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175 Stories To Learn About Tokenization

by Learn RepoOctober 21st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Tokenization via these 175 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Tokenization via these 175 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Tokenizing Private Equity Starting with SpaceX: Interview with Alexander Zaitsev

SpaceX went from Elon Musk's ambitious idea to a company worth over $30 billion. Until now, small investors have had no way to benefit from its rise – but things are changing thanks to USPX, a blockchain asset based on SpaceX shares. We've sat down to talk with Alexander Zaitsev, Head of Strategy at Raison Asset Management, an asset management company participating in the USPX project.

2. Using Daml to Create Blockchain NFT-Based Customer Experiences

How to write a smart contract NFT? Daml allows blockchain NFT smart contracts to interoperate with each other when deployed on multiple blockchains.

3. The Super Token Thesis

Building Towards the Web3 Financialized Consumer Era

4. Recovering Stolen Cryptocurrency: A Russian Example of What to do

As the cryptocurrency market grows, so do hacker threats. Russia tackles this problem in an interesting way.

5. How Asset Tokenization With Daml Works

How Daml smart contracts facilitate your asset tokenization.

6. Adding DAO Governance to Existing Token Contracts

What if you already have a token and you want to create a DAO using that token? Natacha shows us how to enable DAO governance for your existing token!

7. Is Tokenization The Engine To The Economy of The Future?

8. Tokenized Real Estate: A $17 Trillion Opportunity

The following article is part of our Masters of Blockchain story series. Each piece in the series breaks down a chapter from the popular Masters of Blockchain, written by Andrew Romans.

9. What is ERC-3475? Exploring Bonds on Ethereum Blockchain - A New Token Standard

This article talks about a new token standard that can be used to deploy bonds on the ethereum blockchain. Known as ERC-3475.

10. Link Building 3.0: How Smart Links Will Change How We Transact Online

Cryptocurrencies are a democratization of typical currencies. They’re not regulated by any single governing body. They’re accessible to anyone with technological access and understanding. And hypothetically, they could be universally accessible. Even more importantly, their existence is maintained, tracked, and governed by the people using them.

11. B1 and Chintai are Mainstreaming Blockchain in Traditional Finance (now rebranded as B1) is making big moves in the crypto space with an upcoming IPO and newly announced exchange, Bullish.

12. Your House on the Blockchain?

Real estate will be the first real-world asset on blockchain, so here is the 4-step guide to tokenizing real estate on the blockchain:

13. Implementing an ERC721 Market [A How-To Guide]

Put tokenized items for sale in a decentralized classifieds board

14. What Could a DAO Look Like?

The decentralized governance movement loooooves to talk about taxonomy, which isn’t surprising, but it is tiring. For most people, lengthy taxonomy doesn’t leave them with a picture of what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is.

15. EOY NFT Trends to Keep an Eye On

NFT activity is picking up like never before at this year’s end. Apple is blocking NFT sends in Coinbase Wallet.

16. Why We Call Cookies Cookies

The inventor of the cookie, Lou Montulli, confirmed via email that "Cookies are named after the computer science term "magic cookie.""

17. NFTs for Representation of Physical Real Estate: Interview With Origin Protocol & RoofStock onChain

In partnership with Origin Story, Roofstock onChain launched its NFT marketplace for physical real estate earlier this month.

18. NFTs Can Bring Immutability and Transparency to the Halal Supply Chain

By integrating immutable NFT technology within the halal supply chain, consumers can investigate and ensure increased confidence in the origin of halal foods.

19. What Crypto Should You Invest In?

When you work in the blockchain space, you'll hear one question again and again, whether it's from your barber, your friends, or a social media DM:

20. A Beginner's Guide to Auditing an ERC20 Contract

It is the auditor’s responsibility to test a smart contract for vulnerabilities after the developers have created it.

21. Understanding NFT Royalties: What they are and How they Work

A brief explanation about what NFT royalties are and how creators benefit from them.

22. The Free NFT: Its Pros and Cons

NFT CCO, CCO,Open source NFT

23. On Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs) and DeFi

The importance of real assets in DeFi

24. The Current State of Tokenization and What to Expect in the Future

Tokenization enables fractional ownership of assets, allowing investors to make smaller investments in assets like real estate.

25. Tokenized Micro-Licenses on The Blockchain: An Overview

The world of software licensing may sound like a snooze fest but the $456.1 billion software industry is expected to grow to $507.2 billion by 2021.

