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132 Stories To Learn About Robotics

by Learn RepoAugust 27th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Robotics via these 132 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Robotics via these 132 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Robotics aren't just here to stay, they'll continously play a bigger role in our lives. Read about the latest here.

1. Top 5 Technology Innovations in 2020 You Have to Be Ready For

The current year is replete with technological innovations that are capable of plotting a vector for the development of the entire industry for 2020 and subsequent years. The AI-operated robotic hand Dactyl that solves Rubik’s cube with one hand, the BERT, an advanced voice assistant, that launched a rocket into natural language understanding, smart watches with electrocardiogram sensors embedded – all these 2019 innovations allow us to suggest that the era of digital dystopia is just around the corner. With the tech industry becoming more advanced, cyber threats are expected to be complex and far-reaching. Fortunately, the cyber defence industry is not rest on its laurels, even now there are lots of methods to protect yourself from threats (you can read about it on Cooltechzone).

2. How The Healthcare Industry Can Best Utilise Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Healthcare has more than its fair share of monotonous, time-consuming tasks that prevent employees from focusing on more productive activities.

3. "Success will be found because developers are lazy"

Ever wonder why you are felling anxious about the Universe? Come here to find out why!

[4. Interview with Priyanshu,

Founder of Hyperspawn Robotics]( Hyperspawn Robotics is developing humanoid robots that precisely mimic human movements and can be controlled remotely using VR gear from anywhere in the world.

5. 7 Reasons to Start Automating Business with Bots

(Original: Unsplash)

6. The Many Types of Robots That You Don't Hear About Everyday

The industrial revolution has brought up many changes in human life. Scientists are in a continuous state of the effort to make life easy and simple. They are working on complex structures to bring such inventions that are helpful in various aspects. The scientists have converted impossible to possible. Robotics is one of the key inventions that seem impossible at the start of the nineteenth century. These masterpieces are so incredible that when someone sees their work and benefits, he simply says wow.

7. Robotic Vision: Connecting Asus Xtion Live Depth Camera to Raspberry Pi

An important part of the robot is its eyes and perception of the outside world. For this purpose, the Depth Camera is well suited.

8. An Honest Tale of How We Built a Humanoid Robot

Robo-C is an anthropomorphic robot built to interact with humans.

9. “A robot army isn’t an ideal opponent, but I would have a water gun”

Naturally, another good portion of the population would be trying to destroy everything around them for stupidity’s sake.

10. Building a Raspberry Pi + ESP32 Drone: My First Steps Into Robotics

A journey from a web developer to a drone maker, with all of the problems and solutions that come with making a drone using a Raspberry Pi and ESP32.

11. Telepresence Robots Are the Future of Remote Work – An Interview With Double Robotics

Founded in 2011, Double Robotics is the world’s leading provider of telepresence robots. Their first product line is called Double, with the third model, the Double 3, shipping in late September of 2019. Their robots use mixed reality and computer vision to navigate in the real world, avoiding obstacles in their path. Their telepresence robots have been featured in numerous television programs and have received great feedback from big-name customers like MIT Sloan and LinkedIn.

12. Robotic Process Automation + Machine Learning = Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation has generated a lot of buzz across many different industries. As businesses focus on digital innovation, automation of repetitive tasks to increase efficiency while decreasing human errors is an attractive proposition.

13. Robotic Process Automation BI Facts And Myth

According to a recent study from Harvard Business Review, there's an immense appetite for learning from your company data. Regardless of industry, decision-makers worldwide know they can harness data to make the right strategic calls, whether they are corporate leaders, salespeople, nurses, or technicians.

14. Could the Tech in "Tomorrowland" Movie Become a Reality by 2050?

Two things appear to be repetitively accurate about emerging technologies. First, content production studios often set unrealistic expectations on what’s possible and what isn’t with new devices and systems. Second, innovators of all types are doing their best to catch up with fiction and sometimes have to remind everybody that what’s onscreen can be misleading.

