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153 Stories To Learn About Bitcoin

by Learn RepoDecember 26th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin via these 153 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Bitcoin via these 153 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

The birth of digital currency. Bitcoin is the mascot of decentralized and reliable digital currency.

1. Grayscale's (GBTC) Pump Effect Means 2021 Will Start Slow

let's look at what Grayscale is, what this 'pump effect' is, and why it might create sagging prices over the holidays.

2. Elon Musk Sees a Recession Coming. Here Are 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

Don’t time the market. Hold cash and buy chaos insurance. With uncertainty being the only certainty, the market is in for some turbulent times for all of us.

3. Version 0.3.19: A Poem

4. 5 New NFT Projects On The Rise

We selected some of the hottest trends on the NFT market, showing that innovation happens fast to create value.

5. 6 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has come a long way from its roots. Back in 2010, a computer programmer bought two Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. At current exchange rates, those two pizzas would be worth over 90 million dollars. It's safe to say that these were the two most expensive pizzas ever bought by human hands.

6. 3 Things Not to Do When Bitcoin is Going Down

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

7. Money Printing: The Ugly “Elephant in the Room” That Mainstream Media Ignores

According to official numbers, you lost money unless you got a 6.2% pay raise this year. In other words, thanks to inflation, you got a pay cut

8. Merkle Tree Introduction

(A Merkle tree, as present in a typical blockchain)

9. Only XRP and Bitcoin will be Safe if Ripple Wins SEC lawsuit

In December 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, leading to a chain of events that threatens XRP and Bitcoin.

10. A Beginner’s Guide to Trading on Gemini Exchange

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where investors can buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) using US dollars — or just trade between BTC and ETH.

11. Will Micro Cycles Replace 4 Year Cycles in Crypto?

Current market cycle is certainly different than previous ones. But there seems to be a pattern appearing, which may help us predict BTC price changes in 2022.

12. Dogecoin: The Value Proposition That's Worth More Than a Penny

Dogecoin started its initial coin production schedule with 100 billion coins in circulation. By mid-2015 the 100 billionth Dogecoin had been mined though.

13. 30 Most Influential People In Blockchain Industry

Cryptocurrencies are fastly becoming part of our life thanks to the work of thousands of individuals that are pushing hard to see masses adopting crypto. In this piece, I have compiled a list of the most influential people in crypto today based on their contributions to the industry.

14. 4 Strategies for up to 100% Yearly Cashflow on Bitcoin

I always get a ton of questions from my community on how I make a return on Bitcoin without selling.

15. What Happens When the Last Bitcoin is Mined?

Bitcoin mining rigs have been the Gordian knot tying the price of bitcoin and at the same time deciding the path that crypto adoption process should follow. Considering the history of bitcoin halving, you will notice that miners used to get a bigger slice in revenue as compared to now and that cost is still set to go lower after the upcoming 2020 halving.

16. How Does A Bitcoin Over The Counter (OTC) Market Work? [Explained]

Everybody involved in the crypto ecosystem knows the importance of crypto exchanges. Often times, the CEOs of these exchanges are seen as the rockstars of the modern finance world — yet nobody seems to know about and completely understand the importance of the OTC market.

17. Create a Bitcoin Trading Bot in 10 Minutes

Pumps, dumps, and liquidation. Welcome to Bitcoin.

18. How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Simply Following the Market?

In the last few days, we’ve experienced a massive rout in the cryptocurrency market.

19. The Anatomy of Cryptocurrency: 6 Ways to Earn with Crypto in 2022

Cryptocurrency is all about better currency; that is good money. Everyone in cryptocurrency is there to make money….not everyone makes it though!

20. Bitcoin’s Final Boss

“Bitcoin ought to be outlawed.”

21. 2018 Crypto Bear Market and What We Can Learn From It

At the end of 2018, I was analyzing the reasons for the bear market in cryptocurrency. It is interesting to look back and check if something has changed. Potentially it could let us predict future movement and development.

