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184 Stories To Learn About Defi Top Story

by Learn RepoOctober 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Defi Top Story via these 184 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Defi Top Story via these 184 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What is Yield Farming?

DeFi put blockchain on the map last year, drawing the attention of both regulators and institutional investors like never before.

2. List of Awesome Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Projects

I probably don’t need to introduce you to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Open Finance. DeFi is here to change traditional finance, creating an open ecosystem of financial products. It’s here to stay.

3. Deeper Joins the Polkadot DeFi Alliance

Deeper Joins the Polkadot DeFi Alliance

4. 4 Reasons Why I Ditched My Savings Account For Stablecoins

Learn why stablecoins are a great alternative to traditional bank accounts and a hedge against inflation.

5. Getting to the Root of the Merkle Tree Concept and How it Affects Blockchain Technology

6. Web3 Service Provider Ankr Integrates Staking with its Infrastructure Layer

Ankr, a decentralised infrastructure platform announced the addition of token staking to its infrastructure layer, enabling Web3 users to profit from the fees.

7. NFTs can Become a Cornerstone of DeFi

The $69.3 million paid for the NFT Everydays: The First 5,000 Days by the digital artist Beeple is the third highest amount ever paid for any type of art at auction. March of this year saw the hype surrounding NFT reach an absolute fever pitch and this sale was the pinnacle. What followed was a scramble involving seemingly every celebrity to have ever existed to get a piece of the NFT action. Grimes sold a series of gifs as NFTs for $6 million, Jake Paul minted NFTs of himself as a Pokemon character. There was a frenzy that surrounded every NFT minted that had any kind of notoriety.

8. Meet DeFi. The Changer of Life.

These days, if you mention that ‘decentralized finance (DeFi) is revolutionary’ you may get more than a couple of eye-rolls.

9. Ethos Plans to Rescue Voyager Creditors and Token Holders

Ethos will offer a free recovery token programme to impacted users impacted by Voyager's bankruptcy shortly after Ethos launches 2.0.

10. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs Are The Future of Management: An Overview

With the recent Vitalik Buterin's article on decentralized governance we go to further expand upon DAOs topic and the future of off-chain voting.

11. Yearn Finance Token - YFI Price Soared to $40.4K. How Did It Happen And What's Next?

If you have checked the latest crypto news, you must have heard about DeFi and the project. Its YFI token has surged by one mln percent in just two weeks and costs much more than bitcoin right now. So, I want to reveal how this could have happened and what is all the buzz about.

12. Are Multi-chain DeFi Protocols The Way Forward?

Are you curious to know if we are going to have a future of multi-chain DeFi protocols?

13. Trader Joe’s Case Analysis: Why Multi-Auditing of DeFi Projects is Important

Blockchain technology and smart contracts are significant innovations with huge potential, but, the technology is only as secure as the code written for it.

14. I Started An Open Source Project To Help DeFi Developers and Companies

Most of the DeFi projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain, so I thought that would be cool to collaborate with the community by giving some tools to make the development easier for everyone.

15. How to Launch a Token With Instant Liquidity [Coders Needed]

In this article, I present a new fair-launch method for fungible tokens that instantly and permanently locks up a large portion of the supply in an AMM.

16. Is The Promise of DeFi Yield Farming Destined to FAIL?

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been called altcoin casinos from day 1. They trade and promote thousands of tokens that have been dreamed up by former front end developers turned ERC20 evangelists.

17. DeFi: Another Instance of Too Little, Too Late?

Dozens of new DeFi coins appear every day. 90% of them may not even exist in a week. Most of the created tokens do not have enough liquidity and are designed to collect money quickly and disappear for good.

18. Is DeFi the Answer to Southeast Asia’s Financial Woes?

At that time, the global population seemed to be hopeful for the quick resolution of the problem – yet, the virus not only doesn’t seem to go away,

19. Here's What DeFi-led Future of Crypto Payments And Escrow Will Look Like

Back in 2015, the launch of Ethereum heralded a brand new day in the world of cryptocurrencies. It wasn't because people believed that it would displace Bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency. It was because of the major advances that the Ethereum blockchain introduced to the industry.

20. Binance and Kava Bring DeFi Lending to BNB Holders

Kava, the first cross-chain DeFi lending platform with its stablecoin USDX, and Binance, the global blockchain company behind the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and users, announced a collaboration.

21. How the Top Minds in DeFi Helped This Startup Recover Hacked Funds and Relaunch

Inside the One DeFi Hack With a Happy Ending

22. ERC20 Infinite Approval: A Battle Between Convenience and Security

In order to save money and time, many users choose infinite approval when needed. As a result, they do not know the day when they suddenly find that their token has been transferred away.

23. Here's Why The On-Chain Derivatives Market Continues To Propel DeFi

the segment reached a milestone of $41 billion – the amount of user funds locked in DeFi almost doubled since January. Such figures are understandable, considering

24. The Biggest DeFi Hacks 2021 and Their Impact on the Markets

The financial freedom offered by DeFi has led to the invitation of hackers' attempts to manipulate cryptocurrency security measures totaling billions.

25. DeFi Godfathers Andre Cronje and Anton Nell Step Down, Leaving Associated Tokens in Freefall

DeFi leaders Andre Cronje and senior solutions architect Antone Nell close their chapter in the crypto/defi space.