26. The Internet Computer Uniquely Enables Web3

The Internet Computer uniquely enables developers to build completely decentralized platforms.

27. How to sell your home as an NFT

Real-world assets will soon represent a significant portion of NFT sales and real estate is leading the charge.

28. What do NFTs Mean for the Movie Industry?

NFTs are making their way into the film and television space. here is how it is reshaping the movie business.

29. Top Platforms to Tokenize Your Investment Assets

how tokenization is transforming the entire investment ecosystem including traditional venture investment and start up markets

30. The Clever Person Slaughterhouse

A cursory look at the relationship between cryptocurrencies and regulation

31. Dive into NFT Marketplaces

Do not miss this post if you are a beginner or an NFT trader. This article will share my knowledge of NFT marketplaces. Read now!

32. What the Blockchain Minimalist thinks but Doesn't Know

Blockchain minimalists have the perception that the cost of transactions (i.e. micro-payment system) and scalability are major hindrances to blockchain adoption

33. How Museums are Using NFTs to Monetize and Preserve Art

As more and more artists and collectors turn to NFTs - museums are starting to take notice.

34. Can We Decentralize Zomato/Swiggy?

A simple approach on how to decentralize food-delivery ecosystem.

35. DeFi: The Future Of Real Estate Financing

Ever thought about the impact of DeFi and Web3 on real estate and how it's funded? Let's explore together the nuances of the viable alternative to TradFi.

36. "Fail faster. Shorten the path to success": Borys Pikalov, Stobox Co-Founder

Stobox was nominated as one of the best startups in Los Altos, United States in Startups of The Year hosted by HackerNoon.

37. DAOs Vs DeFi: Decentralized Building Blocks

DAOs have grown exponentially to the point where the total value locked (TVL) in the DAO market is currently higher than that of DeFi’s

38. Tokenization of IP Rights — Part 2: Patents and Potential Problems of Their Tokenization

In the first part, I gave a small overview of IP law for non-legal people. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.

39. Deciding What Kind of Exchange Is Best for Your Token

Where is it better to list tokens on a centralized or decentralized exchange? In the new Hackernoon story, I answer what is better for the project — CEX or DEX

40. Securitize Launches Tokenized Fund on Avalanche, Unblocking Broader Access to Alternative Investment

The new Securitize tokenized fund (the “Fund”) marks the first time exposure to one of KKR’s alternative investment strategies.

41. Investment DAOs: What they are and How they Work

An investment DAO is the one that is involved in raising and investing capital into digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, virtual real estate, etc.

42. Play To Earn: A Key Part Of Metaverse Economics

The gaming craze was on a high note starting last year as more people engaged in online activities following the Pandemic.

43. Processing of All Financial Instruments Will Shift to Blockchain - Unhashed #12

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

44. Can SoulBouned Tokens Be the Bedrock for a Decentralized Society?

SBTs are NFTs that can not be transferred after they are received and cane be used for persona, credit profile, credentials and similar use cases.

45. Predictions for the Art NFT Market

Taking a look at current trends, this piece looks into the future of the NFT market.

46. Can P2E Games be Fun If They’re Equitable?

GameFi has the potential to change the world in ways that are hard to imagine. But not all GameFi is created equal.

47. What You Really Need to Know About Enterprise DeFi

It seems that you can’t open Twitter or switch on the news without being subjected to something DeFi-related. The movement has the momentum of a freight train and has the potential to disrupt the way we do everything, from finances, healthcare, even the way we get our news. The core message of the DeFi movement, which is decentralization of power from historically centralized entities,  is finally moving into the mainstream.

48. How To Tokenize Digital Assets on the Blockchain

Including a code sample using the ERC721 standard.

49. Smartlands Launches Fundraising Campaign on Seedrs

Without any further ado we can say that this is  the defining moment in the history of the Smartlands + Smartee ecosystem. And now it gives us great pleasure to announce that Smartlands + Smartee has now launched a private stage of the fundraising round on Seedrs - a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in startups and later-stage businesses throughout Europe. The private stage will go on for 5-7 days, you are welcome to participate, and as an early backer you will receive an Exclusive Golden Smartee Co-Owner Payment Card. In the case shares remain available post-private sale, the campaign will open to the general public so if early-stage investing is not for you we hope to see you later anyway!