15. Why is Motion Planning the Big Trend Now?

Robot motion planning? Is not motion planning complicated!? Not necessarily. If you ever have used a GPS, you can easily understand motion planning with offline programming.

16. 7 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Predictions for 2020

Robotic Process Automation is growing at an unprecedented clip. Here are 7 RPA predictions for 2020 in this multi-billion-dollar industry.

17. Smartphones Are Now Control Hubs for Personal Service Robots

The next decade will see huge strides in artificial intelligence and connectivity, supported by the internet of things. All this creates the technological foundation for the growing smart home market, especially in the domestic robot segment. In its global forecast, MarketAndMarkets predicts that the global value of domestic robot market will hit $9.1 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 22.4%.

18. Thinking of Buying Stereo Cameras? Read This Product Comparison.

To pique your curiosity about robotics, we bring you the product review you were waiting for, a comparison between real sense cameras, one of the main hardware pieces used in all types of robots.

19. How Intelligent Systems and Robots Will Be Designed In The Near Future

As of now, designing parts for an intelligent system involves building up the parts from the ground up. From 2D sketches to a feasible and robust part that can be manufactured based on given constraints of cost, material, and maximum weight. This often takes days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the parts that comprise the intelligent system.

20. Between the Hows and Whys of Artificial Intelligence [feat. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly]

Artificial intelligence can mean a lot of things. It’s been used as a catch-all for various disciplines in computer science including robotics, natural language processing, or artificial neural networks. That’s because, generally speaking, when we talk about artificial intelligence we’re always talking about the simulation of human thought by a mechanical process.

21. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Who’s At Fault When Robots Kill?

Up to now, any robots brushing with the law were always running strictly according to their code. Fatal accidents and serious injuries usually only happened through human misadventure or improper use of safety systems and barriers. We’ve yet to truly test how our laws will cope with the arrival of more sophisticated automation technology — but that day isn’t very far away.

22. How to Make a Cost-effective Flexible Robotic Solution for Low-volume Production

How modular architecture and AI software helped us to create a cheap, efficient robotic solution for short production.

23. The Rise of Drones in Different Industries

Description: Whether you follow technological developments or not, you cannot escape from hearing about drones. Drone technology is developing at the speed of light and they are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays almost everyone wants to have a drone with a camera for personal or business reasons.

24. Latest IT Technologies and Trends in 2022

Technology has impacted our daily lives in the same way as "bread n butter". Every day begins with technology and concludes with technology.

25. Love, Death & Industrial Robots

By 2022 the number of operational industrial robots worldwide is expected to surpass the population of Berlin. Nowadays in our factories, flexible cobots work hand in hand with people and machine learning is helping them to become even more versatile. It is very fascinating to follow the developments of the fast-paced automation industry.

26. Replacing Manual Labor With Robotics Manufacturing Lines

Let's look into some case studies to find out should our manufacturing lines stay manual, or be automated.

27. 7 Ways AI & Robotics Are Disrupting Healthcare Right Now

When thinking of robotics and AI in healthcare, robotic surgery and exoskeletons are what probably comes to mind first. Yet in reality, there’s a multitude of other ways automation and machine learning are changing medical care practices at their core.

28. Elon Musk Says This Is the Future of Warfare

Elon Musk is no stranger to looking to the future. His companies are some of the most forward-thinking in the world.

29. Top 5 Ping Pong Robots: 2022 Edition

If you are training to be a hard table tennis professional player, you have to invest in a ping pong robot. This can help to build your form and skill and are simply great for any level of players. These robots can be simple or sophisticated but their primary aim is to make you perfect your game. With these, you can improve your style of the game and also build your consistency.

30. Using FPGA in the Near Future: Trends and Predictions

The FPGA market continues to boom. According to the global forecast, over the next few years, its CAGR will be at an average of 8.6%. But the most interesting are new appliances of the tech, which are sometimes more akin to science fiction than to real life.