26. Modern Conflicts and Crypto Are Making TradFi and CeFi Irrelevant

CeFi vs. DeFi: Did the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict Finally Expose Vulnerabilities o Centralization?

27. "The Single Biggest Driving Factor for Robinhood was Democratizing Investing" - Atif Yaqub

Taking the world by storm this year, DeFi will forever remain imprinted on 2020’s surface.

28. Can IDOs #RightTheWrongs of ICOs and IEOs?

Crypto startups are stacking up to launch their IDOs on DEX platforms like Polkastarter, DuckSTARTER, SpacePort, BSCPad and a few other leading platforms.

29. Decentralized Algorithmic Margin Trading Is Now A Reality For DeFi Users

UniMex is the first and only on-chain crypto margin trading system. It makes it possible for traders to execute short and long crypto trades on margins

[30. 2017 Vs 2020 in crypto:

any chance to replicate "success"?]( It is not a big secret, that a lot of market players are trying to compare the current situation on the crypto market with the phenomenon we saw in 2017. Back then, in October, the BTC price was 2 times lower and ICO made the market super attractive for scammers (so as DeFi now). Should we really be prepared for a rally starting from now?

31. How to Get a Stablecoin Loan: A Beginners Guide

Review the criteria a project can use to choose a lending platform. Steps that users need to follow to take out a stablecoin loan.

32. Badger Dao Interface Hack: Do We Need to Panic?

The Badger DAO attack was conceptually very different from the more traditional attack in DeFi. Those traditional ones are aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities in the code of smart contracts of the protocols, otherwise called bugs. We are familiar with flash loan attacks that use uncollateralised loans across a multitude of protocols to manipulate certain markets and pump-and-dump certain assets. We also know about reentrancy attacks that exploit the logic of execution of functions inside a smart contract. However, the Badger DAO exploit was both more and less ingenious at once.

33. Same Old Villains Get Clobbered By The New Heroes of The Financial Markets - Redditors

They kept buying GameStop shares, and kept buying, and kept buying… and the giant who had bet on the failure of the little guy fell.

34. Decentralized Exchanges Must Put An End To DeFi Token Rug Pulls

In the cryptocurrency industry, there are currently two hot trends. On the one hand, there is DeFi, or decentralized finance. On the other, there are decentralized exchanges. Both segments intertwine for many different reasons, yet they are also very different from one another,

35. DAOs Vs DeFi: Decentralized Building Blocks

DAOs have grown exponentially to the point where the total value locked (TVL) in the DAO market is currently higher than that of DeFi’s

36. 3 DeFi Trends to Expect in 2021

The total value of locked assets in DeFi protocols rose to $19.72 billion, having started the year at just $600M. DEX volumes also rose dramatically: at the start of the year they captured just 0.12% of total market, but by October were soaking up over 15%, led by Uniswap, the AMM that everyone in DeFi seemed to be emulating, trading on, and LP’ing in this year.

37. Almost 50% of All DAI is Locked in Compound As Collateral And This Could Be Problematic

Compound is a DeFi lending and borrowing protocol built on Ethereum. Users can use it to borrow certain ERC-20 tokens by depositing another token as collateral. At the same time, they earn interest in supplying liquidity.

38. On-chain Options Trading and SSOVs on Ethereum L2s: An Analysis

Contrary to options trading where you exercise an option at its expiration data exercising your options trades with SSOVs is a little bit different

39. Why Go Bearish with Real-World Assets in DeFi Lending Protocols

I'm sure you are acquainted with Decentralized Finance, more commonly known as DeFi.

40. How DeFi Helps Businesses Innovate More Efficiently

DeFi is helping solve some of the biggest challenges that businesses face today. Here's how

41. The Rudiments Of Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

We've seen smart contracts give DeFi the ultimate edge over CeFi. However, being a new technology, it has been subjected to many vulnerabilities.

42. SOMA Finance and Meta Hollywood to Launch Tokenized Film Financing Offerings

Meta Hollywood has chosen SOMA Finance as the issuing partner for their upcoming digital securities ecosystem for tokenizing physical and digital assets.

43. CEX-odus: Decentralized Exchanges Going Mainstream Following FTX’s Epic Implosion

Some protocols offering fully decentralized options have reported a near 75% increase in users following the FTX collapse, but why?

44. DeFi Learning: What Is a Liquidity Pool?

Running on the AMM model, liquidity pools have proved to be a secure and efficient income source. What is a liquidity pool? How does a liquidity pool work?

45. DeFi Continues To Defy Odds While Ducking Questions on Scalability. For How Long?

The term DeFi, short for "decentralized finance," has been entering the lexicon of the tech world for the last few years, yet only gaining real popularity recently.

46. Astar Network and Acala Partner to Launch DeFi Rising for Unlocking New Opportunities for Developers

The "Astar x Acala DeFi Rising" initiative was just released by the two top parachains in order to provide developers with more options and incentives.

47. The Defi Red Notice

The Red Notice on Do Kwon, and how Tornado Cash fits into the equation. The United States clamp down on DeFi and Money laundering. What's the future of DeFi?