50. What to Look Out for When Purchasing an NFT

In this article, we'll address the things you need to look out for when investing in NFTs, and how to identify promising projects.

51. Solving the Problems With Play-to-earn Gaming

If you’ve launched a play-to-earn game with a token linked to an external crypto-exchange then you’ve already failed.

52. Tokenized Real Estate: How Asset Tokenization is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

One of the biggest disruptors of the $3.8 trillion global real estate market is asset tokenization.

53. Meet Bricktrade: Bridging the Gap Between CeFi & DeFi

The use of blockchain technology alone removes 14 intermediaries from the end-to-end process of investing in property.

54. What Really Drives the Value of Qatar 2022 Token?

Obviously, this is the hottest time for football token projects to bloom and the value of their fan token cryptos will rise in the run-up to the event. However,

55. Blockchain Technology and the Race for the Future

The future of blockchain technology is a silver lining as it's overtaken the world with its unique evolving elements. Read out to know the future of blockchain.

56. What Good is a Metaverse in Which You Do Not Truly Own Your Assets?

If you can tokenize a deed of ownership, why not tokenize documentation like driver licenses, passports, insurance policies, memberships, etc?

57. 4 Metaverse Games to Watch Out for in 2023

The gaming industry has recently witnessed a surge in demand for metaverse games. These virtual worlds offer gamers an immersive experience and unique gameplay.

58. How the Metaverse Has the Potential to Bring About the Mass Adoption of Crypto Currencies

If the metaverse becomes a place where we spend most of our time, one area I expect to see a huge impact is in our use of digital currencies.

59. A Beginner's Guide to Creating an NFT

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an NFT as a beginner.

60. It's Time to Give Meme Tokens a Purpose

Each meme token is moving to offer a unique value proposition in a space more known for inside jokes than serious efforts toward innovation.

61. How Brickken is Making it Possible to Tokenize Company Stock

Brickken has built a platform and toolbox that enables businesses to convert their traditional assets onto the Ethereum blockchain.

62. Manticore Search: Wordforms vs Exceptions

Exceptions and wordforms are two useful tools built into Manticore Search, which you can use to improve search recall and precision.

63. How a Data Privacy API Abstracts and Simplifies Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy and compliance are hard! Let a data privacy API help.

64. Are We Offloading Too Many Conscious Thoughts into Algorithms? with Noonies Nominee: rhortx

rhortx, Product Manager at Monogram Network was nominated for a 2021 Noonies award, Contributor of the year - Writing.

65. Yael Tamar, One of the Most Inspirational Women In Blockchain, on Revolutionizing Real Estate Space

Converting blocks into digital securities, reinventing the way real estate projects come to life! Yael Tamar, co-CEO/founder, on the origin of SolidBlock.

66. 4 Common NFT Contract Design Anti-Patterns

Etherscan has a handy search utility which, along with its handy verification and decompiling features, lets you peek at the code of many ERC721 to compare.

67. The Current State Of Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets have proven to be an exciting addition to the cryptocurrency and DeFi industry. Bridging the gap between crypto and real-world assets will provide better liquidity

68. Virtual Gaming Worlds: NFTs Creating New Cross-Chain Gaming Monetization

In 2017,  non-fungible tokens (NFTs) arose as a medium of exchange without an economy. They became a way of trading kitschy virtual collectibles like CryptoKitties — that is until a collector paid $170,000 (600 ETH) for a kitty named Dragon. The new digital token had created digital scarcity. In a digital economy with runaway reproduction trampling over copyrights, NFTs offered a way to attach data to a currency. Only the holder of the NFT with the unique identifier for Dragon could sell, exchange, or destroy the cryptocollectible.

69. How Can You Create a Million Dollar App?

Every man is born equal. That’s how our parents and grandparents always kept us in check. Based on the promise of equality they wanted to push us to our very limits.

70. Don't Believe the Hype, Trust History

Look at the fundamentals by using what happened to stock trading when retail investors were allowed to participate as a case study compared to tokenization.

71. The Biggest Crypto Opportunities: How to Make Crypto Great Again

How to maximize upside in the next market cycle - take advantage of these 5 burgeoning trends.

72. Ensuring Token Appreciation: Reflections on the Exchange Equation

One of the keys behind a good tokenomics strategy is that a token should appreciate in value. In my article and paper about tokenomics auditing, I explained how

73. Why Should Financial Services Adopt Digital Tokens?

For some time now, the concepts of asset tokenization and digital tokens have been gaining much traction in the FinTech industry with the latter being used to represent various assets on a blockchain.

