17/08/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

by BlockEx

1. California-Based Judge Orders Defendant To Pay Bail With Crypto

Following a charge of hacking the computer network of a game company based in San Francisco, a defendant has been ordered by the judge to pay for its bail with cryptocurrencies. The information was shared through a press release published on the US Attorney’s Office official website. Martin Marsich is being accused of illegally accessing 25,000 accounts. By also attempting to sell the acquired information, he caused losses to the company for $324,000. Magistrate Judge Corley is now demanding for him to pay the bail of $750,000 with crypto. Furthermore, Assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons believes that the fact that judges are able to accept alternative assets, such as real estate, means that this was probably not the first time crypto was used to post bail.

2. Less Than Half Of Cryptocurrencies Have Real Utility

A study conducted by Invest in Blockchain, revealed that less than half of the top 100 cryptocurrencies has a real utility. Only 40 met the requirements. The criteria utilised to assess the status of each token included the project’s status, the roadmap, the release history, along with a comparison between the features that were promised by the creators and the features that have actually been delivered. When evaluating an ICO is important to assess its utility. For example, BlockEx recently enhanced even more the utility of its token DAXT. Previously, it was required in order to take part in ICOs launched on the BlockEx Markets platform. Now, DAXT can also be used to pay for listing fees.

3. Crypto Mining Apps Still Present On Google Play

We previously reported on Google Play’s decision to ban crypto mining apps from the Play Store. The only apps excluded from the curb were those managing mining hardware. It was also mentioned that Apple adopted a similar stance. However, it has now been reported that developers are still launching apps, which are then available on the platform. An example is JSEcoin, a British blockchain startup who launched its product on the Play Store earlier this week. Despite offering mobile phone crypto mining as one of its services, its listing was still approved. However, following the article, the app JSEcoin was removed. Yet, its Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer John Sim indicated that similar apps are still available in the store.

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