48. YFIDAPP (YFID) Announces a Game-changing Decentralized Finance Project

YFIDapp is an upcoming decentralized finance project committed to creating an elaborate and intuitive ecosystem for the participants. The project is made of five modular products that work in tandem to deliver high-yields to the lenders and borrowers engaged in the network. A great addition to the thriving, multi-billion dollar DeFi ecosystem, YFIDapp will focus on promoting an inclusive and lucrative network to all.

49. The Defi Writing Contest: Round 3 Results Announced!

Hackers! We are back with the Round 3 results announcement of one of the BIGGEST writing contests - The DeFi Writing Contest by SORA & HackerNoon.

50. Crypto-ing it Real this Halloween with KingSwap: The First Cryptoween Limited Edition NFTs

KingSwap is the first to offer non-fungible tokens that give owners access to exclusive airdrops.

51. Is Decentralisation Even Real?

What does decentralisation mean in the context of blockchain, and where is it relevant for end consumers. See how the industry is evolving.

52. NFT Renting: For When You Want to Give Your NFTs DeFi Powers

NFT Rentals can help lower the barrier to entry to some aspects of NFTs by making it cheaper and more affordable in certain contexts that the technology is used

53. Will DeFi Bring Together Liquidity, Inclusion, And Adoption?

Decentralized finance is creating a lot of buzz in 2020, especially given the unexpected consequences of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has become something of a mess in terms of traditional finance.

54. Fixed DeFi: Crossing the Growth Hurdle

How to make fixed rates available across every corner of DeFi

55. Cybersecurity In DeFi

Defi is a relatively new industry. However, if the insecurity issues persist at this current pace, there might be nothing left of the market to improve.

56. Cryptocurrency Regulations: A Ruse Or An Essential To Decentralized Finance?

Cryptocurrency regulation is one controversial topic with all the buzz right now. Let's find out what this phenomenon could mean for the ecosystem.

57. Non-Ethereum Systems Race To Develop DeFi-Friendly Capabilities

Cryptocurrency aims to make money and payments accessible to everyone globally, no matter where they are located. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement helps in taking a step towards that goal by creating an open, global alternative to the financial services that are in use today to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.

58. Will DeFi Bring Global Revolution to the Traditional Finance Space?

In recent years, the term decentralized finance (DeFi) has proliferated across the internet. Spreading from an obscure Telegram group chat to the force it is today, its meteoric rise might spell the end of the global financial system as we know it.

59. The Pros and Cons of Flash Loans in Defi

Flash loans are a revolutionary new way of borrowing and lending money directly from or to the blockchain. They are un-collateralized loans that are approved,

60. 4 DeFi Security Risks Explained: Understanding Common Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in DeFi contracts led to 44 separate incidents of eye watering losses in 2022. Read about the top four classes of vulnerabilities.

61. 2020 Review and 2021 Outlook - Our Continuous Pursuit of Breakthroughs, Excellence and Win-Wins

BitMax: our continuous pursuit of breakthrough, excellence and win-win

62. The Key to Unlocking Liquid Staking Derivatives

Liquid Staking Derivatives play a very important role in DeFi, for example, 20% of the total value locked in crypto is in LSDs.

63. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Fueling a Gaming & Cultural Renaissance

Deep dive into the concept of the gamified DAO and learn how users can participate in the project development via voting

64. 10 DeFi marketing agencies to follow: who can you trust to promote your financial protocol

The decentralized finance (DeFi) has so far been one of the best-performing arts of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Its growth has powered several projects into the billion-dollar status, and it almost seems like the only place for it to go is up.

65. Smart Strategy: Investing in Crypto Using Your IRA

Alternative investments include real estate, gold, and cryptocurrency. Investing with your IRA means you can invest, save for retirement and enjoy benefits.

66. The Importance of Cross-Chain Solutions in the DeFi Economy

Cross-chain solutions are increasingly catching the attention of speculators within the decentralized finance ecosystem. As products and platforms grow in popularity, interoperability between separate chains is becoming increasingly important.

67. FTX? Crypto Winter? - But Some TVLs Keep Rising

Despite the crypto winter, total value locked (TVL) for many DeFi protocols is rapidly rising. Even in the direct aftermath of the FTX collapse.

68. CEXs Still Competing To List Tokens But DeFi Mining Support Will Be The Key

No one can deny the current success of decentralized finance, or DeFi. A lot of enthusiasts have shown a keen interest in exploring the yield farming aspect. Finding these projects at an early stage makes a world of difference. Slowly but surely, more exchanges provide access to DeFi mining at an early stage.

69. How Do DeFi Lending Protocols Work?

Whether you're a seasoned DeFi user or newbie, explore how lending protocols work, benefits and limitations, and how to get started in the DeFi ecosystem.

70. DeFi Evolution For Finance Liberation: Future Wave Of Finance

In 2022 may mark a turning point for decentralized finance (DeFi), which enables customers to conduct financial transactions without the use of middlemen.

71. USDT vs USDC: Which Can Earn You A Better ROI?

Do you remember when stablecoins were still just for hedging risks? In the crypto industry, just about anything can become a source of profit – including stablecoins. But which of the USD-pegged coins should you buy to maximize your earnings?

72. Why Smart Contracts Aren’t Smart Enough for Mainstream Adoption

For many people, smart contracts are the most revolutionary innovation to come from blockchain technology.

73. Virtual Futures: How We "Copied" Financial Markets on Ethereum

Find out how we used Ethereum to create Morpher, a trading app that has “virtual copies” of over 700 markets on the blockchain, from Apple stocks to gold.