74. Games That Embrace the Spirit of Satoshi

It is clear to see which games are in keeping with the ethos of Bitcoin. Such games provide their users with more control over in-game currencies and items

75. Real Estate Tokens; a Tool for Capital Preservation in Uncertain Times

Exploring the value of real-estate tokens as a tool for capital preservation in a crypto bear market.

76. Crypto Thought Leaders Webinar Series: The Legal Frameworks of Tokenization

In order to navigate the complex and burgeoning crypt market, METACO is running a series of live events (via zoom) with the leaders who are shaping its future.

77. Tokenized Locking in an Algorithmic Backed Protocol

When compared to other options, the idea of locking funds in any way costs the user, but it benefits both the user and the system in terms of stability.

78. Real Estate Tokenization Guide: How Does it Work?

Real estate tokenization doesn't just make it easier to do business. Tokenization of commercial real estate opens up new horizons of opportunity for investors.

79. An NFT: What it is and How it Works

A brief and simple description for NFTs and a general vision on NFTs' future

80. All You Need to Know About the Real Estate Token Market

here is how tokenization is being used to address the inefficiencies in the traditional real estate market.

81. 2 Truly Unique Use Cases of the Metaverse

A look at some unique use cases in the metaverse

82. Why We Need More Clarity to Regulate Digital Assets on a Global Scale

Anyone who has spent more than a day in the space acknowledges the urgent need for more clarity on a host of issues related to digital assets, which is to say that regulating markets for digital assets is going to be one of the main priorities in the years to come.

83. Understanding the Numbers on a Real Estate Token Investment Website for New Investors

Investors have to understand the assets that tokens back including the risks and the expected return or benefits of buying and holding said tokens.

84. How Blockchain Technology Provides a New Normal for Real Estate Investments

What is changing is how we’re buying and selling real estate.

85. 5 Reasons For Investors To Consider Tokenized Assets in 2020

With the word “tokenized” being present in the title, most likely some readers thought that this is another think piece on blockchain and how it’s going to inevitably disrupt every industry as it was widely mentioned in 2017 during the bull market. I won’t lie – the blockchain will be mentioned. But not in the way you've heard before.

86. Life in 2050: The Day Begins

If you want to see what 2050 could be like, prepare to be blown away by the coherent science in this article.

87. Buffalo Hunting & NFTs: A Lesson in Manipulation and the Power of NFTs as a Marketing Tool

NFTs offer unique attributes like exclusivity, rarity, and authenticity, but they must be properly utilized by businesses to have real value. NFTs are ideal for

88. How Blockchain Scales Banking Services

Total forecast

89. Jon Squires Interview: Key Tactics To Protect Yourself From Inflation

Global financial markets are tumbling again as market sell-off accelerates due to fears of lockdowns occurring again in parts of Europe. As the hopes of a faster economic recovery die down, the situation for small and medium enterprises and individuals is becoming bleaker day by day due to a fall in demand and no hopes for a fiscal stimulus from the government. With a dip in the business activity, individuals must hedge themselves against various financial and budgetary risks that are arising in the market today. I sat down with Jon Squires, CEO of; a CIS regulated exchange for trading tokenized stocks, indices, commodities, and FX pairs with fiat or crypto to talk about global financial markets, technology, and how investors should hedge themselves against the market downside.

90. Why NFTs are Currently Useless (mostly) - the Future of Web3 and NFTs

NFTs have surpassed the mere applications of projects like Cryptokitties or BoredApes - welcome to the future of utility enabled NFTs.

91. Dear Monopoly Man, Time's Up A**hole

Blockchain-based, fractional real estate investing alongside real estate moguls for as little as $1

92. Digital Identity: A Fad or the Future?

With rising concerns regarding user personal data safety and online privacy, a lot is riding on the proper implementation of the Web3 concept.

93. Why Big Brand NFTs Don’t Work (Yet)

Chevvy had everything that’s right for an NFT to succeed ...and yet, there were no takers at their recent NFT auction. This piece takes a look at why.

94. The Basics Of Natural Language Processing in 10 Minutes

Do you also want to learn NLP as Quick as Possible ? Perhaps you are here because you also want to learn natural language processing as quickly as possible, like me.