31. How Mixed Reality Will Shape the Design of Intelligent Systems and Robots

As of now, if you are an intelligent design systems engineer interested in designing, fabricating and assembling a robot for your lab or factory, you must go through the laborious process of first designing a 3D model on a 2D screen (which is problematic without full-scale context) then making a crammed engineering drawing listing the bill of materials and displaying your design in different views (isometric, right, left, section, exploded). For the engineer putting this together, this takes hours to days to do so depending on the complexity of the robot. One must take into account the orientation of every part, measurement of each side and angle, the location of the part in terms of the whole assembly, surfaces that should meet vs not, appropriate torque required for any screws, etc.

32. How to Become Future-Ready Through R&D Experimentation

An interview with R&D Head about how R&D projects differ from mainstream software dev projects, what types of companies are better placed to outsource R&D, etc.

33. From Issac Asimov to Decalogue

You shall have no other programmers but me.

34. Google's PaLM-E (AI Robot) Can See and Understand Language

Google's latest publication, PaLM-E, is an embodied multimodal language model.

35. Where The Money’s Headed: China’s Tech Investment Trends of 2022

China’s entrepreneurial fervor and investor confidence is at an all-time high, with no signs of losing steam. So, where's the big money going in 2022?

36. With Rise of ChatGPT, Is Now the Correct Time to Ask Whether AI Should Have Rights?

To understand whether AI should have rights, we may have to dig into our own past to understand how we behave.

37. Why Hardware Will Be Sexy to Mainstream VC (in 5 Slides)

If you're a software engineer looking to become a founder, consider hardware. There's a shift coming.

38. AI, Robotics, and the Future of Healthcare

There is no doubt that AI and Robotics are making human life more manageable. The way these technologies are helping mankind is beyond our imagination.

39. Technology: Past, Present and The Deep Blue Sea

Armed with science, technology, and a complex psyche, the entire species inched forward, spurred on by a collective curiosity that will make or mar us.

40. How AI and Robots are Shaping Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science are really starting to shape the delivery of healthcare services. We see it in almost every significant activity, from the management of patient scheduling through to physically assisting surgery.

41. 5 Startup/VC Trends Coming Out of the Pandemic

Venture capital is a long game. Startups take many years to mature before venture capitalists can get a return on their investment. While you may think that VC investment is down during the economic downturn, this is only true in the short term, primarily because VCs are concerned with how their existing portfolio companies will make it through the crisis.

42. OpenCog: A Poem

Voice is a curious agent, an everlasting framework flame that burns embedded from its scalable sensors to all the regions of the brain.

43. MashRadar Reviews: The Tesla Prototype Humanoid Robot Optimus

This Tesla Humanoid Robot Optimus review will examine the features and functionality of Elon Musk’s latest invention.

44. Three 2023 Predictions for the Automated Future of Retail

The future of retail in general — both in the e-commerce world and in-store operations — is about efficient and smart operations.

45. How AI Will Soon Integrate With Synthetic Biology

Will synthetic biology help change our perception of the world around us and help us detect things humans cannot?

46. Sweet Mechanical Revenge

A revenge story with hormone-sensitive robots at its center.

47. Innovations in The Robotics Industry You Should Know About

The new innovations in the robotics industry are creating exciting opportunities for investors.

48. Are Robots Effective During a Coronavirus Pandemic?

We are at a time when we are not prepared with resources and planning to handle the pandemics like COVID-19. Just as humans are not ready to tackle the disease, robots alongside too are quite behind the abilities to combat the problem.

49. 5 Tips From a Robot on Motivation

Need to get more done? Follow these 5 tips from an AI robot to help keep you motivated.

50. Harnessing the Power of Robotics to Transform eCommerce Fulfillment

By automating tasks, robots can increase efficiency and lower costs, allowing retail businesses to scale and meet the growing demand for fast, reliable delivery

51. The Human Cost of Amazon Sparrow: How Automation is Impacting Warehouse Workers

Amazon's new Sparrow robot aims to improve the efficiency of its order fulfillment centers, but workers worry about the potential job loss.