74. Why NFTs Are Overtaking DeFi as the Hottest Blockchain Trend

With the world moving towards Web 3.0, continuous innovation and optimization have become the core pillars of mass adoption. What was once considered as a barrier to the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is now acting as the foundation for future implementations. The vast applications and potential of these revolutionary technologies have left no stone unturned. Almost every domain has recognized the powers of this unstoppable technology.

75. The Rationale for Making DeFi Available to All

DeFi has the potential to make life better for everyone. But only if it works. Proposing the 3 S's of Defi to make it truly accessible: Secure, safe, simple.

76. Open Codebase and DAP Launch to Incentivize Network Participation [AVA Labs Update]

Blockchains are notoriously challenging network structures to scale, both in performance - such as latencies, throughput, and number of validators - as well as in feature sets - such as customizability of the bytecode that the blockchain executes.

77. First Non-speculative DeFi DAO Jointer Continues to Grow

Binance Smart Chain’s JNTR and JNTR/b have both posted 3,800% Plus Returns

78. The Defi Ecosystem: Risk Reduction by Defi Insurance

Everything you need to know about DeFi insurance

79. Can Uniswap Be Left Behind?

With newly-launched DEXs, Uniswap V3 is running late. That’s the project that carved out a niche one day and conquered the crypto market. Let’s face the music - even titans can lose over time. The next-gen platform that looks ahead of the pack is Algebra.Finance.

80. From DeFi 1.0 to 3.0: Innovative Protocols Leading the Way

The DeFi ecosystem is constantly iterating and improving. From Primitives to Protocols, here's what seems to be building sustainable ecosystems for the future.

81. #DeFi - All of The Problems, Some of The Solutions

However, there are some things that keep DeFi from popularizing despite its many benefits.

82. As Traditional Economies Freeze, NFTs and DeFi Show Promise

2020 has seen economic contraction on an unprecedented scale. Collectively we have been plunged into unchartered waters by events outside of our control with little insight as to how to right the ship.

83. The Defi Writing Contest: Round 2 Results Announced!

Heyo Hackers! The Round 2 results announcement of The DeFi Writing Contest by SORA & HackerNoon is FINALLY Here!

84. What is the Difference Between Uniswap V1, V2, and V3?

A simple and easy-to-understand comparison of the versions of Uniswap.

85. Smart Contract Security is Complicated, but Totally Worth it

Just like other types of software, smart contracts can have bugs, be manipulated, and get hacked.

86. Top 5 Tools To Optimize Your Foray Into DeFi

DeFi (decentralized finance) is now providing the same investment opportunities that ICOs (initial coin offerings) once offered in the not so distant past.

87. The Problem With CeFi Exchanges & Why We Need DeFi Now More Than Ever

Too many are taking the collapse of FTX (a CeFi exchange) as a shake up their belief in DeFi. Simplifying the meltdown and why we need DeFi now more than ever.

88. 3 Takeaways from The 3rd Ethereum Community Conference

Bunch of limes are on their way back from Paris where EthCC had just taken place – one of the biggest Ethereum conferences in Europe. Neither the bad weather nor the global virus panic stopped the brightest minds in the Ethereum space to get together once again, sharing knowledge brainstorming and having a good time pushing the technology further.

89. DeFi Adoption: How Far Are We from It and What Problems Need Solving?

DeFi is an alternative to the traditional financial system, since it offers many benefits and improvements but to become adopted, it must solve many challenges

90. DeFi's Recent Sudden Boom Could Be Dangerous But We're Taking Steps To Mitigate The Risks

The crypto field is lively as ever in 2020, from platform tokens and the halvings of various PoW coins including bitcoin at the beginning of the year to the explosion of DeFi, and Filecoin's imminent mainnet launch.

91. DeFi Will Replace The Global Financial System

There's no denying that DeFi will play a major role in finance of the future, and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission looked at the problems with regulating it this week.

92. Bitcoin Adoption Assumes A Parabolic Path

How DeFi adoption will impact the market cap of the King of Cryptos

When discussing bitcoin with investors who are new to the crypto sector this is their recurring question “… all very interesting but ultimately what can I do with bitcoin? What can I buy with it?”

93. Reducing the Risks in DeFi Will Take Time and Experimenting - Unhashed #6

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

94. Cake DeFi Partners with Gaming Giant Razer to Bring Millions of Gamers to DeFi

Cake DeFi has announced the beginning of a gaming collaboration with Razer Silver, backed by Razer Inc, to welcome a million of gamers to DeFi.

95. Blockbusting Loans: Why DeFi Will Alter The Lending Landscape

With the development of DeFi as a viable alternative to centralized lenders, could we see the lending landscape change forever over the coming years?

96. CEO Waykichain "Gordon Gao" Explores the Potential of Synths

If you let me choose the best concept of DeFi, I vote for synths. The power of such protocols starts with TVL.

97. Can Blockchain Lead Towards Self-Incentivized Open Source Development?

Long before the invention of Bitcoin, the computerized world has become dependent on open source developers. Some pieces of code such as Internet browsers, operating systems, and code libraries have become so essential that it is unanimously agreed upon that they should not be controlled by a single company, who might charge exorbitant fees for their usage, withhold the software from certain users for any reason, or do other nefarious things with the code.

