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142 Stories To Learn About Angular

by Learn RepoApril 2nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Angular via these 142 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Angular via these 142 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Angular was like, doing React's job before it was cool.

1. Adding the loading component (spinner) to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the loading (spinner) component using the ngx-spinner library.

2. How to Implement Micro Frontend Architecture Based on Angular

Building Micro Frontend helps the app development process to be enhanced in multiple ways. Here we described how to integrate such approach based on Angular.

3. Building Progressive Web Application (PWA) with Angular

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the Progressive Web Application (PWA) using the @angular/pwa library.

4. Virtual DOM, Reconciliation And Diffing Algorithm Explained Simply

Ever wondered what makes react so fast ? Here's a detailed explanation why react is fast and what is virtual DOM.

5. Implementing A Confirm Password Field in Angular Template Form Without A Custom Validator

When you try to make a confirm password or a retype email field using Angular template-driven forms, you might think it will be as easy as using a validate equal attribute that would take the other field's reference or name and produce an error if the two fields aren't matching,

6. Top 7 Best Frontend Development Frameworks and When To Use Them

For the past few years, Frontend developers have shown partiality towards React, with Vue.js and Angular tagging behind closely. Comparative interest in Vue has held back a bit due to the long-awaited and somewhat delayed Vue 3.0 release. Similarly, the interest in Angular has decreased due to the long delay in shipping Ivy (its frontend renderer).

7. Single Page Applications: The Rise of Web Apps in 2020

We all need to agree that when it comes to technology, things are unpredictable. Whether you’re a startup enabler, entrepreneur or developer you need to keep yourself updated for two reasons:

8. Creating and validating a reactive form to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and creating and validating a reactive form.

9. How to Reset Password with Node.js and Angular [Part 2]

In this 2nd part of our tutorial, we are going to continue our journey of creating reset password functionality. In the 1st part, we completed the back-end with Node.js Express and Node mailer, created an API which will use in this part in Angular. Let’s get started.

10. The Main Differences Between Angular, React, and Vue

Gathered review of the major used frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue. We compared them by the most crucial criteria for deciding on one of them for a project.

11. Applying Angular Runtime Configurations in Dockerized Environments

With the shift to Cloud-first and the rise of managed infrastructure and orchestrations such as EWS, Azure AKS or GCP clusters the application landscape needs to prepare and adjust itself to match newly rising requirements. This is for such nothing new nor unknown, but acknowledging this fact is one and probably the first important step.

12. 7+ Best Courses to Learn Web Development for Beginners

Hello all, if you are thinking to learn about Web Development or want to become a web developer then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best online courses you can take to learn Web development in depth.

13. Opinionated or Not: Choosing the Right Framework for the Job

There’s a foundational question that every project starts with: accept the freedom to roll your own solutions along with the burdens that go with it, or take the chance to use sensible defaults that allow you to move quickly, but hide a multitude of decisions and set you on a prescriptive path.

14. Harnessing the power of Mixins in Angular

What is a mixin? As per version 2.2, TypeScript now supports the concept of a mixin - a function that can take a class, extend it with some functionality, and then return the new class, allowing other classes to extend from it - allowing classes to mix and share functionalities!

15. Is Angular Still Worth Learning in 2022? Extended Edition

A fresh perspective on if Angular is dying or if it's still worth learning in 2022!

16. 🎉 Introducing Spottr - Your Spotify Stats Year-Round

Spottr is a PWA built to view your Spotify listening stats year-round.

17. What are Router Events in Angular?

During each navigation, the Router emits navigation events through the property allowing you to track the lifecycle of the route.

18. An Ode To Angular JS as It Embraces the End of Life

AngularJS has retired. Time to show respect in the form of an ode.

19. 10 Useful JavaScript Functions to Learn

Read about the 10 must-know JavaScript array functions.

20. Debugging Angular Application in Production mode

Debugging Angular Application in Production mode

21. Server-Side Rendering in Angular

The technology that allows us to run our Angular applications on the server is described in the Angular docs as Angular Universal.

22. Angular vs React vs Vue: Which is the Best Choice for 2019?

23. Creating and validating a template-driven form to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and creating and validating a template-driven form.

24. 16 JavaScript Protips [2020 Edition]

When I began learning JavaScript, I made a list of every time-saving trick that I found in other people’s code, on code challenge websites, and anywhere other than the tutorials I was using.

