate the bugs for you with a swish of her magic wand. All you need to know are the magic words: git bisect...

76. Enhancing Your Git Commit Messages

Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

77. If you’re still using GitFlow I feel bad for you son (or woman)

I got 99 problems but my branching strategy ain't one.

78. Using the Binary Search Algorithm With Git and AWS Kinesis

Discover how the binary search algorithm improves performance in Git and AWS Kinesis. Learn how to implement it in your own projects for better efficiency.

79. A Guide to Closing a Pull Request — Merge Commit vs Squash vs Rebase on GitHub

Still using Merge Commit for closing every Pull Request? You might miss out on some advantages of Rebase or Squash.

80. How to Simplify Your Workflow With Pre-Commit Hooks

Pre-commit is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you catch these issues before they make it into your codebase. It is a git hook script.

81. Embed Github Gists in your Hacker Noon Stories

The Hacker Noon editor now supports embedding Github gists.

82. 3 Easy Steps to Change Main Git Branch on Heroku

I just saw that Heroku created the ability to git push heroku from main instead of master. Since I've been wanting to change my Git repos away from master anyway, I thought I'd check it out myself. Luckily, it was extremely simple.

83. How to Win Git and Influence Repositories: 15 Git Commands Every Engineer Needs

The version control system is the foundation of the basics, without which it is impossible to conduct team product development in our time.

84. How to Amplify the Growth of Your OSS Community on GitHub

How to grow an open source project on github

85. 7 Ways to Manage Pull Requests

Improve your team's pull request management system to ship faster, more often.

86. Understanding 'Git', 'Bash', and 'Git Bash'

Do you know when you install Git Bash on windows what exactly you are installing? Git or Bash? In this article, I will explain everything about them.

87. Basic Git Commands

If you’re a Software developer, you cannot live without interacting with Git and it is never too late for anything!

88. How to set up your local projects to contribute to Laravel (or any PHP library) : a practical guide

Let’s imagine this scenario: You are working on a Laravel application, and you found a bug either in the framework itself or in one of the third party libraries you are using. You edit the code inside your project, or maybe you installed a fresh copy of Laravel and library that has the issue, and you edited the code there. You saved the changes, but when you went to your terminal to commit the changes, GIT just ignored what you did. You start wondering “What’s happening here?”.

89. Interplanetary Versioned File System

IPVFS: A light weight version control system for files on the Interplanetary File System.

90. Git Commands Cheat Sheet That Could Save you From a Headache

This Git command sheet is for non-beginners and is mainly dedicated to fixing Git mistakes.

91. Work Annoyance 1: Git Rebase

How many times the below thing happens to you?

92. How Developers Can Use DevOps - Introduction and Version Control

Improving our DevOps skill can help us become better developers, teammates and managers. Learn DevOps principles and a different perspective on git.

93. Share All Your Cool Tricks and Tips for Using Git and GitHub Effectively [Writing Prompt]

If you’re interested in writing about Git as in the process of learning, developing the code and the job interviews, feel free to use these writing prompts.

94. Basic Git Workflow For Beginner Software Developers

Make it a habit to run git status before doing anything on a repository. I just learned this today and wanted to write it down to make it stick on my mind - or get familiar with it.

95. 6 Simple Steps to Import a Project to Azure Repos from Git

This article will explain how to import a project from Git to Azure Repos in 6 easy steps.

96. Using 'Git Pull' for Force Overwriting Local Changes

Have you ever been working on a project in git and ran into an error telling you that you can't use git pull because you have local changes?

97. Git Stash - Everything You Need to Know About Stashing Changes in Git

Sometimes, when we are making changes to a project in git, we realize we suddenly need to revert back to the last clean working directory version of our project

98. GitOps, Kubernetes, and Databases (Podcast Transcript)

Amy, Matt, and Curt talk about migrating from a SQL database to a NoSQL database, what happens when shit hits the fan, and assessing your database usage.