95. The Metaverse in Real Life

A brief introduction to the Metaverse and its applications

96. Top 10 GameFi Development Companies: 2022 and Beyond

The GameFi market is on the rise, with new Play-2-Earn games captivating the minds of avid players. The industry is expected to reach $2.8 million

97. Foodverse: Eating in the Metaverse

Eatingentails more than fulfilling our nutritional needs-it goes deeper than that. Itis communal, enhances friendships and builds bonds.

98. Metaverse Entertainment

This article has tried to cover various dimensions of metaverse gaming entertainment based on blockchain technology.

99. Bite-Sized Tips To Make Chinese Full-Text Search

Today I'd like to highlight the challenge of search functionality in Chinese. In this article, we will go through the main difficulties of full-text search implementation for CJK languages and how to overcome them with the help of Manticore Search.

100. Putting Real-world Assets on a Blockchain

With the recent surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the digital representation of real-world assets in the form of tokens has started to capture the interest of many. Tokenization allows an individual or entity to convert a real-world asset into a cryptographic token stored on a blockchain. While the stock market has already given the world a glimpse into its effectiveness, blockchain-based tokenization offers several noteworthy advantages, including security, lower overhead, and ease of use for individuals.

101. Tokenized Assets and Europe: A Snapshot

Issue No. 1

102. How Everest Is Making It Possible for People to Tokenize Traditional Assets

The biggest factor behind major crypto adoption is the tokenization of non-crypto assets. However, these non-blockchain assets bring compliance into the picture

103. How Digital Securities Could Empower The Little Guy

A security is a traditional financial instrument, such as equity, debt, or real assets. It represents ownership in (or the rights to ownership in) the aforementioned categories. Securities are also typically exclusive, rather than inclusive, because the process of buying and trading something like equity or debt is slow and expensive.

104. Blockchain Isn't Coming to Wall Street in 2020. It's Already Here.

Wall Street began in colonial times, with wealthy traders creating the rules of the game. Hundreds of years later, the abscesses of capitalism and deregulation, such as the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act, led to the 2008 financial crisis. In the aftermath of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was devised, and an experimental financial system was born.

105. How Security Tokens Benefit Small Investors

To onboard more investors into the security token ecosystem there is a need to educate investors on some of its benefits

106. Why The Fed’s Money Machine Makes Tokenized Gold a Good Investment

The US Federal Reserve recently announced it would start a policy of “unlimited QE,” or Quantitative Easing. In layman’s terms, this means the Fed is printing money to buy assets in any amount needed for market liquidity.

107. How to Tokenize Houses on a Blockchain

Including a code sample using the ERC20 token standard.

108. What Can be Tokenized? The Tokenization of Everything

It may be hard to believe, but soon you could earn a fraction of Christiano Ronaldo’s earnings. You could own a few square metres of an apartment in Hong Kong or perhaps a stake in a collectible Formula 1 race car. Thanks to tokenization, the world is becoming increasingly fractionalized everyday, providing us with the ability to shape our own financial destiny.

109. Tokenizing the Wine Industry with Somm Marc Flores

According to Research and Markets, the global wine industry is growing at a CAGR of 3.7 percent. It will reach $201 billion by 2025 and $434 billion by 2027. In the U.S. alone, the wine industry was valued at over 88 billion by the end of 2020.

110. From Utility to Security: The U2S Model for Converting Shitcoins into Securities

During the ICO era, a countless number of projects managed to rapidly raise capital in a short period of time. You probably know about those that managed to raise capital and just disappeared, never building a product promised to investors while their utility tokens became a burden for investors. It’s hard to admit but there is nothing you can do to change the historical outcome.

111. 7 Platforms for Investing in Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenization makes it possible for you to invest in properties across the globe and make profits, while owning a fraction of real estate in the form of tokens.

112. Top 5 Solana NFT Marketplaces in 2022

The 5 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces for a variety of applications.

113. Bricktrade Joins Forces With Blocksquare to Bring Real-Estate On-chain Through Tokenisation

Bricktrade joins forces with Blocksquare in a strategic partnership to bring the real-estate ecosystem on-chain through tokenisation

114. The 5 Best Software for Creating NFT Art

Some software tools are listed here with subscription details. Their pros and cons are also mentioned to help you decide on the best one to create your NFT art.

