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15 New Reasons to Add 'Hacker Noon Writer' to Your Tinder Bio 💦

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@natashaNatasha Nel

👋 I'm the VP of Editorial Strategy here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.

*Not least of which: Hacker Noon's new Open Trello Roadmap for Writers. This content was originally published in the form of a newsletter to Hacker Noon's global community of over 12k contributing writers. To join that list, get published on Hacker Noon.

Hey there, Hacker 👋

You're receiving this email because at some point between now and Independence Dayyou wrote and published a story on Hacker Noon.

For that, both our whole team and a better internet at large is grateful for your contribution! 

We thought it best to start Thanking You — our global network of 12k+ contributors — with this new monthly email, designed to better connect our writing community, particularly in these certifiably batshit times

We hope you'll hit reply and let us know what would make this email really valuable to you every month. Until you do, we hope you enjoy Hacker Noon's first new and super exclusive contributor newsletter.

"Without further ado..."

🎁April Commits 
Things our devs did to make your day better.

You can now embed CodePen and CodeSandbox projects into your stories! Just paste a url into a new line in the editor and hit enter. There are a few additional options with CodeSandbox for showing specific tabs.


More key HN Knowledge you might've missed in light of, well, everything.

Your Hacker Noon stories — now also distributed via Google News. 


Houston, we have Hacker Noon wallpapers. 

Plus, for Apple users - if you’re running on mojave or later, you can use the .heic files where the wallpaper will change according to the time of day! ☀️ 


We're also kind of big-ish on GIPHY.

Arthur (who you'll meet later) recently got waaay into creating cusom gifs for the Hacker Noon account, and, well, our giphy's been blowing up, in a good way.

🌏 Back To The Internet
The Most Viewed Content Published on Hacker Noon in April 

  1. Best Programming Languages to Start Freelancing in 2020 by @yassine-rachid 
  2. 19 Little-Known Programming Myths by @momchil 
  3. Python for Data Science: How to Scrape Website Data via the Internet's Top 300 APIs by @scrapingdog
  4. Pornhub Growth Hack During Coronavirus Pandemic by @TRXMan — unique views: 11,861
  5. How I Solve Problems as a Developer by @jure 
  6. Top Python Resources for Beginners by @cyrilmichino 
  7. How to 10X Your Code [And Your Salary] by @momchil 
  8. CromaApp: My First React Native App After 7 Years of Backend Development by @kamalkishor1991 

👾 Pixelated Faces 
This month's featured contributors.

@arthur.tkachenko really needs to finish his platform for foodies and recipe creators but mostly he's too busy publishing record high numbers of your story submissions for Hacker Noon each week, as our in-house (well, in-Ukraine, technically) Software Development Editor. 


@linh used to be the COO of Hacker Noon but then she discovered a latent talent for high-brow journalism at the intersection of tech, culture, politics, and current affairs. "Real journalism" or not, @linh still let's us make her content accessible to readers for free, forever on Hacker Noon. 


Keen to get your own face pixelated by Hacker Noon's head of creative? 

Submit a top tech story within the next week and tag it #pixel-face to stand a chance to be one of next month's featured contributors.


🐛 Oh and one last HUGE Announcement
We're terrified of the worms likely to crawl out of this can, but...

You can now have your say on one feature our devs have agreed to deploy next month!

We're opening up the roadmap process just a teeny tiny bit: if there's a fix/innovation/feature that'd change your life as a Hacker Noon Writer, we want to know about it. 


That's it from us at Hacker Noon Editorial this month. We hope you like our new Contributor Newsletter! Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Natasha from Hacker Noon


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