99. How to Get Started with Parallel Programming in Git in Under 2 Minutes

There are many Git tips and best practices available on the internet that can help you in your day to day activities.

100. Why Taking Good Notes is Critical For Developers

Why taking good notes is critical for a software developers?

101. The Git Cheat Sheet

Git is one of the most popular Version Control Systems out there, you can think of it as a way to take snapshots (commits in Git nomenclature) of your code in a specific state and time, just in case you mess things up later and want to go back to a stable version of your code. It’s also a great way to collaborate if you combine it with GitHub.

102. Continuous Integration (CI) Branching Strategies: What You Need to Know

When you have multiple developers working on the same code, you may face a lot of challenges when merging. That's where branches come in.

103. Get Notified When There are Commits to Pull in VS Code

With the help of GitLive’s new pull reminders, you can now pull sooner, reduce the chances of conflicts, and merge faster!

104. 5 JetBrains Plugins to Upgrade the Built-In Git Support to the Next Level

These five JetBrains Git Plugins can drastically improve your productivity by adding new features and utilities to assist you with your coding projects

105. A Simple Way to Rename Local and Remote Git Branch

Have you ever come across a situation where you want to rename a Git branch? If yes then this article will help you with that.

106. Release Driven Development: Building a Minimalistic Release Pipeline with Github Actions

Building a minimalistic release pipeline with a Spring Boot app, Github Actions, and DigitalOcean.

107. What are the Best Dev-friendly collaboration Tools for Remote Teams?

The right tools for remote developers can help engineers overcome most difficulties.

108. Git Branches

In the current era, most software development companies work in a collaborative environment where several developers contribute to the same source code. While some will be fixing bugs the others would be implementing new and different features. The problem raises, how to maintain different versions of the same code base?

109. Open Source Contribution for Dummies: A Quick Guide for Beginners

There are some unofficial rules and guidelines developers should strive to follow as closely as possible when making an open source contribution.

110. The Git Commands Your Career Will Depend On

Here are my most used Git commands

111. What Git Could Look Like in Web 3.0

A Distributed Version Control System that can be navigated via a block explorer.

112. Git Tutorial: How to Easily Exclude Files During Git Add without Manual Entry

Every day we use the "git add" command a lot to add our changes to the index for new commits, but have you ever wondered how we can add all the changed files...

113. Everything You Need to Know About GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot is powered by a new AI system developed by OpenAI Codex and is coming soon to Visual Studio Code.

114. How To Use Git Merge: Beginners Guide

Isolating features into different branches is a crucial practice for any serious developer. By separating each feature, bugfix or working experiment you will avoid a lot of problems and keep your development branches clean.

115. 5 Metrics Engineering Managers Can Extract from Pull Requests

Many Engineering Managers promote Pull Requests as part of the development workflow. It’s a consolidated practice that brings lots of benefits. It consists of comparing the changes of a branch with the repository’s base branch (conventionally called master).

116. Understanding the Open Source Culture: Best Practices to Contribute Effectively

Here are some of the best practices that you can take up for your next open source contribution.

117. Understanding the Staging Area in Git

In this article, we will be discussing the staging area in Git and how it is a fundamental part of version control and can be used effectively in git.

118. She's At The Edge Of The Cloud (Podcast Transcript)

Amy Tom chats with Mark Gamble, the Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Couchbase, about Edge Computing and tiered data systems.

119. Git Commands That Every Developer Must Know

Git, an open source distributed version control system has been helping developers over a decade now. It is a great tool for tracking source code changes during software development. However, there are a lot of git commands, and this article lists the most important ones that will help your team get work done efficiently.

120. Make Your Life Easier With These Git Workflows: Part I

I will describe how to make your life easier as a programmer with these useful tips on using Git. Before reading this, I recommend that you have a basic understand on how Git works.

121. The Right Way to Use Git

As a beginner programmer, you can be surprised to see that people care so much about what goes into the git repository.