52. The Emerging Tech Trends You Should Check Out

53. How to Kalman Filter Your Way Out

Learn how to use Kalman filters to minimize uncertainty with multi-sensory arrays

54. How Rozum Café Rule Robots

It is a common phrase that every story has two sides. Thus this article marries such stories. The story of how coffee met a robot and became each other's perfect twin flame. The essential contribution of coffee to the humans’ lifestyle is so diverse that there are almost no pages left in the history books to narrate a unique script about it anymore.

55. Meet The CEO of 1MRobotics, Eyal Yair

An interview with the co-founder and CEO of 1MRobotics, Eyal Yair. He runs a startup that specialises in robotics and shares his philosophy and strategy.

56. Meet NASA's 'Mars Dog' - Au Spot

Au-Spot, along with several other robots will join NASA's Mars mission to explore caves anonymously while communicating a 3D map back to the base station.

57. Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Agriculture

According to recent projections by the UN:

58. What 6 Superbowl Ads tell us about our Robotic Future

Super Bowl ? More like Super Bored, ammaright?

59. Robotics and Their future Impacts for Humans

In the Industrial Age that humankind has entered a long time back with steam, the arrangement has caused crude automation underway. With the improvement of web and portable advances, hardware, Nano innovation, progresses in drug, wellbeing and computerized applications, etc accelerate mechatronics considers these days.

Robots have upset the assembling and modern world in ongoing decades, and are beginning to make their move into the more extensive universe of business just as our homes, as well.

These advancements are set to turn our view of what a robot is, and how it can support us and the world we live in, tops turvy. Rather than considering robots huge, inflexible, and strong machines. We can see future robots as counterfeit automated living beings that have properties mirroring, and enormously expanding, the capacities of characteristic living beings.

While mechanical workers are presently typical in parts, for example, vehicle and hardware fabricating. 2019 should see progressively broad appropriation crosswise over nourishment creation, social insurance, and conveyance activities.

The interesting properties of non-abrasiveness and consistence make these machines exceedingly fit cooperation with fragile things, including the human body.

How these new innovations will at last drive mechanical autonomy and the careful type of future robots is obscure, yet here we can at any rate glimpse the future effect of apply autonomy for people.

Other than automated vacuum cleaners, home help robots have been moderate to take off up until now. Could that change in 2019? Without a doubt, an entire type of new business like Yocan, and set up organizations are wagering that it will. From automated mates for the older to robots intended to encourage, play with and care for pets while their proprietors are out, the evident applications are ample.

The 19th century denoted the increasing speed and wide reception of mechanical procedures. Toward the beginning of the century, the Industrial Revolution was in mid-swing, and by the end, we had built up the vehicle and were going to exhibit controlled flight.

60. Central Asian's First AI News Anchor Aired Kazakhstan

The first virtual news anchor on Central Asian television replaced a human. Kazakhstan’s channel Atameken Business delegated one of its news programs to the AI anchor. The hologram named i-Sanj will host the daily financial news.

61. Tiny, Fast, & Strong: An Insect-sized Robot that Mimics Cheetah

Engineers at the UC- Berkeley, have developed a specialized robot that mimics the movement of a cheetah to take quick turns.

62. Sensor-based Control in Cobots: Its Opportunities and Challenges

Introduction of the very basic formulation of the major sensor-servo problem, and then presenting its most common approaches like touch-based,

63. 5 Manufacturing Problems Solved By Automation

Any chance to alleviate the burdens of manufacturing and supply chain workers should happen, and many of these modern opportunities happen with automation.

64. The Shortcomings of Computer-controlled Robots

Computer-controlled robots are monotonous. They are mostly able to perform a sequence of processing operations that is fixed by the equipment configuration and

65. Robotic Welding Process: Welding Applications, Systems and Techniques

The use of robotic technology allows to obtain precise and rapid results, avoid waste, and operate with greater safety.