25. Angular vs React vs Vue: The Most Versatile Programming Language for 2020

Front end development has never been so popular earlier than now.  The powerful comeback of javascript has gained an enormous advantage and the single age applications easily replaced the old traditional web apps. The apps are now more powerful with the more focus over the first gate for your app, called the user interface.

26. Understanding React (Routing) with your Angular Knowledge

Welcome to my React learning guide if you’re an Angular developer. On this series, I’ll provide you all the steps to develop the “Getting Started with Angular: Your First App” using React.

27. 10 Cool Angular Material Admin Dashboard Templates

Speaking about frameworks for making web applications, we must consider worldwide known Angular, which goes in two different versions — Angular or AngularJS.

28. Adding the Google reCAPTCHA v2 to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the Google reCAPTCHA v2 using the ng-recaptcha library.

29. What are the Best UI Component Libraries for Angular in 2022?

It's no secret that Angular is one of the most popular full-stack frameworks with component libraries accessible today.

30. How to Setup Different Environments for Dockerized Angular App with Nginx

Here I’m going to suggest to you a very simple deployment practice that we can follow in regards to deploy an Angular-based front-end app.

31. 2019 in Frontend Development: JS, TS, React, Vue & More

Originally published on

32. Angular Server Side Rendering State Transfer For HTTP Requests

This tutorial extends the SSR explained on Server-side rendering (SSR) with Angular Universal page. This tutorial fixes the content flash occurs on SSR write after page loads due to content refresh caused by data received through network requests. If you are crazy about PageSpeed/Web Vitals score as much as me, this will help you to improve:

33. Adding the social media share buttons component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the social media share buttons component using the ngx-sharebuttons library.

34. 6 JavaScript Courses To Land Your Next High Paying Job

35. Sharing Reusable Angular Components

When building Angular applications you compose the UI of your applications through shared reusable Angular components.

36. Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis on Angular

I was writing a chat bot where a user interacts with a machine learning powered bot, then I wanted to write a general example application for anybody to use it. In this application, there will not be any intelligence. The bot will simply recite what it heard so that anyone can implement his/her own logic.

37. Building Shared Access Shopping Cart With Angular & Firebase

Retail illustration by Sail Ho Studio

38. How we created the first low-code prototyping tool that generates Angular code for non-coders

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you’ve created the product, met the user's needs but there are no results? Still, when you entered the market, you were sure that everything would be okay. We’ve been there.

39. Folder Structure of Angular Applications

Today we are discussing another angular topic which is the folder structure of angular applications.

40. Angular Vs. React: Choosing a Front-End Web Stack

Web development is an Art.

41. Using Open Source AWS Amplify JS with Cognito to Secure Angular Apps

This article shows how to set up the Cognito UserPools JWT authentication flow and how it will integrate with an Angular Web Application.

42. Upgrading Angular From v8 to v13

Upgrading from Angular 8 to 13 - the most common errors and their respective solutions

43. Which Front-End Framework Is Better? A Comparison Between Angular and React

This article compares two powerful open-source front-end technologies, Angular and React.

44. React vs Angular: Why Is React So Much More Popular

In this blog, we will give you a clear idea of which one is better - React vs Angular and help you make the final decision.

45. Angular v14's New Features

Angular v14 is available. Here are the new features and improvements from this new version such as streamlined page titles, ng modules and new commands.

46. Authentication using the Auth0 to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 with authentication using the Auth0 service.

47. Fundamental Concepts of Angular

Fundamental Concepts of Angular for beginners to advanced level developers.

48. My Top Seven JavaScript Frameworks

As the new year unfolds, we must catch, up on the latest technologies for 2020 that can help our businesses grow. Talking about web development, JavaScript plays a huge role in building server-side, client-side, desktop and mobile apps. Known as the primary language for web development, JavaScript can design apps aligned with many features and functionalities to develop interactive user-interfaces. With several numbers of JavaScript frameworks that are available in the market today, it can be a difficult task to choose one for your project. Before you hire a dedicated developer, let’s go through the list of the leading Frameworks that are best to use for your next project in 2020.

49. JS Community Reacts to George Floyd’s Death

The killing by Minnesota police of George Floyd grabbed the media's attention recently. Nobody can be indifferent to this heinous crime, and the JS community has also reacted to the incident.