122. 8 underrated Git commands every programmer should know (not the usual pull, push, add, commit)

These are some of the most useful Git commands that helped me during my programming journey.

123. Coding in Public Transit: How I Just Barely Shipped a New Site with Pylon, Tin, and TeamCode

A How-To Guide on Creating a Cloud Collaborative Workspace using Pylon and Tin, with the help of Git respositories. No installation needed!

124. Learn How To Use Git Submodules on Practice

In this post we learn about concept of Submodules in git by actually troubleshooting a case of embedding multiple git repositories

125. Here's the Quick Guide You Need to Solve All Your Git Issues!

The best way to become a better developer is to make contributions easy. What better way to do that then mastering git and Github

126. GitHub is Amazing, but its Terms of Service is Extremely Concerning

Lots of websites have a termination clause, even Hackernoon, however, when it comes to the case of open source software this can be extremely concerning. The reason goes much deeper than you think.

127. How-to Declutter Your Data Science Workspace

Working on a data science project is almost always equivalent to an amazing clutter in the working directory. Data scientists would most likely have the following materials dumped in their project working directory:

128. Here's What I Found on Scanning 2.6 Million Domains for Exposed Git Directories

A scan of over 2.6 million domains revealed over 1000 publicly exposed git directories. Next to complete source code I found many credentials and api secrets.

129. Learn How to Stop Tracking Files After Adding It to .gitignore in 4 Steps

When a file is tracked, adding it to .gitignore will not cause it to go untracked. Learn how to untrack a file that you have recently added to .gitignore.

130. Why GitOps is so exciting?

Initially, we have seen DevOps, DevSecOps and many other ops but nowadays a new terminology “GitOps” is getting famous. Its fame has reached to this level that it was a trending topic at KubeCon.

131. 15 Essential GitHub Repos for Web Developers in 2021

Using Github Repositories can be a helpful tool to learn coding. Here are 15 Most Valuable GitHub Repos for Web Devs in 2021 and what you can learn from them.

132. Two Friendly Tools Of a "10X Engineer"

Hi Everyone, Hope you all Programming geeks are doing well. In today's modern Software Industry, there are two types of engineers:

133. Three GitHub Features You’re Missing Out On

Did you ever have a friend you only ever saw in one place? Maybe it was a bar, your knitting club, or at the school gates.

134. The Git Way to Deploy a Solidity Contract on Ropsten With Truffle

Hey dapp developers! Today I am excited because I am posting the step-by-step process that allowed me to deploy my first Ethereum smart contract on the Ropsten testnet.

135. How To Manage Multiple Git Configurations

Using the same computer for both work-related and personal projects may cause you to write Git commit messages with your private email on your work projects or vice-versa. That is assuming that you configured Git with the --global flag, which applies the configs to every repo on your OS user account.

136. 6 GitHub Repositories For Instant Knowledge Boost

Github is not only a place for storing our code and sharing libraries with other developers. Thanks to powerful Markdown syntax it’s possible to create sort of wiki pages. There are thousands of great resources in the Github - some of them are so big that recommending them is pointless.

137. Exposing Secrets on GitHub: What to Do After Leaking Credentials and API Keys

As a developer, if you have discovered that you have just exposed a sensitive file or secrets to a public git repository, there are some very important steps to follow.

138. Why Is Git So Complicated

Git is meant to always give you back the data exactly as it was saved OR let you know the repository is corrupted. And it does an amazing job with it.

139. Using Reddit & Twitter to Make Your README More Effective

Many lessons from my time at university have stuck with me throughout the years. One of the most important was in regards to technical writing (thank you to my CS 787 professor).

140. Top 5 Tips for Becoming a Git Expert

Becoming a Git power user is on the bucket list of every developer. With our 5 Git tips you will level up your workflow and get one step closer to Git mastery!

141. How Different Tools Enable a More Inclusive Language In Software Development World

Are terminologies meaningful in software development? Yes, a lot! As developers, we’re continually writing code, and we do that by passing messages. Each message carries a lot of context and semantics. Therefore we’re always evolving how to do it in a better way.