98. DeFi Aggregators Just Round The Corner Are A Complete Generational Upgrade

In every area of finance, you may care to look, there is now a decentralized alternative.

99. Crypto And Its On/Off Relationship With “Techno King” Elon Musk

Last week, Elon Musk spoke at The BWord Conference, an event hosted by the Crypto Council for Innovation that examined the present and future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Musk repeated his support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, stating that both Tesla and SpaceX held Bitcoin. He also said that he himself held Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Musk noted that he wants to see bitcoin succeed in the long term and is not looking to sell just because he has pumped up the price.

100. 2ND Chance by DeFiat — A new way to revive your ‘scam’ holdings!

There is no doubt that the crypto space is growing at a very rapid pace, but no one can ignore the scams that are prevalent in this ecosystem. If we just go back a few years, more than 80 percent of the ICOs were identified as outright scams in a study conducted by the ICO advisory firm Statis Group.

101. Can DeFi Alter The World’s Wealth Distribution?

What do Finance guys do? They do nothing.

102. Ethereum 2.0: Making Sense of Lego Money, Sharding, PoS, and TPS

Ethereum (ETH) which was launched in 2015, and is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is known for its high developer activity, alongside certain other cryptos like Cardano (ADA) and Kusamo (KSM).

103. Oracles, P2P Insurance, And DeFi - An Interview with Umbrella Network, Polkacover & Bridge Mutual

Interviewing Umbrella Network, Polkacover, and Bridge Mutual Insurance

104. "CBDCs Appear Positive And Doubtful At The Same Time" - Sean Noga

This article talks about CBDCs, DeFi and blockchain. The article discusses the digital yuan and why it won't change the world order.

105. Crypto Weekly #6: Is DeFi All Show And No Substance?

Is DeFi the killer app for blockchain or is it just hype based on the imperfection of the market? The more interesting question, though, is: how long will this growth continue?

106. 4 DeFi Protocols that Will Build the Future of Finance

There is a protocol arms race in DeFi right now. Yet due to DeFi’s composability, an advance boosts the whole ecosystem, not just one protocol.

107. DeFi Isn’t the Only Place Where Innovations Are Happening 

DeFi has been the leading narrative in the crypto space in 2020 with its pulsating innovation and stellar growth. Not only has the entire concept of financial services been turned on its head but we've also witnessed some of the speediest development in tech of all time. In the savage unforgiving decentralized landscape, competition is fierce and protocols are required to iterate almost daily to survive.

108. Can DeFi Be Trusted: An Analysis

In DeFi We Trust, should we? Let's discover the potential risks of DeFi and understand them fully before we commit to something we don't fully understand.

109. DeFi Saver Launches Recipe Creator

DeFi Saver introduced Recipe Creator, an advanced defi transactions builder that lets you combine multiple actions from different protocols in one transaction.

110. Decentralized Autonomous (dis)Organization

DAOs want to change the way businesses make choices altogether. Do we actually need that, though?

111. DeFi and Stablecoins: Is It A Match?

Unit Protocol is a decentralized protocol that allows you to mint stablecoin $USDP using a variety of tokens as collateral.

112. Regulating Crypto Exchanges: What Does it Mean For Crypto and DeFi?

Is the regulation of crypto a good thing or a bad thing? Why the benefits might (indirectly) outweigh the costs in the end.

113. Yam, the Little Emoji That Could

Crypto has gone food crazy. This summer, YAM, Sushi and UNI dominated headlines, and if you haven't been following crypto twitter, you'd probably still think we're talking about a low-carb diet. We’re not.

114. Mark Cuban's Bane: How Iron Finance's $TITAN Crypto Crashed From $60 to $0

Iron Finance's token TITAN crashes to below $0. Here's why it happened.

115. Institutional Investors Are FINALLY Giving DeFi The Attention It Deserves

Excitably, I FINALLY get to announce that institutions are pouring nearly 58 million dollars a week into Bitcoin! Oh, and Jr over there, Ethereum is seeing nearly $10M/USD in trades, weekly.

116. Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin Ecosystem: Because, What Else?

It’s time to build DeFi money lego on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

117. Yearning Man 2020 -  4 Projects for DeFi 2.0

DeFi has been making a lot of noise recently, but it’s perhaps more established than most people think.

118. Making Sense of Price Oracles in DeFi

Huobi DeFi Labs, the latest venture of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, is the platform for Defi research, investment, and ecosystem building. The Chinese venture portfolio for the Defi Industry with a focus on lending, decentralized exchanges, and derivatives markets, has issued its first research report “Price Oracle: a Must-Have Infrastructure”. It makes a strong case for the adoption and usage of oracle projects and suggests that price oracles are an integral part of the decentralized financial services infrastructure.

119. What dYdX and StarkWare's Partnership Means for DeFi's Perpetuals & Future(s)

dYdX and Antonio Juliano Zhuoxun Yin Brendan Chou Everett Hu just sent me this handy mail announcing a partnership with StarkWare and their scalability engine, StarkEx.

120. Compliance is an Evolving Target and We'll See How the Regulatory Landscape Evolves - Ben DiScipio

This article talks about DeFi, Regulations and if DeFi should be regulated.