22. A Beginner’s Guide to Mining Cryptocurrencies on the Mac

<span>If</span> you are looking to make a profit <strong>immediately</strong> by mining cryptocurrencies on the Mac, stop right here. Don’t waste your time. Close this article and go buy yourself a <a href="" target="_blank">mining rig</a> /decent Gaming Laptop or <a href="" target="_blank">buy crypto with your credit card</a>.

23. #DEBUNKED Bitcoin is A Ponzi Scheme

Debunking the pyramid and greater fool theory myth about Bitcoin.

24. Subnets are Solving the Crypto Scalability Problem

The crypto industry has run into serious scalability issues. But subnets provide the best possible answer to resolve it once and for all.

25. How to Profit from a Trailing Stop Loss on Binance

This is part of an ongoing series where I dive deep into Binance and show you how to get the most out of the exchange.

26. LocalBitcoins Review: I'm Not the Only One Who's Been Scammed

This isn’t a review, and — as much as I wish it was — it’s not a promotion either. It’s a firsthand account… a testament to the continual negative impact of frauds in the crypto space. I wrote this article to make the community aware that LocalBitcoins doesn’t consider to accept moral responsibility when users get scammed on the platform.

27. How I Lost $60,000 Trading Crypto... and the Lessons You Can Learn From My Mistakes

I never expected to feel genuinely happy looking back to what, at the time, was the worst period of my life.

28. The Unit of Account for Bitcoin is $

"Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't count, really count." - Albert Einstein

29. China Enters Blockchain 3.0 Era

China aims to improve the global scaling limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum with Blockchain 3.0 technologies.

30. An Open Letter to Banks about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Dear Mr Bank Manager, don’t you think it is more frightening to ignore cryptocurrencies and face being left behind?

31. 11 Best Crypto Debit Cards That Worth It in 2021

Crypto debit cards are gaining traction, allowing you to spend your coins wherever you want. Here's a list of the best crypto and bitcoin debit card solutions.

32. 16 Premises for Web 3.0 - The Decentralized Web

The following outlines premises required for a sustainable information management strategy in service of returning the World Wide Web fromthe tragedy of the commons.

33. Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction

I predict Terra Luna Classic will reach $0.01 by 2025. Here is why.

34. Can Bitcoin Hit 1 Million Dollars?

We are quite a number of years away from million dollar Bitcoins. I predict Bitcoin will NEVER get to one million dollars due to historical precedents.

35. How Much Will Bitcoin be Worth in the Year 2140?

How much profit will you earn in your life if you keep buying Bitcoin (DCA) or buy a lump sum of it?

36. Who Scales It Best? Blockchains' TPS Analysis

Blockchain technology continues to progress at an incredible speed. This great technology behind cryptocurrencies continues to move at the same pace.

37. An Introduction to Binance Margin Trading and How it Works

It is no news that the cryptocurrency space is very volatile. For instance, no one expected Bitcoin to quickly rise from less than $20,000 to over $23,000 in less than 24 hours on December 17, 2020.

38. How to Earn Bitcoin: 5 Simple Ways to Earn More BTC

For many people, buying large amounts of Bitcoin is not a financially-viable investment strategy. But the good news is that there are now more alternatives than ever that make it easy for people to earn bitcoin.

39. How China’s New National Cryptocurrency Changes Everything

China is launching a national cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll tell you what information is already known about the project at the moment as well as how it may change the financial world.

40. 2 Things to Do While the Cryptocurrency Market Falls

Besides crying, screaming, and other self-destructive behavior.

41. Top 75+ ICO Marketing Agencies

There are many stages to launching an ICO and the needs of the business vary depending at what stage they’re on. For each of these stages we’ve highlighted what services are needed and organized our Top 75 list according to their offered services across five main categories:

42. Is Crypto-Mining Still Profitable?

Is it still viable for the retail investor to mine?