142. The Coders' Handbook: Tools of the Trade

Git, debugging, testing, the terminal, Linux, the cloud, networking, patterns/antipatterns - what even is this mess? Don't worry we'll go through it from beginning to end (all the way, I promise) everything you need to know to collaborate proficiency with others.

143. Doc-as-Code: Managing Content is Easy When it’s Distributed

Few months back, I got a call from GitLab for a technical writer position. One of the question was about treating document as a code and what’s my view on that. The question was about treating document as part of a continuous integration and continuous deployment system. That question came at the time when I wasn’t treating doc as code and ironically, I now have a perspective.

144. Step-to-Step eBook to Learn the Git and GitHub Basics💡

This is an open-source introduction to Git and GitHub guide that will help you learn the basics of version control and start using Git for your SysOps, DevOps,

145. Git & Github for Dummies

Learn the basics of Git and GitHub.

146. Git and GitHub Explained

A brief introduction to Git and Github, two services that the vast majority of developers are intimately familiar with thanks to how incredibly useful they are.

147. 4 Best Application-Deployment Techniques You Will Discover in 2021

Application deployment comprises the steps, processes, and activities required to make an application or update available for its intended users. The manner in which you deploy an application matters a great deal as it impacts how quickly your product will respond to changes, and the quality of these changes. Today, most software developers deploy updates, patches, and new applications via a combination of manual, automated, and cloud-based processes, although, manual application deployment is being phased out.

148. How to Get Started with Data Version Control (DVC)

Data Version Control (DVC) is a data-focused version of Git. In fact, it’s almost exactly like Git in terms of features and workflows associated with it.

149. Write Git Commit Messages That Your Colleagues Will Love

Git commit messages are how we communicate to our future selves. In this post, I'll share the three most important rules when creating a commit.

150. Proudly Wear Your Contribution Map

Currently We're creating a project that gives people an opportunity to wear personalized merch that reflects their interests, values and hobbies.

Our first launch is (promo code = SALE20), where everyone can print a T-Shirt with his own contributions map on it.

151. Git3 – First Alpha Release

Putting source control on the blockchain. Step-by-step guide for the very first git3 alpha release.

152. Stashing in Git

Imagine that you are working on a part of a project and it starts getting messy. There has been an urgent bug that needs your immediate attention. It is time to save your changes and switch branches. The problem is, you don’t want to do a commit of a half-done work. The solution is git stash.

153. How to Use Git Rebase to Squash a Sequence of Commits to a New Base Commit

What is a Git rebase and how do you use it? Rebasing is one of the two Git processes of integrating changes from one branch to another.

154. How to Protect Your Git Secrets

Are you worried about your security codes and keys? Worried about their safety? Are you looking for ways to protect your Git secrets? If so, then you are in the right place. And in this post, I will share everything you need to know about Git best practices to protect your Git secrets.

155. 7 Git Practices to Start Using in Your Next Commit

Every software has best practices. Git is not different. It has become the most used versioning system in the last years. Many companies adopted git because of its features. If you wonder why git is so powerful, here are some of the advantages over other versioning systems, like Subversion:

156. "The pandemic has literally changed my perspective towards life" – Karan Jagota, 2020 Noonie Nominee

Hacker Noon's annual Noonie awards help shine a spotlight on some of the greatest minds in tech. Head over to our awards page and nominate YOUR best people and products today at NOONIES.TECH.

157. Experimenting With Sapling, the New Git Client From Meta

Sapling is a new source control system developed by Meta. Working with stacked PRs in sapling is a pleasure. And it works well with GitHub's Review UI.

158. Git Commands You Can Use To Dig Through Your Git History

In this short article, we’ll be exploring some quick git commands that can help us in digging through our repositories’ history of commits.

159. Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Rebases in Git

Rebases are a way of making your crude commit history into something you’ll want to share with the rest of your team.