121. Worried About Recent Layoffs? is Looking For Talent and Plans to Double its Workforce

The second-largest crypto options exchange, aims to double its workforce amidst layoffs.

122. The Dark Side of DeFi: The Wild West of Decentralization

The mystic world of decentralized finance sparks up discussions. In 2022, the industry is suffering from multiple cyber attacks. Is this the end for DeFi?

123. For DeFi To Continue Marching, We Need To Build Bridges, NOT Burn Them

Globalization and liberalization in the 1990s changed the divided global economy into what was to become a single market, thus, making our global economy a hustling global village with free movement of capital, freedom of establishment and freedom of services.

124. Web3 and DeFi: Collaborators OR Competitors?

Web3 and DeFi are hot and trendy topics these days. What does Web3 actually mean? How do Web3 and DeFi impact each other? What's the best Web3 example?

125. Scaling Up Your Crypto Project with Cross-Chain Web3

Why is cross-chain Web3 important? What is the best cross-chain solution? How to scale up with Rubic’s Cross-Chain Swap tools? All the answers are right here!

126. Inside Yield Farming 2020: What's the trend?

Yield farming has taken the cryptocurrency industry by storm, becoming the cornerstone concept for DeFi in 2020 and likely far beyond. The craze started with Compound, which was the first to initialize this investment mechanism in June 2020. Even though yield farming is still quite a niche strategy, it’s popularity is accelerating. The experts from Platinum Software Development Company have taken an analytical dive into the current state of yield farming and are ready to share their key findings and insights.

127. Is Crypto At Crossroads?

It is arguable that in 2020 the entire world stands at a crossroads, and that therefore cryptocurrency has also reached some kind of turning point. Of course, at a crossroads there is a choice of directions, and right now nearly every economy in the world is spinning in the centre wondering which road to take into the future. What seems certain to many is that the road already travelled may not be the best choice to get economies back on track.

128. The Road to Defi 2.0

As an advocate of open market and capitalism, in the book The Road to Serfdom, P. A. Hayek claimed that the competition in the free market would be much better than centralized and mandatory planning because he believed the open competition was the only way to coordinate social activities and stay away from the autocracy and manipulation.

129. DAOMaker and Eminence Included in The Biggest DeFi Hacks of 2020

Decentralized finance (DeFi) was created back in 2015, when the pioneer application, MakerDAO, allowed any crypto holders to take out loans in the DAI stablecoin. Years of steady growth followed and a palpable buzz around DeFi started to emerge in the crypto community, leading to the breakout year that was 2020.

130. Crypto Market Seems to Recover - Can You Still Make Profits?

In this article here, we will examine some of the top trading strategies you can use to make money in the cryptocurrency bear market.

131. Inside Yield Farming 2020: What's is the trend?

Yield farming has taken the cryptocurrency industry by storm, becoming the cornerstone concept for DeFi in 2020 and likely far beyond. The craze started with Compound, which was the first to initialize this investment mechanism in June 2020. Even though yield farming is still quite a niche strategy, it’s popularity is accelerating. The experts from Platinum Software Development Company have taken an analytical dive into the current state of yield farming and are ready to share their key findings and insights.

132. DeFi Promises A Free "Launch" But Everybody Knows That There Are No Free Lunches

‘Fair launch’ of a crypto project = Tokens are distributed fairly to the market participants. There is no founder allocation, early access. Everyone is equal in the project’s ecosystem on day one.

133. Why DeFi Matters: Making Financial Services More Accessible

For much of the world’s population, banking has been a regular part of life for a long time. For many people, just about everyone they know has a bank account at a major financial institution in their country.

134. Automated Market Making With Equal and Self-Adjusting Governance Token Distribution

Uniswap describes a vision of a fair decentralized trading protocol: on the one hand, anyone can exchange two paired tokens anytime and anywhere; and on the other hand, it uses fair incentives to encourage everyone to provide liquidity for trading.

135. Hedging Against Market Manipulation with DeFi

The latest addition to the DYP platform is the farming dApp with an integrated referral system.

136. Avalanche and AVAX: 6 Reasons Why They Became The Breeding Ground of Cutting Edge DeFi Innovation

Two of my friends seemed puzzled this past summer when I would mention how Bullish I was on Avalanche. Back then AVAX was hardly in the limelight, hard to acquire, and sitting around $14.

137. Earning passive income from cryptocurrency in 2020: Market Review

While the lending market craze is plummeting and the “yield farming” opportunities are not as profitable as they were in the beginning, you might be looking for new ways to put your money at work.

138. The Projects Working to Lower Ethereum Gas Fees

As more investors try their hand at DeFi, gas fees are shooting over the roof, making engaging with decentralized apps uneconomical for most users.

139. Could DeFi Be The Financial Revolution That Bitcoin Promised?

The “DeFi financial revolution”, as many are calling it, is a promising solution to the global unbanked crisis, even if not anything else.

140. Project Management for DeFi Protocols: An Overview

How to set up a DAO over the protocol or DeFi project? In this article we describe a necessary steps to make your project secured and decentrlaized

141. The World's 6.6 Trillion per Day Forex Market Will Migrate On-Chain - Lalo Bazzi

This article talks about stablecoins, FATF VASP regulations and how decentralized stablecoins protocol can bridge the fiat and crypto market.