50. Authentication in an Angular Application Using Supabase

Application example built with Angular 14 with authentication using the Supabase service.

51. Angular 8.0 Has Arrived: What to Expect and How to Upgrade?

Finally, Angular 8 is prepared to hit the market. But wait, Angular 7 will be available till April 2020, and it still serves your purpose, you may not need to upgrade to Angular 8 till then. But keeping the advantages and value additions in mind, you may consider upgrading to Angular 8.

52. How To Setup Caching in Nodejs

How to use decorators to implement in a few lines of code a coaching mechanism for both node and web application

53. npkill — The solution to deleting node_modules easily, with style


54. Adding the log component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the log component using the ngx-logger library.

55. Angular and Django Integration in One Project

For those times, when you ought to do things which you don’t want to do.

56. Hosting an Angular Application on Amazon S3 Using Github Actions

Application example built with Angular 14 and hosted on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) using GitHub Actions.

57. How To Access Properties Of Objects On Observables Like A True Expert

Hi, fellow RxJS streamer! 👋

58. Adding the map Leaflet component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map component using the leaflet library.

59. How to Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot with AngularJS [Step-By-Step Guide]

There are numerous posts about developing a chatbot using Dialogflow. But creating chatbot isn’t enough. Connecting Dialogflow to the web interface is even more interesting and challenging. With Angular being a popular and emerging platform, here is our guide to integrate Dialogflow chatbot with Angular JS.

60. Creating a Short Number Format Pipe Using Angular8

To improve readability instead of displaying full numbers very often there is a need to display shortened numbers. Here is an example of how to create your own customisable short number pipe in Angular8.

61. Authentication using the Amazon Cognito to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 with authentication using the Amazon Cognito service.

62. Adding charts using the Highcharts library to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding charts using the highcharts library.

63. Introducing An Open Source Backend Server for Mobile & Web Developers

Appwrite is a new open-source, end to end backend server for frontend and mobile developers that allows you to build apps a lot faster. Appwrite goal is to abstract and simplify common development tasks behind REST APIs and tools, to help developers build advanced apps way faster.

64. How CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) Works?

If you are a web developer, you must have seen the ‘CORS’ error appearing often on your screen when you try to call the API. But, Why does it happen?

65. What is ECMAScript and How is it Different From JavaScript?

Many times developers use JavaScript and ECMAScript synonymously for each other. Though they are very closely linked to each other, it does not mean they are the same thing.

66. The Importance Of Selecting The Right Frontend Framework

Creating a new product comes with lots of ideas and requires numerous technologies. The idea of choosing the right framework matters a lot. Learn how to choose

67. 7 jQuery-Free Admin Dashboard Templates Built with React, Vue or Angular

Recently we decided to make our templates jQuery-free. Please enjoy this list of admin dashboard templates without jQuery dependencies.

68. React vs Angular: Choosing the Best Option for Front-end Development

React.js and Angular are equally good at building web-based applications. Some of the world projects are built with React.js.

69. 9 Reasons Why Angular JS is Amazing

The days of messy sites, broken links, and unresponsive sites are out of date. It's time to embrace the era of modern web development. Interactive, responsive, and impeccably designed sites, although there are many variables that make a site efficient; The way data shows data is of paramount importance. That's when JavaScript intervenes. AngularJS is an advanced framework introduced by Google.

70. Adding the notification component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the notification component using the ngx-toastr library.

71. How to Integrate a Rich Text Editor into Angular Forms

Out of the box, Angular forms are powerful and versatile. Even though Angular forms are versatile, we’ve found that clients need more flexibility when interacting with their applications. For example, a form isn’t the best medium for generating complex, formatted documents such as an email.

72. React vs Angular: Final Thoughts

React versus Angular when learning a new framework, which should you use?

73. The Best Front-End Frameworks for UI/UX: Future-Proof Careers

The Best Front-end frameworks are future-proof and supply the best design solution to the UI experts. There are diverse options in the market for C++ and Java

74. Component-Driven Collaboration

Component-Driven Collaboration (CDC) is a way to build frontend code, as a team, by delivering code updates as meaningful independent components. CDC can be contrasted by the "traditional" way of delivering updates with no clear borders, meaning or purpose.

75. Logistic Regression: Train Model In Python And Use It on Angular Front End

Demo for this article can be found here.