160. Doing Quick Experiments In Git

Sometimes in the middle of software development, you want to try some crazy idea out but don't want to mess up with current code. What should you do?

161. Git Reflog: Your Local Time Machine

Sometimes, we make do some unintentionally merge or rebase which we wish we could recover to the previous stage. But there is no commit for you to get back. That moment, you probably feel like the git log - time machine which you admire become not really helpful. But you should know that "git log" is not the only way to trace the history. There is another kind of git history which been keep tracked in your local and your local only, which is so-call reflog. This reflog stores the whole shebang of you local activities and you can undo almost everything with it.

162. How to Fetch Large Data Files Through GitHub API

At Hackernoon, I had a task to fetch some files from GitHub API. Initially, I thought it'd be a simple GET request but soon I realized the work is a headache. The file I needed was quite large and hence the response was telling me to use something different than I already knew. I ended up spending two days on this issue.

163. Using Git Hooks for Automated Secrets Detection

Git hooks are extremely useful in the journey to replace as much of the human factor in the process of secure development as possible.

164. Getting Started with GIT And Github

Have you ever thought that how these applications in our phone get updates? The answer is simple it is a Version Control System.

165. How to Run Multiple Terminal Commands in ONE, Like a Boss

Buck is a free, open-source and lightweight CLI tool used by developers to group multiple terminal commands into one.

166. Git Basics

To playing with git you have to do the following things step by step

167. Quick Guide to Install Node, Yarn, Git and VSCode on Linux, Mac, and Windows

How to install Node, Yarn, Git and VSCode on Linux, Mac and Windows, a simple and easy guide to follow.

168. A Beginner's Guide to GIT: Chapter 1

Hello World!

169. Reset, Revert and Checkout in Git

Git toolbox provides multiple unique tools for fixing up mistakes during your development. Commands such as git reset, git checkout, and git revert allow you to undo erroneous changes in your repository.

170. An Introduction to Holochain: Concept, Architecture, and DHTs

Holochain is a git (free and open source distributed version control system) that does not require Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). It is based on the DHT (distributed hash table) protocol utilized by BitTorrent for data lookup and file sharing.

171. Reflinks vs symlinks vs hard links, and how they can help machine learning projects

Hard links and symbolic links have been available since time immemorial, and we use them all the time without even thinking about it. In machine learning projects they can help us, when setting up new experiments, to rearrange data files quickly and efficiently in machine learning projects. However, with traditional links, we run the risk of polluting the data files with erroneous edits. In this blog post we’ll go over the details of using links, some cool new stuff in modern file systems (reflinks), and an example of how DVC (Data Version Control, leverages this.

172. Hacktoberfest 2020: Let’s Get Hacking

It's October and we're calling all programmers, designers, content writers and open-source contributors to join Hacktoberfest 2020. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to open-source or try your hand at something new.

173. Git-Flow is the Source of Productivity, Not Confusion

The architecture of the development workflow is designed based on the quality and quantity of releases. Here, quality refers to the state of bug-free or feature set in each release. And, quantity refers to the number of releases over the course of development. This architecture is not usually that complex; however, it can be a source of confusion.

174. How to Create A Detailed Description for Your Pull Request

Many developers are familiar with the situation like “where did this code fragment come from and why is it needed?”. You have to spend time and deal with the details already considered by another colleague. How to make it take a less amount of time? To achieve this, pay attention to a process of writing descriptions for Pull Requests (known as “PRs”) and Merge Requests (known as “MRs”). This article will focus on the content of the PR description without any explanation of coding since each project has its own coding-related specifications and requirements.

175. How To Store Secrets Like API Keys

Secrets in version control systems (VCS) like git is the current state of the world despite widely being recognized as a bad practice. Once source code enters a git repository, it can organically spread into multiple locations. This includes any secrets that may be included within. But why then are secrets in git repositories so common.