142. DeFi: How Does it Compare Against Centralized Finance?

To answer this question we must make some considerations and compare them with the traditional system of finance, because only by analyzing those aspects will we be able to understand whether DeFi in its entirety is actually convenient.

143. Crypto Exit-Scams Are Nothing New. Let's Call Them Out Before More People Get Scammed

Santadao $HOHO — whatever the F this is, rugpulled, which isn’t a surprise. $200K has been stolen. Many influencers were posting about this one, casually, as they’d about any other.

144. A N00b's Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

We’re all aware of traditional financial products and services. However, since the emergence of blockchain technology, the concept of Decentralized Finance, aka DeFi, has been on the rise.

145. The Importance Of Liquidity In Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Liquidity is one of the most improtant aspects in every market and asset. The main reason liquidity is so important is that it greatly affects asset prices. In

146. A Solana Transaction is Almost as Low Impact as a Google Search and Requires Much Less Energy

This article talks about the Solana ecosystem, smart contract development and Decentralized finance in the Solana ecosystem.

147. Kava Launches - World’s First Cross-chain Money Market

Decentralized finance project Kava launches cross-chain money market The media is calling Kava, the "Apple App Store of DeFi" because the platform enables app developers to quickly deploy DeFi apps using its cross-chain infrastructure and framework.

148. Dracula Protocol's Growth Hacking Tricks: A Crypto-Marketing Story

In this article I would like to break down how we do promotion in Dracula, without going into technical details in the text, during our development we have made many updates, launched Snapshot DAO voting and constantly improving our product.

149. An Intro to Yield Farming: Understanding the Mechanics and Maximizing ROI in the DeFi Ecosystem

With the rapidly growing popularity of DeFi, this article dives deep into the mechanics of yield farming and tips on maximizing returns for passive income.

150. DeFi and Real World Adoption Stories from 2020

Introduction to DeFi & DeFi Adoption

151. The Strengths and Weaknesses of DeFi Price Oracles

The DeFi space we know today is a result of years of development, with each innovation prompting new use cases and the creation of new products. But some blockchain lovers argue that innovations come at a cost of reduced decentralization. Thus, price oracles instigated a discussion on  “The Oracle Problem” regarding the mere idea that relying on a single source of information pushes blockchain to sacrifice decentralization-related benefits, creates a possible single point of failure and introduces the idea of putting trust back into the system.

152. The Essential Guide To DeFi Marketing: Part II - The Launch Stage

Send your DeFi project to the moon with crypto coins and DeFi marketing strategies to help you plan your DeFi campaign!

153. "DeFi Continues to Innovate And Grow Despite The Economic Downturn" - Jonathan Edward

Since its origin quite long ago, asset management has been considered a smooth way to effortlessly kick your financial portfolio into gear using a professional’s help. To get it done, people prefer to hire professionals who possess a strong level of financial sensibility and constantly keep their hands on the pulse of the market. Whether you are driven by their competence or your own lack of free time, financial professionals can do all the grunt work for you and in the best cases, end up with returns which exceed initial expectations.

154. Avoid rug pulls, don’t get REKT, and DYOR; the degen’s definitive guide to DeFi

The definitive degen guide to not losing your money in DeFi rug pulls or getting rekt by crypto scams. Do your own research and show off your new crypto bags.

155. OTC Trading and DeFi are NOT Mutually Exclusive

Different statistics in the cryptocurrency industry aren’t always entwined. Some will see the popularity of OTC trading volume as a result of more people being interested in DeFi and yield farming. In reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who explore OTC markets are not the target audience for decentralized finance, at least in its current form.

156. Predicting The NFT All-Time High

2020 was great for Non-Fungible Tokens. This market gained volume, fame, and infrastructure. But what all the buzz is about? And what can we expect in 2021? I want to make it clear and to share my thoughts about the future of NFT.

157. Tackling Inflation in DeFi: DefHold Vs. EWF Pools Vs. Whale Club

The enormous growth of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector in recent years has captured the attention of crypto users and the traditional finance sector.

158. What Does A DeFi Rug Pull Look Like: A Viking Swap Story

Dev left a mess in a small yield farm. What really happened?

159. SoulSwap Finance Interview: The New DeFi Protocol on Fantom

In this post we'll look at SoulSwap Finance, how it works and how it fits into the DeFi ecosystem on Fantom.

160. Understanding The 5 Macro Areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

?Whant to know more about DeFi and waht are the area of decentralized finance? Check this guide

161. DeFi Lacked Cohesion and Automation - Until Now

DeFi is finally providing viable use cases for cryptocurrencies beyond being a speculative value storage.

162. Binance Smart Chain DeFi Project - Jointer Launches Ethereum Cross-pool Liquidity

By adding UniSwap liquidity to BSC, JNTR, JNTR/b, and JNTR/e investors are presented with new DeFi options bridging ERC20 and BEP20 pools.

163. APY.Finance: What's Under The Hood?

Technological developments and their rapid adoption make this the right time for a new decentralized financial system to emerge. So far, the products with more traction have been protocols offering lending/borrowing of crypto assets.

164. What is The Defi Project That Grows Silently

Launched in the third quarter of 2020, DYP has seen impeccable growth in the past few months.