66. IPA vs. BPA vs. RPA: What Should Your Company Choose

Business process automation, robotic process automation, and intelligent process automation are buzzwords that fall under business process management.

67. Implementation of Mobile Robots for an Autonomous Scalable Smart Factory

Autonomous mobile robots for assembly factories as a databus for computers. Creating advanced eco-system using modular architecture and AI-driven factory OS

68. What Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know About Its Automation Strategy

Being at the forefront of automation, why is Amazon downplaying the impact of AI and robotics?

69. Automation is the New Black: What’s There For You?

I wrote this article for my fellow CEOs and all the rest of us in order to discover how to lead the organizations and teams who are challenged by these turbulent times.

70. How Social Robots Help Reduce Stress and Loneliness In Child Patients

What do a smartphone, a kick scooter and a pet have in common? When combined and powered by artificial intelligence, they become new members of the household – social companion robots. They can do a boatload of things from guarding the house and doing chores to babysitting and teaching kids to keeping company to the older adults or those with health issues.

71. The Future of Work: How Machines Will Replace Humans

Fear is not new but seems more real than ever. Will robots put men out of work or become their allies? Who will be most affected? How can they best prepare for the job market of the future? No one has the definitive answers to these questions yet, but what is known is that in a matter of a few decades we will witness a profound transformation of the production of goods and services that will fully impact workers and economies around the planet.Work is being replaced by machines, robots or algorithms, which do something more efficiently and do not create anything new, they simply replace the basic unit of work".

72. Interview with Elnaz Sarraf, Woman in Tech and STEM

Growing up as a woman in Iran, Elnaz witnessed limited opportunities, leading her on her journey in the U.S. to become a tech entrepreneur.

73. I Hear Voices: The Communicative Array for a Friendly Robot

Engineers of the “Promobot” company shed some light on what the notion of “robot communication” actually means

74. How to Operate Promotional Robots with Minimal Technical Knowledge

After all, our technologies, be that a Roomba, a voicemail box, or a smartphone, are robots too and they can be configured and used without any problems.

75. How Robots Will Help Humans in a Post-Pandemic World

Bet you’ve never heard this one ― the world will never be the same after the pandemic. Among the many negative things it puts us through, there are at least some that advance us towards more automation in our everyday life. Most businesses and government facilities are going digital; there are no lines in the buildings, no unnecessary contact with people, even the amount of paperwork has shrunk. A lot of these tasks are being carried out at least in part with technologies, and today we’ll take a look at the most efficient implementations of service robots, which more than likely are here to stay.

76. How to Annotate 100 LIDAR Scans in 1 Hour: A Step-by-Step Guide

A guide to efficient annotation of 3D point clouds for use in self-driving vehicles. Fast semantic segmentation of the drivable areag

77. First Come, First Served: 7 Businesses That Hired Robots Before 2020

We are already used to robots in an industrial environment. Repeatability, speed, precision, flexibility, no contact with humans, and safety. That’s what robots are all about. No wonder that businesses all around the world are trying now to adopt robots in their services asap.

78. Robot Dog Coding Tutorial: Petoi Bittle vs Gummy Bear on Halloween

Learn how to make a horror comic clip with Bittle dog robotics kit using Python and Petoi Skill composer.

79. Servo Motor Basics And Working Principle

Although both motors brush and brush-less function based on the equivalent interest to induce torque, each of them focuses on distinct techniques and procedures to achieve the desired outcomes.

80. The Singularity: When Will We Transition to a Dictatorship of Robots?

Technological Singularity: the moment when robots reach a level of intelligence that is superior to the current level of human reasonableness or ability to predict the outcomes of unrestrained technological growth. As a consequence, the economic, cultural and political singularity of human civilization follows. And although the singularity is still the subject of many Hollywood films and fictions, the possibility of this hypothetical moment genuinely approaching is looking more and more likely.