176. Git Basics: Renaming a Local and Remote Branch

Git is a must for most of the developers and especially web developers. But at times we make silly mistakes cause we are human. And when you incorrectly named a branch and moved it to the remote server/repository. Then follow the below-mentioned steps before any other developer/team member gets a chance to hop onto you and show you crap for not adapting to naming conventions correctly -

177. How To Cleanup Your Local Git Repository Using BFG

178. To Code Is To Communicate: 8 Ways to Write Better Code Reviews

When I started programming, Code Review wasn’t part of my routine. First, like everyone, I learned how to print Hello World in the programming language that was studying. Then, what is an if, while, for, and other essential structures. Sometime later, I was coding.

179. Introduction to Git: Basic Commands Everyone Should Know

In the previous article, we talked about the basic concepts of Git every developer should know. In this article, I will be explaining to you what Git is, and the basic commands to get you up and running. Let’s get started!

180. How the Creators of Git Do Branching

And another showing a linear history of the same project that uses fast-forward merges as Adam recommends:

181. Writing Good Commit Messages: A Practical Guide

To create a useful revision history, teams should first agree on a commit message convention to use, and this also applies to personal projects.

182. Git Tutorial: How To See Your Most Used Git Commands Using a Script

Git has many commands but you can be productive with just a few. I used a script to fetch my most git commands sorted by the number of their occurrences.

183. Introduction to Git Bisect: Find Commits that Introduced a Bug

The Git Bisect command uses a binary search algorithm to find which commit in your project’s history introduced a bug.

184. Get Your Pull Requests Approved and Merged in No Time

Have you ever faced a call to completely redesign your code in one of your pull requests? I have and then thought what are the ways to avoid this. Call it a pull request or merge request, basically, it is a set of changes you want to go ahead and merge to the main branch to deploy to production and complete your task. This post is going to highlight a semi silver bullet to get your pull requests merged faster :), carry on reading.

185. Build a Self-Hosted Online Second Brain Like Evernote

How to use Platypush and other open-source tools to build a notebook synchronized across multiple devices

186. How To Deploy Multiple Sites to Firebase Hosting using GitHub Actions

Welcome back! We will learn how to automate the deployment of multiple sites to Firebase hosting using GitHub Action in this tutorial. GitHub provides a freemium (free for open source) CI/CD tool that is integrated with their repository.

187. Delta Compression: Diff Algorithms And Delta File Formats [Practical Guide]

A diff algorithm outputs the set of differences between two inputs. These algorithms are the basis of a number of commonly used developer tools. Yet understanding the inner workings of diff algorithms is rarely necessary to use said tools.

188. 7+ Free Git Tutorials, Classes and Courses for Programmers at any Skill Level

This article was made possible by Udemy.

189. Removing Bugs in Git

When you are working on a huge project, you may discover bugs in the code that prevent you from proceeding any further in your development. How to fix them?

190. GIT-version Your AWS CloudFormation Parameters using Stackuchin

Full disclosure: I'm the CTO of - the first API Load Testing SaaS platform, 100% Serverless, API driven, finally available for SMBs, the company which has built this open-source software - Stackuchin.

191. How to Use Platypush to Set Up Self-Hosted CI/CD Git Pipelines

How to use Platypush to set up self-hosted build and test pipelines for your Gitlab and Github projects.

192. Exploring the New GitHub CLI

Github just released it’s own Command-Line Interface (CLI) so developers can now do everyday GitHub tasks from the terminal. Yay! This means no more squiggling around the UI. With this new CLI, you can now view, create, clone, or fork repositories, create, view, and edit gists, you can also work with pull requests and issues right from the terminal.

193. Literally Everything the Hacker Noon Dev Team Did in 2019

Below is a list of every PR that was merged at Hacker Noon in 2019. In the coming weeks, expect to see regular product updates (with a bit more context 😉), but for now, please enjoy this dump of commit messages I put together in 15-20 minutes.

194. The BitBucket vs GitHub Breakdown You Should Read

I’ve created this “BitBucket vs GitHub” content piece to help you make a better decision when picking between the two.

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