165. In Decentralization We Trust

Is decentralization fair for everyone? This Week On Planet Internet, Utsav Jaiswal, Sidra Ijaz, and Amy Tom talk about the decentralization movement. What's the latest with DeFi? Can AI & decentralization be friends? 🥺

166. #Yield-Farm Like a Degen: With NDSU Alums Aaron Knudtson, and Ted Zipoy

Blockchain and digital assets are attracting the best minds in the tech space. And nowhere is that more evident than in the Defi Space like these NDSU Alumni

167. "DeFi is One of The Most Progressive And Enticing Industries to Date" - Katherine Deng

During the three years of DeFi's existence, this year it rematerialized stronger than ever before. Many other platforms aim to reach the gates of DeFi with exuberant yield farming projects in progress, thus revolutionizing traditional users' operations and introducing other comforts into daily life.

168. What Is It About Blockchain That Seduces Normies: An Analysis Through Free TON's Lens

Making blockchain more tangible to the average person will help attract millions of people.

169. WTF is Impermanent Loss in DeFi and How To Avoid It?

What exactly is impermanent loss, how does it happen, and most importantly how can you mitigate the risk associated with it?

170. The Key Differences Between DeFi apps and NeoBanks

2019 was marked by a boom of DeFi apps and neobanks. Both form part of the wider fintech industry, and both can change the way people view and use money. But you shouldn't lump them together. In this post, I'll explain the subtle differences between decentralized finance and neobanking apps.

171. Is It Time To Overhaul The DeFi Ecosystem Already?

The trend in 2020 is unmistakable: the decentralized finance movement, by far the most impactful trend and continues to grow.

172. An Algorithmic Decentralized Central Bank: Eliminating Irrational Token Allocation with SORA

For this article, we focus in particular on the macroeconomy, tokenomics, macrotokenomics, governance, and decentralized applications

173. Liquidity Auctions: Can They Solve The Liquidity Problem for DeFi Startups?

The current time in the cryptocurrency space feels like a more mature version of 2017. Bitcoin is once again on a bull run, and it is about to once again reach the all-time high of $20,000 set three years ago. Two of the major differences between the crypto bull run of 2017 and 2020 is the involvement of institutional investors and the absence of initial coin offers, or ICOs.

174. DeFi Crypto Lending Is The Transformative Use Case The Industry Has Been Waiting For

As Decentralized Finance continues to mature and establish footholds in global commerce, the time for its potential to deliver a user-first banking experience has arrived.

175. The Ultimate Checklist For Marketing DeFi Projects

176. How Does Ripple (XRP) Fare Against The Rising Tide Of Stablecoins?

Once Ripple was identified as the incumbent to a brave new world of practical cryptocurrencies. Speculation was rife that Ripple’s XRP coin had the potential to overtake Bitcoin in terms of usage and utilise its swift and cost-effective transaction framework to take the world into the future of practical digital currency.

177. "Gaming Experience Would Shift to Economic Earning Value" - Oladapo Ajayi

Blockchain provides a wide variety of channels to create or recreate new models for legacy systems. The components of this technology offer disruptive frameworks that can optimize the way we execute transactions and much more. And although financial applications remain the most compelling use case of blockchain, it has registered a similar level of success in the gaming industry. The introduction of CryptoKitties in 2017 showcased just how versatile blockchain is and the enormous demand for blockchain-enabled gaming platforms.

178. Can Alternative Blockchains Save the DeFi Market?

The go-to blockchain for decentralized finance is still Ethereum (ETH). It has the great advantage of being a first mover, so plenty of investors are already aware of ETH and its use cases. ETH tokens also played a role in the tokensale bonanza of 2017 and 2018, and are now becoming highly active again in their new role as the backbone of the DeFi market.

179. Uniswap Overtakes Coinbase - How DEXs Are Back And Why Uniswap Is The Flag Bearer of DeFi

Nothing in this document constitutes financial advice.

180. Interview With Francesco Vivoli About Crypto Lending And DeFi

Crypto’s growing attractiveness stems from digital assets’ unique capacity to eliminate pain-points peculiar to certain industries. Without any doubt, one of the defining successes of crypto in 2019 is the emergence of DeFi technology, especially in the lending and investment market. Together, cryptocurrency and its underlying technology enable lending ecosystems devoid of challenges prevalent in legacy systems. With this setup, lenders can easily invest in the budding crypto lending market, while borrowers can evade the bureaucratic structure of traditional lending facilities and enjoy lesser interest rates.

181. Will Casper Network Boost Ethereum Before ETH2.0 Goes Live?

How Can Casper Network Make Up for ETH 2.0 Delays

182. Inside Yield Farming 2020: What's the trend?

Yield farming has taken the cryptocurrency industry by storm, becoming the cornerstone concept for DeFi in 2020 and likely far beyond. The craze started with Compound, which was the first to initialize this investment mechanism in June 2020. Even though yield farming is still quite a niche strategy, it’s popularity is accelerating. The experts from Platinum Software Development Company have taken an analytical dive into the current state of yield farming and are ready to share their key findings and insights.

183. Create an API to interact with Ethereum Blockchain using Golang PART 1

Hi folks! In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a simple REST API to interact with the Ethereum blockchain using Golang.

184. Synthesizing a better future for DeFi: 5 Protocols leading the way

Synthetic assets are helping to merge the DeFi and Cefi markets, but their use cases reach much further than just trading - Read on to discover how.

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