43. The End Of Crypto Mining Is Just The Beginning Of Crypto

A soundbyte news item recently took the crypto community by storm: 85% of the world’s Bitcoin supply has been mined.

44. Turning 2k to 2M in 16 Months: My Story on Branding, Opportunities, and Technical Analyses

My journey from turning 2k to $2m+ in 16 Months Using Brand, Opportunity, and Technical Analysis. Stacking Ethereum and Bitcoin and working hard.

45. If the Internet Blows up Tomorrow, What Will Become of my Crypto?

It could be the end of Bitcoin.

46. How to Promote a DeFi Project: Top 4 Marketing Instruments

Every crypto and DeFi enthusiast knows what difficulties he might face during blockchain project development: strict regulation, a public opinion upon the entire industry, lack of assets security. However, let’s ask ourselves a question: What stands above all of it? Uncertain future of Digital Finance? Hardly. Dependency on the Bitcoin rate? Partly yes, but recent cases show that it's not always the main factor.. Another thing came across my mind because I work a lot on the promotion of crypto and DeFi projects.

47. Worried About Your Crypto's Custody? Outsource Everything Except Key Management

A year into my stint at the Bank of France, I was still struggling to understand why they employ cryptographers. One day, I saw them huddled around a white board for a few hours and struck up a conversation. They walked me through their highly sophisticated key management solution that included everything from certificate signing mechanisms to deep traffic inspection contraptions. Baffled by the complexity of it all, I resorted to my go-to cryptographer question - "So, where are the keys?". The key storage, as it turned out, was outsourced to "a cool startup here in Paris.”

48. A Hidden Crypto Goldmine: CoinList Token Sales

CoinList has an excellent lineup of token sales. They vet each project and provide a good opportunity for investors to get in early on exciting crypto startups.

49. 9 Rules of Crypto Trading That Helped One Trader Go from $1k to $46k in Less Than a Year

No, the successful trader is not me. I’ve gotten lucky a few times and I’m still refining and trying out strategies; on the other hand, I’m part of communities of people who trade on a daily basis to grow their portfolios, and while some of the results can be attributed to luck, a majority of it is based on fundamentals, good habits, and experience.

50. An Intro to Bitcoin and How it Works

Bitcoin is a money technology, the first drastic change since the creation of banking over 900 years ago.

51. "The Simpsons" May Indicate Mainstream Bitcoin Adoption by 2036

One of my colleagues recently shared an anecdote with me about ‘The Simpsons.’ During a chat about politics, her son told her, “Well, it was on ‘The Simpsons’ and then it came true.” And then he asked her, “How do they do that?”

52. Bitcoin is the Most Stable Store of Value in History

You know how the story goes: Bitcoin is wild, violent, unstable. It makes a whirlwind day on the VIX look like a slow waltz. You can’t trust it. Don’t put “real money” in it or the Boogie Man will get it.

53. The Ultimate Checklist For Marketing DeFi Projects

54. Taproot and Schnorr: The Biggest BTC Upgrade for 2021

Taproot is the most significant BTC update since the SegWit soft fork of 2017. It is intended to increase Bitcoin's fungibility.

55. BIP 32 Watch-Only Wallets

Bitcoin improvement proposal 32 is, in my opinion, one of the most important BIPs we have. (Thanks Peter Wuille!) BIP 32 gave us Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets. That is, the ability to create a tree of keys from a single seed.

56. 5 Ways to Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Taxes

As a basic instinct of human nature, we explore various investment opportunities and financial vehicles to grow our investments. Cryptocurrency trading is a fairly young market and there are a lot of gray areas one needs to be aware before jumping into it.

57. Learn the blockchain basics - Part 1: Determinism

The first episode of this series describes Determinism. This article will explain the most fundamental principle each and every blockchain follows by design.

58. The Current State of the Crypto Market and 7 Trends to Follow

In 2021, we've seen the rise of blockchains challenging Ethereum, all-time highs, the NFT craze, new milestones, and a step to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

59. Identity Management Unchained - Taking the Metaverse Red Pill

Technology should serve humans. But when combined with the wrong business model, it can turn individuals into non-player characters in a game dominated by tech.

