13 Productivity Tools for Your Team to Watch on Black Friday by@nina-bohush

13 Productivity Tools for Your Team to Watch on Black Friday

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If we had to choose the most used word of November, that word would be SALE. The Black Friday fuss is picking up the pace. Cities all around the globe are dressing up in discount advertisements, and inboxes everywhere are blowing up with cliche super deals like ‘save big.’

Black Friday online sales generated an astounding $6.2 billion in revenue in 2018. This year Americans are expected to spend over $87 billion on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That's more than the annual government budgets of 85% of countries in the world!

No doubt, discounts do wonder. On the other side, they make people buy things which they don’t need. Did you know that around 52% of people who shop on Black Friday later regret their purchase?

To help you avoid any regrets about your pre-Christmas shopping and get the most of them in 2020, we made a list of the thirteen essential tools to bring more productivity and balance to your working hours. Check out the list, take your pick, and don’t miss the festive deals!

1. Slack

Slack is one of the most recommended communication and collaboration apps, and for a good reason.

The tool ensures effective teamwork for both small teams and extra-large businesses. Slack users send instant messages, organize conversations, share files, own archives, and so much more. Also, Slack is integrated with a bunch of other services, and it notifies you when something noteworthy happens in any of your workspaces.

2. Trello

Trello is irreplaceable when it comes to task management. It helps teams work as a single organism while also keeping personal productivity high. Trello’s dashboard with its cards, lists, and boards turns your working routine into a captivating game. Choose cards, complete unresolved tasks, and move to your goal with double speed!

3. NetHunt

A CRM-system is a must-have tool for sales and marketing teams of all sizes. Besides storing and organizing unlimited customer data, NetHunt CRM also helps improve productivity by automating repetitive tasks and letting you work on the go! It’s intuitive picky design, numerous integrations with GSuite apps, and an excellent mobile version will put maximum productivity in your working hours!

By the way, in 2018, retailers sent 3.5 billion emails on Black Friday and another 4.1 billion on Cyber Monday. CRM will help you not only deliver your messages to customer inboxes, but also measure the effectiveness of every email campaign.

4. Ninja Outreach

Today, 89% of marketers say that influencer marketing is equally good or better than other digital marketing channels. On average, businesses make $6.5 revenue for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. Ninja Outreach uncovers access to millions of influencer accounts to help you reach your target audience. The service also offers a built-in CRM and automated email outreach campaigns.

5. Intercom

In 2019 businesses just can’t ignore chatbots. While answering 80% of standard questions, chatbots cut operational costs by up to 30%. Intercom is a well-known chatbot and messaging tool that helps you convert leads while they are still hot. Intercom guarantees an excellent user experience at every stage of customer interaction with your brand, 24/7. 

Use Intercom to create personalized live chats and reach out to your potential customers at the moment when they have a high purchase intent.

6. Hootsuite

Businesses hire Hootsuite to consolidate all social media activities in one place. But, how does it work?

Hootsuite gives an overview of your social media performance without the necessity of surfing between numerous business accounts. Hence, you can make precise and fast decisions on optimization. Hootsuite gives you keys to a control room where you can keep your social media presence active 24/7. On top of that, Hootsuite eliminates guesswork by suggesting the best time to put up your posts on different social media platforms. 

Schedule hundreds of social media posts at once, track engagement, and keep performance high without additional time investments.

7. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic also works wonders; it switches social media management to the ‘Autopilot’ mode. What makes this tool stand out among competitors is its enormous library with 100,000+ visuals and hand-crafted templates. If you’re not a fan of ready-to-use images, create your own visuals with an integrated graphics editor. Craft beautiful and catchy social media posts in minutes, and save time with planned publishing.

8. Toggl

Hundreds of distractions hit us during the day, this is why our time needs control. Toggl is a simple time tracker that helps avoid distractions and get your tasks done. With Toggl, you may set time trackers and record time for different tasks. At the end of the day, you will get a report on your performance spotlighting time invested in various activities. Fantastic productivity is guaranteed!

9. Todoist

Todoist is a favorite task management tool for those who like to put check marks on checkboxes. Todoist gives you an overview of all the projects on your plate and organizes them into tasks to be done. The app also allows you to prioritize your assignments, set daily and weekly goals, and overtake your deadlines.

Todoist developers have been on a mission of bringing peace to people’s minds. Sounds like a perfect plan, right?

10. FocusList

Do you plan your day ahead? If you do, then FocusList is a daily planner you can’t pass up! With FocusList, you choose the best time estimates for every task in your daily agenda. Then you split one task into small time-sessions and move forward until the job is complete. In stats, you will see the history of your sessions, how much time you worked, and decide whether the results are in line with your estimates.

11. ProofHub

As a project management tool, Proofhub helps teams plan, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes on time. It brings the whole team to the same page, ensuring effective teamwork and communication.

With ProofHub, you can measure the success of your chosen projects and forecast the approximate time left to bring the project to life. Our advice: keep the Proofhub’s name in mind when looking for a tool to manage projects efficiently.

12. Grammarly

There is no need to introduce Grammarly. This app was brought to life by the brilliant idea of reducing the number of spelling and grammar mistakes that people make every day.

You can use Grammarly’s basic functionality for free (both on your desktop and mobile devices). However, its premium version is something to run after on Black Friday! As a user of Grammarly Premium, you’ll enjoy a more in-depth check of your punctuation, sentence structure, and style, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, advice on better content readability, plagiarism detector, and more.

13. Brain.fm

Brain.fm is a productivity app like no other. It helps you relax or activate your brain with the help of …music! Brain.fm is a collaboration between scientists, musicians, and developers who discovered a way to stimulate productivity with the help of functional music. Different types of Brain.fm music will inspire you to finish more tasks, feel more relaxed, or get better sleep. 

Ready to try? Then take your headphones and keep an eye on the Black Friday deals!

Now share your favorite productivity picks that are a must-buy on Black Friday!


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