76. Is There a High Demand for React Programmers?

React.js is one of the most demanding frameworks on the market; it is now used by 31.3 percent of all professionals globally. Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Airbnb, and other leading IT companies utilise the tool to develop scalable, easy-to-maintain systems. Why are corporations so interested in implementing React.js?

77. Make a Choice Between React, Angular, and Vue to Create Web Apps

As market trends begin to shift towards front-end development, it’s easy to question which JavaScript framework is in demand. Is it React, Angular or Vue? It’s a kind of game that makes you confused about which one you should pick up for your next web development project. It is even more confusing when you are just entering the trade game. A lot of startups and entrepreneurs don’t even realize which one is the right front-end framework for their web project.

78. 13 Angular App Optimization Tips for Frontend Developers

How to optimize an Angular app? First, we need to consider how we understand optimization as such. Optimization helps achieve better app performance and easier code maintenance. Optimization is not a checklist or a to-do-list, and there is no universal way to optimize your app.

79. Adding the Bootstrap CSS framework to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the Bootstrap CSS framework using the bootstrap and @ng-bootstrap libraries.

80. Top 7 Dark-Themed Admin Templates For Your Next Project

If you don’t have any definite preferences in design, you should try dark colors, because dark themes look so stylish and become more and more popular. That is why we decided to find the most amazing React, Angular and Vue admin templates with dark themes. If you ever googled admin templates then you probably know that there are tons of them and that is fine to be on the fence about which one to choose. If you are not sure whether to use admin dashboards templates or not you can read the article about the benefits of admin templates. The incorrect choice of an admin template may lead to a giant waste of time and money – so it’s the decision you should think about for a while.

81. Splitting Angular Applications Into Micro Front-Ends

The alternative approach of designing huge applications.

82. Beginner in Front-End? Don't Learn React, Angular or Vue

In the first steps as a programmer , people really lose their way trying to find their passion and they keep asking themself a lot of questions like: what should I learn? maybe front-end web development, or maybe Cloud computing, Machine learning engineering is better for me ,nah back-end web development is the one chosen for me .

83. Desktop Application Development in ElectronJS Using Angular

As of today, a program is an interface, a bridge between a computer and a user. There is another word that has been labeled to it, which is called an application. An application would be a good use of anyone's time in making themselves productive. Well, considering the smartphone count in regards to the personal computer count, there are more mobile applications than desktop applications. This leaves a very big grey area for the desktop users, in finding applications that are productive.

84. The Right Approach to Technical Challenges and Getting Hired

I’m a Fullstack Developer with over 13 years of professional experience. I use .NET/.NET Core as my primary tool and have a passion for front-end development too. I’m quite versed in using vanilla JavaScript along with the Angular framework (since AngularJS 1.3 version). Working as a full-time Senior Developer.

85. Introduction to Strapi : Headless CMS for Building Web Applications

Strapi is an open-source Headless CMS that gives developers the freedom to choose their favorite tools and frameworks.

86. Angular or React: Which One Should You Choose and Why

When to Choose React? When to Choose Angular? Features of React Features of Angular JS History of React JS History of Angular JS React vs. Angular: The Complete Comparison Advantages of React js Advantages of Angular js Disadvantages of React jsDisadvantages of Angular js Which is Better?

87. Adding the Google reCAPTCHA v3 to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the Google reCAPTCHA v3 component using the ng-recaptcha library.

88. Top Angular Admin Templates

People reviewing admin templates usually think about what kind of intro they should start the article with. But let’s be honest, no one is ever interested in these. People just scroll down and go straight to the point. So this time we thought we’ll skip the intro at all. We won’t explain why and how exactly using admin panels can save you money, you can read about it here.

89. Step Up Your Game and Start Using Nest

NestJs is an easy-to-learn and powerful framework. The beginner's guide for developers will teach you how to create an application using the NestJS framework.

90. You Learned a Programming Language, But How Do You Start Coding?

Anytime I visit r/programming, without fail, there’s a post of a programmer that goes “I’ve completed Sololearn courses, read through coding books, and finished my CS curriculum. I even understand most programming jokes. So, am I already good enough?”.

91. The Ultimate Guide to Angular for Non-Technical Founders

In this guide, I’m going to give you in-depth knowledge of a very popular and widely used client-side framework called Angular. This guide intends to help founders of non-technical background who wish to learn the basic idea behind Angular. It will also help you make a decision if it’s the right choice for your upcoming project, and, subsequently what a front-end developer must know about Angular and how to hire angular developers in the current scenario.