115. The Tragic Covid-19 Pandemic Could Be an Opportunity For Fintechs Who Learned The Lesson of 2008

Photo by Katrine Bengtsson on Unsplash

Fintech startups looking to transform current investing trends or disrupt traditional banking are facing their first major test as Covid-19 pandemic bites into the very fabric of our society. As interest rates fall and fearful consumers seek safety in tradition, brand new industries like digital banking and online investing that never experienced a major market slump now must prove their business models can withstand a crisis.

116. Tokenization is the way to achieve Transperency & Data Security in Asset Management - Oleg Kurchenko

Today's guest on Mondays with Entrepreneurs, firmly believes that the key to success is implementing new things with enthusiasm.

117. Securities on Blockchain: Revolutionizing Capital Markets - Interview with Alex Nascimento, UCLA

Welcome to our series, "Behind the Startup." Tell us about your book on Security Token Offerings ('STOs') and your journey into the blockchain industry?

118. My Dog Wants To Be Tokenized, How Could I Do It?

If you want to understand tokenization, start with your dog.

119. Tokens Represent the Next Generation of Capital

Many central banks are considering digital currencies. The tedious process and costs associated with paper currency prohibit financial inclusion.

120. Designing Token Templates With The Token Taxonomy Framework

The concept of tokenization might seem complex but using the token taxonomy framework, anyone can design a token templates to use in their blockchain projects

121. ⚖️ Owning and Minting Music NFTs: Legal Issues to be Considered

The legal context of minting, purchasing, and owning music NFTs.

122. Top 7 Blockchain Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Humanity may be a few steps away from the Internet of Anything and Everything (or whatever the all-encompassing global digital interweb is going to be called in the years to come), but don't kid yourselves: it's coming. Right now the brightest minds in computer science, software development, entrepreneurship, policymaking, and digital arts are hard at work designing the future tenets of the Web 3.0 and the process shows no signs of slowing down.

123. Tangible Assets That We Can Record, Possess & Exchange Will Eventually be Tokenized: Unhashed #26

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

124. The Future of Play-to-Earn: Sustainability, Development, Prospects

This article dives into the theory and shares some basic information about what the Play-to-Earn industry is all about.

125. Working Towards a Sustainable Ecosystem Beyond Tokenization

Many industries are on the brink of the next technological revolution in record keeping. Ten years after Bitcoin made its splash, we’re seeing many inspired by some of the benefits promised by the technology outside of the money use case:

126. Fair Launch Isn’t Really Fair

Can crypto companies survive and thrive with fair launches depending on community support and do people understand the value of money? What about marketing ?

127. They Want to Tokenize Horses Now. Does it Make Any Sense?

Racehorses are an expensive vocational pursuit. But it is also a pretty good business for all those involved, such as the owners, the trainers, the jockeys/riders, the breeders and the various sportive federations.

128. Interview with a German Serial Entrepreneur: Marvin Steinberg

Marvin Steinberg is a renowned German serial entrepreneur who, after dominating the German energy startup sector, has made an entry into blockchain technology, with a goal at mainstreaming STO.  Today, Marvin Steinberg will be sharing his thoughts on blockchain technology, startups, and security tokens, and offering advice to entrepreneurs interested in venturing into security tokens and STOs.

129. How To Get Your Token Listed On A Crypto Exchange (Podcast Transcript)

Amy Tom talks to Yevheniia Shmelkova, the Token Specialist at Mysterium Network about crypto exchanges.

130. An Inside Look at Fight to Fame's Global Business Operations

All great business ideas start somewhere. Sometimes, it’s just to introduce something new to the market. Other times, it’s to provide solutions to problems that have long plagued a certain industry or sector of society.

131. Why Purpose Driven Tokens Could Be The Vacuum Cleaner to Our Polluted Economy

Purpose-driven tokens might be more important than Bitcoin in the near future. What does a 1 million Bitcoin price matter if the earth is f*cked?

132. Understanding Ethereum Token Standards

Tokens are an incredibly important part of Ethereum and in Web3. Understanding the standards for each type of token can help you understand how it works.

133. Creators' Economy: Market Size, Scope, Social Validation, and NFTs

“I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!” - Jay Z

134. "NFT Tokens Issued on Most Platforms Are Perishable" - Cliff Smyth

In 2021, a new wave of excitement brought decentralized currency back to the central stage. The DeFi market has already tripled since the start of the year, which has led analysts to build a highly optimistic prognosis of Bitcoin price – according to some predictions, it may reach $220,000 before the year ends. Unsurprisingly, all of this points to a growth of public trust in digital currency, which could result in 72% of well informed US investors flocking the space sooner than later.