81. The Rise of Robots: Insights Into the Global Robotics Market

2020 marks one hundred years since the word “robot” was first coined by science fiction playwright, Karel Capek. Forty years later, in 1961, General Motors installed the worlds first industrial robot, paving the way for automated manufacturing and the era of programmable machines.

82. What’s The Deal With Programming In Arduino

Arduino is an amazing platform to get into hardware development and programming. But there are a few things you need to know before you start.

83. Creating an Intuitive Robotic Manipulator Control With a Myo Armband

Recently I was given a Myo armband, and this article aims to describe how such a device could be exploited to control a robotic manipulator intuitively.

84. SpaceBok: A Robot that 'Walks' in Space

SpaceBok, a quadruped robot, uses nature’s tactics for space exploration. The robot isn’t graded for space yet but is ready for some exciting experiments.

85. Using Robotics & Automation in IHC Labs

The booming immunohistochemistry (IHC) sector of healthcare requires more technicians than the market has to offer. That's where automation comes in.

86. Interview With A 10-Year Old Programmer

This is a story of a young boy who is more than what he seems, a young genius man, who must share his gifts and talents with the world.

87. About Cisco, Alascom and Fanuc's Progress on Building Collaborative Cobots

By harnessing Natural language to allow for more seamlessly collaborative Robotics projects, Cisco, Alascom and Fanuc are drawing a roadmap for the future.

88. Survey on Acoustic Sensors in Self-Driving Cars

Sound has been used in numerous applications as a tool for object localization. Audio technology can enhance object detection and may improve self driving cars.

89. How Pandemic Problem Motivates AI Developers To Help Manufacturing Industries

The global pandemic has persuaded a number of manufacturers to pursue an AI-driven transformation of their operations, according to studies by Cap Gemini and the Boston Consulting Group. What has been noticed is the way in which they are combining human experience and insight with AI tools to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors, as well as drive down costs and protect their profit margin. So, what are the most popular ways of using AI in manufacturing industries?

90. The Lack of Unique Human Abilities in Robots

Robots are unable to undertake tasks in which special human intellectual capabilities are needed.

91. Will Robots Take Your Job: Reality or a Misconception?

There has been a lot of fear regarding human beings being made redundant due to artificial intelligence and automation taking away their jobs. The recruitment industry is one of the many sectors AI has enhanced in recent years. AI and robots are used to optimize the workflow through machine learning and problem-solving. Automation with AI helps to dig the best resource out of many available candidates. The ability of robots and AI to provide efficient outcomes swiftly is the reason for the massive adoption of these technologies. There is no divided opinion about the fact that digital workers known as robots are performing more of the work traditionally done by humans so saying that these AI-based robots are taking away human jobs is nothing more than a  dystopian claim.

92. Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Companies

Robotic Process Automation is a new technology, and it lets s a business to configure computer software to reduce and integrate the significant action of a human interacting with current digital systems to process. RPA utilizes an updated user interface to collect data and manipulate the overall application. It built with the trigger responses and good at communicating with the different systems to perform a complete task. This software never makes any mistake, and the cost of software is too low when you compare it with staff. At present, it is one of the fast-growing segments in the world, so business people depend on such software to run a business successfully. Hence you have to go with the right robotic process automation Company to get a complete solution.

93. Last-Mile Delivery: What Industry Leaders Look for in Startup Partners

Major players in the delivery industry - including incumbents such as UPS, FedEx, SF Express and DHL - have demonstrated a keen interest in establishing relationships vertically with accomplished startups specializing in autonomous and intelligent logistics and transportation. The convergence of several key trends serves as the impetus for the collaborations:

94. Do You Know Robots?

There are several types of robots used to automate production.

95. Architecture Design of a Smart, Scalable, AI-driven Robotic Production Factory

The core concepts of the architecture and design of a scalable, smart, robotics production factory is outlined.

96. The Internet of Dogs: How to Build a $50 IoT Dog Collar That Locates Your Pet

I love side projects. They give me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles and tinker with tech like the Internet of Things (IoT) in new ways. Fortunately, I didn't have to look far for my next one; a common conundrum for pet owners fueled this concept for an IoT dog collar.