92. Introducing the at() Method for JavaScript Arrays

This article is about latest ecma script or ES22 update of at() method of array. at() method of array is used for getting the value based on index

93. Javascript Cheatsheet: Spread Operators

This Javascript Cheatsheet for Spread Operators explains the use case scenarios and the basic concepts behind Spread Operators when coding in Javascript.

94. Angular 14: New Features and Updates

Angular 14's new features include standalone components, strictly typed forms, CLI Auto-Completion, accessibility to streamlined titles and the angular CDK.

95. A Guide to State Management in Angular Using Ngrx (Version 12)

An Angular Reactive Extension is NgRx. Based on the Redux pattern, it is a state management system. It enables complex state management.

96. Internationalization in CSS

Internationalization In CSS

Prepare your designs for an international audience.

97. Monolith vs Composite UI - Future of UI Development?

Using Composite UI in angular is one way to use a multiservice application in the backend that has a few advantages over the conventional, Monolith architecture

98. Hosting an Angular application on GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions

Application example built with Angular 15 and hosted on GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions.

99. Expect the Unexpected With Angular & RxJS

Let’s create a simple Angular application that will load the data of a github user, and then (not) beautifully crash when trying to load a non-existent one.

100. Node.js Vs AngularJS: Which is Best for your Web App?

Now when you understand well the difference between both the platforms, you must agree with the fact that both the platforms are great as well in their respect.

101. Sharing Observables: Preventing Identical Http Calls

Assume the following case: You have an Angular/Ionic project that has multiple components that need the same resource. When the app loaded, the components will start getting the fresh data from the backend. Hence you will probably see multiple identical calls in the Network tab.

102. Are Angular and Angular JS The Same?

In this article, we figure out the key differences between Angular and AngularJS open source tools for front end developers to make the usage of these frameworks, terms, and names more conscious. But before we start to compare, let’s clarify what these names mean.

103. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular

When you need to create a Single Page Application, your first idea should be to search for the best framework to implement it. We have a lot of frameworks but 3 are very famous: Angular, React, and Vue.js. Today I will teach you about Angular, its advantages, disadvantages, and how you can start to learn it.

104. Component Interactions in Angular

Today, we are going to talk about Angular Component Communication, the last version of Angular is @9, but I will show definitions to communicate in all angular versions, probably it will be in the angular platform for a long time. If you need to start with basic concepts in Angular I recommend for you the tour of heroes tutorial before reading this article.

105. Why you Should Choose AngularJS over React in 2022

It's a good idea to use angular development framework in 2022 since it doesn't require any unnecessary antiquated code and has a slew of amazing capabilities.

106. How Pagination Works in GraphQL

In this post, we'll compare different pagination methods in GraphQL and learn how to configure a REST directive to perform cursor-based pagination with StepZen

107. Testing Angular Apps with Cypress

Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework that provides a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use platform for testing web applications.

108. NX Generators: The Solution to Boring Tasks

NX generators are a powerful tool for automating repetitive and tedious tasks in software development.

109. How to Compile Angular Component To HTML String With All The Bindings

Compile Angular Component To HTML String With All The Bindings

110. Set or Update New Title and Meta Tag - Angular

Set or Update new Title and Meta Tag- Angular

111. Using Angular to Detect Network Connection Status - Online/Offline

How to detect if the network connection is Online/Offline with Angular - RXJS

112. Achieving a High Return on Investment in Your Testing Efforts in Angular

Testing is often considered a necessary but time-consuming and ineffective task in software development.

113. The Top 10 Benefits of Angular for Web Development

Angular was designed with performance in mind. It's fast and efficient, making it a great choice for high website traffic.

114. Render Lists using Infinite Scroll in AngularJS

How to build infinite virtual scrolling lists in Angular to deal with situations with long lists of data efficiently and without compromising on performance.

115. Quickly Create an Angular Datagrid in Your Web Application

Learn how to quickly create an Angular datagrid in your web application. See more from Wijmo today.

116. How "This" Binding Works in JavaScript

In this article, we will learn how "This" binding works in Javascript.

117. Optimal Communication Between Microfrontends and Cross-microfrontend Optimization

In this article, we will discuss different options for sharing state and code between micro-frontends and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

118. Debugging Angular Applications: The Tool You Need to Know

Angular DevTools is a great tool to make app development faster and more efficient.