60. A Complete Beginners Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

A step by step guide on how to begin the process of investing in cryptocurrency.

61. 10 Financial Predictions for 2021 to Protect Your Wealth

Banks are so screwed. They are about to be attacked by central banks, fintech, and crypto companies.

62. CBDCs Are A Very Bad Idea

Learn the risks that Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) pose to your monetary freedom and privacy.

63. Traded $1m CAD in 5 hours: Porting a Bot to Binance Futures Market Making Competition


64. The New Cycle of Bitcoin Over the Next 4 Years

Bitcoin tends to form Four Year Cycles. In its first year of the cycle, exponential growth occurs. In the second year - a Bear Market takes place...

65. Tether And The Great Crypto Ice Age

Stablecoins have become the most important source of short-term liquidity for central crypto exchanges. And among those Tether. What's the current scenario?

66. Why Is BTC Over $50k While Other Cryptocurrencies Struggle To Cross $1: A Deep Dive

the majority of digital coins on the market are issued by private blockchain corporations, there are several factors that count towards the value of crypto

67. Venezuela is Patient Zero Challenging The Western Financial System with Bitcoin

Venezuela can now interact with trading partners instantly and globally without touching US-controlled payment rails

68. How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency: A Beginners Guide

The first steps to make your own cryptocurrency are to know your use case, choose a consensus mechanism, and pick a blockchain platform.

69. 3 Reasons Bitcoin Crashed & Why You Should Stop Panicking

I hope you enjoyed your bear market baptism.

70. Rock, Paper, Blockchain

Most data from government and financial institutions is still siloed. Public blockchains may be used by anyone and are permissionless. But how far off are we?

71. A crypto-trader’s diary — week 1

I have decided that I want to become a person who trades bitcoin for a living.

72. What’s the Best Smartphone for keeping your Conversations Private?

In the world of today, personal data like our names, phone numbers, Internet history, geodata, and much more is very valuable to the corporations who harvest and sell it. I shouldn’t remind you about Cambridge Analytica, right? But in case you need a refresher, here’s a brief overview of the increasing privacy problem by NewsBTC:

73. Top Crypto Exchange and Blockchain Companies to Watch for in Canada: 2020 Edition

In the blockchain and crypto space, Canada is among the top five countries in the world that have exploited this field well. Despite the late adoption of blockchain technology and Ethereum protocol, cryptocurrency and blockchain experts strongly believe that Canada contains all the favourable resources for thriving as a blockchain and crypto hub.

74. DAOs - Blockchains Final Frontier

Prosperity not created by capitalism but through cooperation.

75. All My Trusty Crypto Trading Wisdom in One Spot

It seems more and more of you are tuning into my channel because of my crypto trading articles. That’s humbling and wonderful at the same time.

76. I Went From No Coding Experience To Creating An Ethereum Application Within One Year

In this article, I explain how I went from no coding experience to creating my first decentralized application on Ethereum.

77. Should Smart Contracts be Non-Turing Complete?

Everyone has their favorite programming language, just as everyone has their favorite shoes or favorite food, but I’m not here to tell you to give up your favorite language (trust me, I would never dream of such a thing). Instead, I want us to take a journey together, a journey will take us through many things. We’ll discuss Turing completeness, evaluate its usefulness in regard to smart contracts, look at alternatives, and hopefully we’ll come to the same conclusion together at the end. Spoiler alert: the conclusion is that giving Solidity a monopoly on smart contracts is a terrible, foolish idea.

78. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Examining Nine Potential Candidates

‘He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!’ – The Fed

79. Curve Ball

What would happen to the price of Bitcoin in the medium-term if oil ramped 2x to 3x overnight?

80. Long Bitcoin But Beware The Bitcoin Super Cycle

Expecting a year-long bitcoin supercycle that never ends? You might want to see this.