135. Let's Look at SWEAT Economy: A Sweat-to-Earn Ecosystem

Let's look at SWEAT Economy and its ecosystem that comes into play with crypto users who want to keep themselves active.

136. Tokenizing Our Virtual Future: A Deep Dive Into Non-Fungible Tokens

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, study and socialize, at least temporarily. Many of those who were privileged enough to transfer to remote working instead of losing their jobs will never return to the office, even if they want to.

137. Our Proptech Future: Tokenization Will Move the Real Estate Industry Forward

If real estate tokenization were to become popular, several innovations become conceivable, including structured finance, hybrid real estate tokens and digital fund exchanges.

138. What Are Crypto Fan Tokens and Why Are They so Important to the Crypto Market?

Fan Tokens are cryptocurrency tokens that give fans access to a range of exclusive membership perks, rewards, merchandise, and unique experiences.

139. The Metaverse; A Future You Cannot Escape

Metaverse is the future concept we often get wrong. What if Metaverse is already here? We are already living digital lives that are not so different.

140. Interview with @MarvinSteinberg On Asset Tokenization, Startups, Investors and More

The concept of asset tokenization is still in its formative state, as companies are just coming to terms with the idea of capitalizing on blockchains to distribute shares and assets to interested investors. While this is a given, the concept is looking ever more likely to hit the ground running in 2020. This eventuality is bound to contribute to the potency of STOs as a fundraising mechanism for startups and established companies.

141. 5 Platforms Rewarding Content Writers with Tokens

If you are a content creator or technical writer, these are five websites that let you make passive income in cryptocurrency tokens by writing for platforms.

142. Benefits, Use Cases, and Implementations of Blockchain in Real Estate

Real estate enterprises are recognizing the inevitable impact of blockchain technology to streamline payments and for the optimization of both commercial and re

143. Digital Rome and the Real Value of Cryptocurrency

Max Hasselhoff’s Guide to Making Sense of the Cryptospace

144. Stadium Financing and Tokenization as a Viable Alternative

Tokenization creates countless innovative opportunities for professional sport teams, leagues and athletes to interact with their Fandom.

145. Tokenization Will Destroy The World of Finance As We Know It

Blockchain can become the main feature not only of financial markets, but also of many other sectors of the economy. In theory, any asset can be tokenized, and the rights to it are represented in a distributed ledger. But it is most likely that in the coming years, this process will affect the following industries - Infrastructure, real estate, intellectual property, music and culture, stocks and trade, gold and rare precious metals, foundations and their assets, art and collectibles, foreign exchange transactions and insurance. But at the same time, it should be understood that the tokenization of these industries will seriously change them, and will actually hit finance.

146. Does Anyone Really Use Blockchain Based Applications?

I am, by all measures, a Blockchain believer. I’m 20 years old, and my first practical experience with Blockchain was buying Bitcoin several years ago, before the massive bull run to $20,000 that made everyone from your barber to your cab driver vying to get a piece of the action.

147. Decentralized Society's Next Stage: The Soulbound Token

The application and the implication of decentralized society through tokenization made possible through the implementation of Soulbound tokens for identity.

148. The Monetization of Fun | Get Paid for Playing with Bitspawn AMA

This Slogging thread by Akasha Rose, Rhys Boulanger, Justin Roberti, Limarc Ambalina, Nicolas Ng and Jack Boreham occurred in slogging's official #amas channel, and has been edited for readability.

149. 13 Experts Weigh In On The Future of Blockchain Technologies

Let’s be honest: predicting the future is extremelychallenging. Even more so when the future involves some revolutionary new technology such as blockchain.

150. Why the Metaverse is so Attractive?

Some outstanding features of the Metaverse

151. An Interview With Crypto Expert and Token Guru Eloisa Marchesoni

My conversation with the youngest female cryptocurrency consultant in the industry

152. “We Are Cutting Off The Middleman” - Brickken Co-Founder and CEO Edwin Mata Navarro on Tokenization

In a recent interview with an AIBC reporter Jean Michel Azzopardi, Edwin stated that Brickken’s goal is to cut off the middleman and open up access to liquidity

153. How Decentralized Systems Are Reshaping the Financial Market

Many centralized organizations operate in an old-fashioned way, although they have long lost their credibility. But is there a solution?