119. Interview with Ajdin Imsirovic on Angular and Frontend Web Development

Today I'm pleased to interview Ajdin Imsirovic, senior developer, author and teacher of two brand new Angular courses on Learnetto - The Free Visual Guide to Getting Started with Angular and The Complete Practical Angular Course.

120. Understanding AngularJS Transclusion Directive

A ngTransclude directive is a thing I often found in many examples, yet I think it is not well explained in the official docs. I was never really sure how to use it, and I am sure I am not the only one. As I found, the general concept is not difficult, but documentation, which uses lots of big words, makes it hard to understand. I decided to create a quick user guide to describe how you can use ng-transclude with a short but expository example.

121. How to Leverage Salesforce via a Client Written In Angular

In this series article, John Vester introduces an Angular application and NgRx state management to read data from Salesforce for use by a basic component.

122. Web Assembly, Automation and Cooking With Noonies Nominee Stanley Lim

Stanley Lim is nominated for 2 awards (Angular and Webdev) for the 2021 Noonies. He is a software engineer at Snap and author of Cirrus CSS.

123. How to Create an Angular Library to Publish on NPM

Libraries and packages help to abstract reusable code and improve efficiency during development. Learn how to create libraries for the Angular ecosystem.

124. The Difference Between Angular, NPM, and Node.js

There's a lot of confusion around the terms Angular, NPM, and NodeJs. What are they? And how do they interact with each other?

125. Adding the internationalization (i18n) component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map Leaflet component using the leaflet library.

126. An Essential Guide to Angular User Login and Registration (Cookies and JWT)

In this guide, we will design and implement a complete solution for user authentication including user login, registration, and account confirmation.

127. Here's How I Got Started With Kubernetes: Part I

While scheduling classes for my final semester of college, I was very eager to do something different. Like many of my computer science peers, I had grown tired of the typical class where we have to reinvent the wheel when learning new concepts.

128. Everything You Need To Know About Angular Material Components

A good UI design also increases user interaction on your website and makes it easy for users to get things done.

129. Adding the Map Component Using the AWS Services to an Angular App

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map MapLibre component using the Amazon Amplify Geo and Amazon Location Service services.

130. Understanding The RxJS Autorun Process

Hey, RxJS streamers! 🙋‍♂️

131. How to Integrate Traditional Cloud Development With Salesforce

Heroku provides the necessary components to integrate cloud services with Salesforce to easily create a burndown chart to track performance.

132. Adding the ESLint to an Angular Application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the ESLint using @angular-eslint/schematics library.

133. Adding the map TomTom component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map component using the @tomtom-international/web-sdk-maps library.

134. Protect Angular Code Against Theft and Reverse-Engineering

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to protect your Angular code from being stolen or reverse-engineered, by leveraging the power of Jscrambler.

135. Angular & Spring Boot - Using Serenity BDD for Integration Testing

Learn how to write fluent integration tests for modern web applications!

136. Delivering Static Web Content on Heroku [A How-To Guide]

My primary goal is to find a solution that allows my limited time to be focused on providing business solutions instead of getting up to speed with DevOps processes.

137. Creating an Angular Blog With Scully and Deploying on Netlify

Learn how to make your personal site from scratch using Angular and Scully. Top it up with an easy deployment via netlify.

138. Angular vs AngularJS: What is the Difference

The fact that Angular is based on TypeScript and AngularJS is based on JavaScript is one of the most significant differences between the two frameworks.

139. Tracking the Worst Sci-Fi Movies With Angular and Slash GraphQL

A Slash GraphQL service instance contains everything needed to provide data to an Angular app. Let’s make a fun demonstration using some of the worst movies.

140. Use DocRaptor to Add Output Options to a Full-Stack Application

Learn how to add DocRaptor to convert HTML to a PDF with advanced features, such as custom headers, footers, watermarks, and endless styling options.

141. SPA Tracking & Monitoring: How to Build Better Single-Page Applications With Real User Monitoring

Did you know roughly half of the users that visit your website leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Optimizing your website or webapp for stellar performance is always a crucial goal for any software-based business.

142. Hosting an Angular application on GitHub Pages using Travis CI

Application example built with Angular 15 and hosted on GitHub Pages using Travis CI.

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