81. Will Facebook and Telegram Kill Bitcoin and Ethereum?

2019 has marked itself not only with the end of the crypto winter but also with time when established technology companies entered the blockchain field. Telegram is going to release its own blockchain with the goal of processing millions of transactions per second. Facebook plans to introduce Libra coin to facilitate payments for 1.7 billion unbanked but connected people.

82. Response To Vitalik Buterin "On Free Speech"

Kurt Wuckert Jr shares his thoughts on censorship, free speech and Craig Wright in response to Vitalik Buterin.

83. Cryptocurrency Analytics Tools that Helped me Weather Crypto Winter

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

84. Top 6 Privacy Coins for a Regulated Crypto Market

Regulatory pressure from governments, local central banks, and specialized law enforcement is pushing cryptocurrencies to adopting privacy-focused capabilities. That’s precisely how TeleCoin found itself building the Trend-Setter platform and why Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, announced confidential transactions for its coin.

85. 9 Experts Weigh In: How to Launch Your Blockchain Startup in 2021

At the end of 2020, I gathered up the opinions of nine startup founders who shared their views of 2021, and in this article you will find out how they answered.

86. How to Write a Book in 4 Days

About a year ago, I was talking to someone about how difficult it was to get myself to write. I had been working on a book for O’Reilly and Associates for about 9 months at that point and had talked to other authors who acknowledged the same problem. Many authors find that books take a long time to write with 2 years being the norm. The 14 months that I took for my book was relatively fast, according to my editors.

87. What are the differences between Bitcoin and XRP?

Bitcoin's maximum supply is 21 million and XRP's maximum supply is 100 billion. The difference is that all XRP were created on the first day...

88. 12 Best Bitcoin Lending Sites to Earn Interest and Borrow [Updated Sep'21]

Lenders can easily earn interest on their BTC assets through BTC loans. Today, there are many lending platforms. Users need to know the best ones they can use,

89. Grin Coin, the Private and Lightweight Mimblewimble Implementation

A community focused project based on the Mimblewimble protocol

90. 145 Top Cryptocurrency Blogs and News Sites to Read Daily in 2020

This rating of the best crypto blogs and news sites for 2020 is designed to help:

91. The HEX release - Crypto on harsh Debate.

A serious debate has started on the crypto world.

92. The Basic Crypto Cash Out and Exit Strategy

One of the most-asked questions I get is: "when do we cash out?"

93. "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" - Where To Find this on the Bitcoin Blockchain

"Where can I find the famous title of The Times in Bitcoin blockchain? Is the page saved into the blockchain?"

94. Algorand and the Blockchain Trilemma

Through a more clever mix of game theory and cryptography, Silvio Micali and his team might have created tomorrow’s infrastructure. Fast, secure and scalable.

95. 2024 Bitcoin Halving: What The Experts Predict

The next bitcoin halving is slated for 2024, and investors expect high volatility leading up to and after the event.

96. Cryptology Vs. Cryptography Vs. Cryptanalysis - Get your Vocabulary Right!

Many new developers are jumping right into coding (usually for those fat paychecks) without learning much about the history of Computer Science. People regarded Alan Turing as the father of Computer Science. He was first a cryptologist and mathematician. Then, he pioneered the field of CS in order to solve cryptological problems.

97. Tokenizing Bitcoin on Ethereum: WBTC vs RENBTC vs HBTC vs BTCpx

Bitcoin users are often unable to explore the decentralized finance market segment. The vast majority of platforms in existence today are built on Ethereum. Even though the BTC and ETH blockchains cannot communicate directly, wrapped tokens can offer a viable solution.

98. 7 Crypto-Predictions for 2021 That Everybody Will Agree With

Learn what awaits crypto in the 2021st, what fosters its mass adoption, how institutional investors fuel industry, and how vaccine may influence bitcoin price

99. All Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fail for the Same Reason

There’s a major contradiction in the cryptocurrency world right now. The invention of Bitcoin was supposed to bring about the new age of finance; one with trustless transactions, frictionless cross-border transactions, and censorship-proof Internet cash.