97. Robotic Process Automation Cost, Deciphered

Office employees spend around 69 days per year on administrative tasks. This costs US businesses $2.87 trillion in lost productivity annually.

98. 3 Common Types of 3D Sensors: Stereo, Structured Light, and ToF

Over the past decade, 3D sensors have emerged to become one of the most versatile and ubiquitous types of sensor used in robotics.

99. RPA Tool Comparison: How to Choose the Right Automation Vendor

An Austrian insurance provider, HDI Versicherung AG, reported saving 600 one-person days over a year and a half thanks to UiPath’s software bots.

100. Top 20 Robotic Process Automation Companies

As the world is moving forward to using variants of technologies, so has automation improved its ways to make our work easier. Though the word automation was coined in the 1950s, very few people really understood what it meant. But with the time automation has seeped through our daily life functions. Since the advent of robotic process automation, a lot of new players have emerged.  If you are looking for top robotic process automation companies, this list will help you.

101. Deciphering Reinforced Learning for Hybrid Controls in Robots

Recently, when I was watching the Terminator: Dark Fate (By the way, I was disappointed with the whole reboot kind of thing, for me, Judgement Day was the ultimate Terminator movie).

102. The Future of Business Process Automation

It is important to recognize the importance of all these components of business process automation and act on them.

103. How to Create and Play a Simple Robot Program via Webots Robot Simulator

Do you want to learn robot, but you don’t have money to buy the robot? Or you don't know where to start?

104. AI in Five, Fifty and Five Hundred Years — Part One

As I said in my article What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years:

105. 7 Ways to UseRobots in The Food Industry

Robots have come a long way. People have been predicting that robots will be a massive part of our lives for decades. That prediction is finally starting to become a reality. We are starting to see robots everywhere, with new innovations arriving on a weekly basis.

106. Robots Performing Surgeries On Pigs? The Impact Of Robotics In Medicine

For the first time in medical history, it was recorded that some robots successfully carried out a laparoscopic surgery unaided by humans.

107. Food Tech Stories: Will You Marry Me, Cooking Robot?

Based on this story: S'pore's First Robotics Restaurant Serves Robot-Cooked Wok Dishes

108. What’s The Deal With Programming In Arduino

Arduino is an amazing platform to get into hardware development and programming. But there are a few things you need to know before you start.

109. A Human Writers Thoughts on AI Writing Bots

My thoughts on artificial intelligence writing bots.

110. Your Robocup, Sir

07:00 am, the bus leaves in 15 minutes and you’ve got a chance to run to the nearest coffee shop to get your morning dose of excellent caffeine. You come into a café, happily recognizing that there are only two competitors in the queue, and already start to feel the energy of a double Americano in your hand.

111. How Technological Innovation and Automation Can be Beneficial in Times of Crisis

How Universal Basic Income (UBI) provides food on the table and bills to be paid

112. Fighting Coronavirus: Singapore Tests a Disinfection Robot That Capable of Cleaning Large Areas

Scientists in Singapore have invented a disinfecting robot that imitates human gestures to help cleaning staff overwhelmed since the start of the coronavirus crisis. The "XDBOT" is a rectangular box-shaped robot mounted on wheels and armed with an articulated arm which can be operated remotely. He can reach places that are difficult to clean with great dexterity, such as the space under beds or tables.

113. Why Tesla’s Optimus Is a Big Step on the Way to AGI

LaMDA-like large language models with Tesla Optimus-like robots will be the next big step on the way to Artificial General Intelligence.

114. Moving Fast and Breaking Things vs Moving Slow so That it Doesn't Break - Technological Evolution

Digital technology is characterized by “move fast and break things”. Heavy asset industries, in contrast, are characterized by “this cannot break, so we have to move slow”. When digitalization meets industry, these mottos collide. The optimal result in this collision is “move fast without breaking things”, or at least try to avoid “move slow and break things”.