154. Everything You Need to Know about Web 3.0

Web3 is the new update to the World Wide Web which aims to shift the dependency from tech giants to individual users. It uses the Blockchain model to function.

155. What Happens When Web3 Meets the Sports Industry?

When the sports industry gets together with Web3, what kind of things can we expect to happen?

156. On the Decentralization of Spotify and Similar Platforms

Music streaming services should embrace Blockchain Technology and leverage their accumulated knowledge to launch new types of marketplaces.

157. Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain in Real Estate

Today, many transactions are still paper-based and involve numerous parties, leading to decreasing transparency and increasing costs.

158. The Legal Guide to Asset Tokenization on the Blockchain

Tokenization turns low-liquidity assets into highly-liquid digital tokens enabling fractionalization, trading and compliance by design powered by the functional

159. 3 Tech-Driven Solutions Turning the Tide Against eCommerce Fraud

The COVID-19 pandemic fed a wave of eCommerce fraud. Here are the high-tech solutions the industry is using to fight back.

160. Away with Amazon: Let's Decentralize the Ecommerce Platform Economy

A digital platform that rewards and is owned by its users will benefit from infinite network effects and scale like no others.

161. Physical assets & leverage windows

162. How Tokens Are Turning Out To Be The Digital Currency Solution for the 21st Century

As we all know, the world we live in has evolved significantly. Individuals and companies are looking for new ways to bring their ideas to life, make payments for goods and services, and get enough cash flow to ensure that they stay operational in whatever it is that they choose to do or pursue.

163. Lemonade is Sweetening Web3 in a Unique Way

An interview with Chris Lahaye, co founder and dev with Lemonade.Social

164. A Brief Look at Why Tokenization is Important in the Blockchain Space

A brief look at tokenization and why its ability to provide both whole and partial ownership of assets is important to the growing blockchain ecosystem.

165. Where Has Your NFT Metadata Gone?

Some popular NFT platforms from the 2017-2018 era, like Ascribe, Digital Objects, and Edition, eventually went under.

166. Token Standards: ERC-20 vs. ERC-721 vs. ERC-1155

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and by addressing this topic is going to help us better understand the reach of many blockchain use cases.

167. "You Have to Have Privacy, But to What Scale and Under Whose Control?" - Adel de Meyer

Recently I had a chance to chat with Adel de Meyer, entrepreneur and leader of DAPS coin, a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system. Her project recently published a new DAPS whitepaper and announced its web wallet.

168. Bitcoin Adoption Assumes A Parabolic Path

How DeFi adoption will impact the market cap of the King of Cryptos

When discussing bitcoin with investors who are new to the crypto sector this is their recurring question “… all very interesting but ultimately what can I do with bitcoin? What can I buy with it?”

169. What Is Tokenization? The Standards Explained

Tokenization is a term that's constantly thrown around but the different standards that exist may not be as well understood. These are the basic standards.

170. Sustainable Communities Through Digital Economies with Mark Smargon

Companies often wonder how to develop a culture around their products. Struggling to create a feeling of belonging and association is hard and especially for a corporation involved in the business of selling ‘Stuff’. Tokens help create incentives that align the goals and objectives of all the market participants in an ecosystem. Companies are now increasingly looking for ways to develop micro-digital economies to provide a premium experience to users and convert one-time clients to lifelong customers. I sat down with Mark Smargon, CEO at, to talk about creating micro-economies and leveraging the technology to build ever-lasting products.

171. Italy's Covid19 Stimulus: Tokenization of Tax Credits And The New Digital Lira

The day that the Italian borders were reopened after the lockdown — on June 3rd — I drove across the Brenner Pass with an overwhelming joy. I could finally rejoin my family and my old friends.

172. Tokenizing Metals - An Overview

DeFi continues to explode in popularity, driving most of crypto’s growth, but what some investors don’t realize is that it’s merely a continuation of crypto’s vision of “tokenizing the world.”

173. NFTs, The Creator Economy, and the Case for Hypertokenization

Software developers, community stewards, content creators, artists, and beyond all have something in common: they are creators.

174. ICO/IDO & Funds: A Deep Dive

There is always a simultaneous connection and conflict of interests between investors and founders. This is most evident in the project’s tokenomics.

175. Egalitarian Investing & Fair Launch 4 All | Launchpool AMA

Been rekt aping into a new token only to watch helplessly as early whales cash out their 100x or 1000x gains? Pre-IDO launchpads may be your solution.

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