100. Fake Volumes & Wash Trades on Exchanges: What should we Believe?

Nearly 70% of all cryptocurrency volume displayed on CoinMarketCap is fake. At least, that’s according to the research done by Alameda Research. This is a huge problem for anyone trying to determine what cryptocurrencies are popular and define a strategy based on the market data. While the methodology of estimation may vary, the common principle is the same: researchers exclude the shady exchanges that tend to misreport the volume and leave only the more or less reliable ones, such as Binance or Bittrex.

101. Bitcoin Sharpe Ratio: The Risk And Reward of Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Applying the financial meter stick for evaluating risk-adjusted returns of a (digital) asset, portfolio, or strategy.

102. Best Websites to Buy Bitcoin Directly from Your Device, Anonymously

“Aren’t cryptocurrencies anonymous by default?” I’m sorry to be the one telling this to you, but Bitcoin is not anonymous. At least, not by default. Bitcoin is known as an immutable ledger, a leger that is publicly available and keeps a record of every single transaction that happens on the network. It’s true that anybody can transact Bitcoin, but it’s also true that anyone can see all of those Bitcoin transactions.

103. The Best Time to Buy Crypto was A Year Ago - The Next Best Time is Right Now

Why bear market presents the best opportunity to make money from cryptocurrencies and which coins are worth considering.

104. Will Layer-1 Public Blockchains Rise or Fall in the Next Bull Market?

An analysis of differentiated L1 public blockchains and why they may outperform in the next bull market.

105. Why I'm Bullish On Polkadot And The $DOT Ecosystem

At its core, Polkadot is a highly scalable and fully interoperable blockchain protocol upon which the next generation of the web is being built.

106. Tether Is No More A Cryptocurrency Than Every Other FIAT Money Out There

Tether (USDT) is a controversial stablecoin, to say the least. Having been embroiled in several incidents — most notably concerning its reserves — Tether has somehow managed to stay afloat. And even become the most used stablecoin on the market.

107. The Only Non-Wrong Way to Invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Assets

Under Bitcoin’s leadership, cryptocurrencies have emerged as assets university endowments are investing in and financial institutions are trying to emulate. Blockchain companies have also emerged as top investments of the most forward-thinking venture capitalists. 2017 was a milestone year for crypto but was followed by the extended 2018 bear market.

108. Covid-19 Related Monetary Tsunami's Impact on Bitcoin and Gold Prices

The uncertainties surrounding the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the global economy are gripping both the people and the markets with fear. A global recession is now the best case outcome also for JP Morgan while Goldman Sachs foresees the possibility of a second great depression.

109. Bitcoin UTXO vs Ethereum's Account-Based Blockchain Transactions: Explained Simply

Bitcoin and Ethereum differ in many ways. In this article, I will cover one of their differences: the way they keep track of what coins a user owns.

110. The Halving, 21M Bitcoin, and What it Means for the Next “Bull Run”

As any fan of cryptocurrencies can tell you, the total number of Bitcoin is programmed to be limited to 21 million. Now, this may not seem like much for a cryptocurrency supposed, one day, to replace the dollar, so where does this number come from? When will it be reached? And what is all this talk about a ‘halving’?


Expensive lessons I’ve learned in the past year.

112. Deciphering Pesticide Resistance in the Digital Currency Space

Uncontrolled use of deanonymizing technologies, such as blockchain forensics and darknet monitoring tools can threaten long-term security and safety of digital ecosystems.

113. How I Built a Bot to Help Buy Doge or BTC When Elon Musk’s Tweets About Them

this post contains a lot of affiliate link because all tools that I recommend are necessary to run the bot and provide a simple indirect way to funding the project without charging end-user

114. The 2020 Crypto Money Flow Cycle

Money in the Crypto market flows in a predictably cyclical manner.