115. Manufacturing Robotization: Drivers and Barriers

By 2035, in the leading industrial robotics countries, factory productivity will grow by 40% and gross value added will double.

116. Artificial Intelligence is the Future, and It's Already Here

By 2030, artificial intelligence is projected to contribute at least $15.7 trillion to the global economy.

117. AI's Working Man Displacement

Photo by Craig Sybert on Unsplash

118. Five Industries That Could See An Influx of Robots

The year is 2020, and everyone is excited about the unpredictability of its rollercoaster ride. We are all strapped in and are ready to go, but there are still some vacant seats. The rollercoaster refuses to set sail unless all seats are with occupants. We do not understand this seer nature of 2020 and why it is bringing these new terms and conditions into play. We, however, have some candidates in mind to occupy the vacant seats. Their inevitable existence has been in the shadow of our minds for some time. But now its time to let these cousins of ours into the fold. Enter the robots, and the 2020 rollercoaster ride commences. We as humans, however, insist that we captain the ship and must decide on which route the year should sail since we have more experience.

119. Robotics is Aimed to Help and Assist Humans by Taking on the Dirty, Dangerous, and Dull Chores

This article discusses robotics and the impact of robots and AI on humanity.

120. The Robots Are Taking Over

Humanoid Natasha, Amy, and Katarina (from the future) say that the robots are taking over This Week On Planet Internet! These days, if you think about anything

121. How to Kalman Filter Your Way Out (Part 2: Updating Your Prediction)

Part II describes how to use Kalman filters to minimize uncertainty when using multi-sensor arrays

122. How San Francisco Was Nearly Policed by Armed Robots

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently gave city police the permission to use robots in the field – with the potential for lethal force.

123. Object Recognition With SPOT from Boston Robotics

Earlier this month, we were joined by Joris Sijs, Lead Scientist at TNO on the second series of Grakn Orbit.

124. Building Robots for Smarter Cities: How the Manufacturing Process is Everything

Hardware is seeing a resurgence and exponential innovation similar to the software boom a decade ago. And as a robotic delivery company founded in 2017, we have been navigating the manufacturing world and hardware revolution, picking up product design and smart tips along the way.

125. #Noonies2021 Awards: The List of Winners in the Internet Heroes Category

Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes are somewhere out there in our vast universe behind a computer screen.

126. The Future Of Manufacturing And Automation

Innovation is a consistently advancing field, continually blending in new emphases and developments to make energizing new open doors for the present makers to rethink their tasks. In certain cases, new advances open the entryway for dynamic makers to discharge genuinely creative contributions of their own. In the present and future time innovation is going to assume a significant job in human life. Most of the present day students are doing various researches and trying to innovate any device that suite for everyone. As robots and machines are currently being presented in the industry, there are many innovations in progress. Also, these things have decreased human commitment in function, as a result, lessening slip-ups or blunders, which brings about better profitability and great quality work.

127. Navigating Uncharted Waters: a Robotic Startup Journey

Check out what it takes to build enterprise robots and how a corporate robotic department can spin off into a standalone robotic scale-up.

128. Entrepreneurship Trends Happening in the Robotics Industry

Here are some of the trends we’re seeing from entrepreneurs in the robotics space.

129. Save Alexa: Take an Intersectional Approach

Have you ever wondered why so many robots, virtual assistants, and AI are programmed with feminine traits? Have you ever pondered, if there were more women behind the algorithms, how AI would be different — not just vocally and aesthetically, but functionally?

130. Telepresence Robots: An Ultimate Guide

Learn the 18 characteristics of telepresence robots.

131. My Thoughts on the AI Revolution: Hype, Scams, and Big Brother

Artificial intelligence can be defined as a science that models intelligent human behavior. This definition may have one significant drawback —

132. Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion?

As icons and rituals adapt to newer technologies, the rise of robotics and AI can change the way we practice and experience spirituality.

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