115. The Best Cardano Stake Pool To Stake ADA, & The Pros and Cons of Cardano Staking

What makes one stake pool more profitable than others? The pros and cons of staking with Cardano, and how to know which stake pools are best.

116. The 3 Types of Cryptocurrency Traders that are Kicking Your Ass

Illustration by John Wu

117. Predicting Bitcoin's 2021 Peak

Bitcoin's price tends to increase due to the Bitcoin Halving. So how much could Bitcoin's price increase as a result of the recent Halving In May 2020?

118. How To Get Market Cipher Indicators For Free and Use Them To Crush The Market

The 3 of the most coveted indicators for crypto are now live on Aurox.. For FREE! These indicators cost a whopping $1500 but free on Aurox.

119. Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency

There’s one incredible feature of cryptocurrencies that almost everyone seems to have missed, including Satoshi himself.

120. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Three: — Why Privacy Coins Will Rule the Next Bull Run

Welcome to part three of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (check out part one and two), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams of spring comes again. This time I profile the an entire category of projects: privacy coins.

121. Is this the best time to buy Bitcoin or not?

The recent rally has affected many market participants; at such moments, many people are influenced by the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect. But an understanding crypto investor, clearly aware that it's just only beginning.

122. My Favourite Scams these days (Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Forex and NFT scams) — 2021 deep dive

My deep dive into the world of novadays crypto and related scammers. Bit fun and highly educational.

123. A Detailed Breakdown of Bitcoin's Four Year Cycles

In today’s research article, we’ll focus on dissecting Bitcoin’s Four Year Cycle in an effort to better understand Bitcoin’s current price predicament and gain insight into some of the more important technical steps price needs to achieve to ensure future exponential growth.

124. The Eightfold Path of the Legendary Trader

Like many traders, I read Market Wizards as a kid. If you don’t know it, it’s a collection of interviews with the most legendary traders of the 1980s.

125. What Will It Take for Crypto to Boom Again?

Let’s face it:

126. Looking to Invest in a DeFi Project? Here are 5 Ideas Worth Considering

2020 will go into crypto history as the year of DeFi. It has been a long time since we have seen a hype of similar magnitude, probably best comparable to the 2017 ICO hype.

127. Libra, a Cyberpunk Nightmare in the Midst of Crypto Spring

With crypto winter finally over, I’ve turned my heart to the green shoots of spring. But my thoughts are not warm in this first article in the Dreams of Crypto Spring series. I break down the most talked about digital currency in history, Facebook’s Libra, and the dark shadow it casts over the future.

128. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible

So you want to trade cryptocurrency?

129. The Power of Kaspa BlockDAGs: Go Beyond the Blockchain

Introduction to BlockDAG - a technology that can go hand-in-hand with blockchain but also acts as a new meta-technology that challenges it.

130. Bitcoin Bubble 2020 - When's It Gonna Burst?

In recent weeks and days, the crypto markets have been exploding again and Bitcoin is back above the level it was at the end of 2017 with an all-time high based on the market cap.

131. Kurtosis and Bitcoin: A Quantitative Analysis

Financial markets are chaotic. So chaotic, even, that many economists and investors believe market trends to be the product of ‘random walks’ and that prices cannot be predicted (see generally Malkiel). But randomness shouldn't be worrisome. In fact, random price movements can be good. Gaussian random walk, an assumption used by an options pricing model called Black-Scholes, treats intervals of an asset’s price over time as independent variables. By doing so, the changes in price over time, or the returns of an asset, are assumed to be normally distributed. Otherwise stated, “If transactions are fairly uniformly spread across time, and if the number of transactions per day, week, or month is very large, then the Central Limit Theorem leads us to expect that these price changes will have normal or Gaussian distributions” (Fama, 399). When an asset's returns are normally distributed, the probabilities of those returns are known. Knowing these probabilities can give investors a reliable framework accounting for the risk of holding said asset. When it comes to bitcoin, much has been said about how risky it is. The purpose of this article is to explore how to frame risk and to test how well traditional assumptions, implicit in derivatives pricing, apply to bitcoin.

132. Is Buy and Hold Really the Best Strategy in Crypto?

There are a lot of these proverbs that get thrown around the trading community like “cut your losses short, let your winners run”, “buy the dip”, “never add to a losing trade”, “don’t try to catch a falling knife” etc. Yes, intuitively they sound about right, but how much truth there really is behind them?

133. DeFi: It's Time We Really Started Looking At Blockchains Beyond Ethereum

The mother of DeFi is Etheurem, but the true DeFi platform the world needs now is Bitcoin-based, which follows the original idea of Satoshi Nakomoto.

134. Where Can Canadians Buy Bitcoin: A Review of The 4 Most Popular Crypto-Exchanges

Canada’s relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrency has had dramatic highs and lows.

135. With the Death of Cash, Privacy Faces a Deeply Uncertain Future

The Coming Death of Cash and the Battle for the Future of Money. In One Future We have a Private, Anonymous Alternative to Cash but in the Black Mirror Future t

136. Why Everyone Missed the Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years

You’ve never heard of Yuji Ijiri. But back in 1989 he created something incredible.

137. The Instability of Stablecoins

Three months ago we held a vigil for the death of the cryptocurrency bull market. Last month, my HodlBot portfolio went up by 50%. What a wild ride.

138. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Two: Blockstack and the Great Pendulum of History

Welcome to part two of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (part one is here), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams of spring comes again. This time I profile one of the biggest and best companies in the space, Blockstack.

139. Adding Messages On The Bitcoin Blockchain - A How-To Guide


140. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Analysis

So you read the original Cryptocurrency Trading Bible and you jumped head first into the great game?

141. Everything Wrong with Bitcoin in 2019

This editorial was first published in Coinmonks, now re-syndicated with permission and discretion of the original author to reach wider audiences.

142. The Financial System Laid Bare [My Two Cents]

A Pocket Economics Guide To Where Money Comes From

143. Simulating a Prolonged Cryptocurrency Bear Market with the Monte Carlo Method

Half-way into 2018, it’s become clear that we’ve strayed far away from the jubilant exuberance that characterized the peak months of December and January.

144. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 9: Blockchain Around the World

The blockchain is a cryptography-focused architecture based on the internet protocol, powered by networked computer servers that do not need to be set up by developers.

145. 7 Best Crypto Saving Accounts to Earn Up To 12% Bitcoin Interest

Earning interest on your crypto can be an effective way to increase your cryptocurrency holdings

146. DeFi on Bitcoin: How Sovryn is Answering The Final Criticism Against Bitcoin

Unbank banking and make the underbanked financially sovereign. After all, a major part of freedom is being able to freely use your own assets. DeFi and Bitcoin.

147. The Greatest Trading Books Ever Written

{NOTE: If you’re an avid reader of mine be sure to check out my new podcast, The Daily PostHuman because everyone needs a regular dose of the future!}

148. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part One: Mattereum and the Internet of Agreements

Welcome to part one of my new series Surviving Crypto Winter, where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at getting through the storm and thriving when spring comes again. Today I kick it off with co-author Carly E. Howard, JD, LLM as we profile Mattereum.

149. Learn Blockchains by Building One

The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one

150. The Empire Strikes Back with a Coordinated War on Crypto

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO, ITALY. MAY 16, 2015. Portrait of Darth Vader costume replica with grab hand and his sword. Care of ShutterStock for editorial use.

151. Mastering Shitcoins II - The Poor Man's Guide to Getting Rich

in this follow-up to my 2017 crypto investment guide, I look back at how the portfolio did 3 years later, talk about what I’ll do differently this time.

152. Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Four: Secrets of the Bitmex Masters

“Do you Mex?”

153. What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years?

Prediction is a tricky business.

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