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110 Stories To Learn About Graphql

by Learn RepoMay 4th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Graphql via these 110 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Graphql via these 110 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

An open source language that queries and manipulated data that moonlights as a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

1. Documenting GraphQL APIs

The main reason for writing API documentation is to make your API understandable. For GraphQL there are many options. Both interactive and static documentation.

2. Another approach to design API for improved performance!

GraphQL is an amazing specification, no doubt about that. I loved it when it first came into my knowledge but as I started learning it, well, I started to hate it and I still do at some extent because I am still learning it. So much boilerplate code to even starting the graphQL server.

3. The Fight for a “Transparent” Blockchain

Blocking of the main blockchain transaction anonymization service Tornado Cash

4. GraphQL vs REST: How To Choose One Over The Other

We will look at REST and GraphQL, consider their principles and weigh the pros and cons of both technologies.

5. 6 Months Of Using GraphQL

Having worked on a project for 6 months using GraphQL on the backend, I weigh up the technology’s fit into the development workflow

6. Get a GraphQL server up and running in 5 minutes using graphql-yoga and mongoose


7. How to Build a Pokédex App with React and a Slash GraphQL Backend

In this article, we're going to walk through some of the basic setup for Slash GraphQL and then take a look at how I built a Pokémon Pokédex app with React and Slash GraphQL in just a few hours!

8. Instant GraphQL + MongoDB Backend With Mongoke

Implementing a good GraphQL backend to serve your database data is not an easy task, you have to implement a lot of resolvers, add authorization, pagination of the fields and use a DataLoader to not repeat your database queries during relations.

9. GraphQL Subscriptions Using Apollo 2

One of my side projects involves writing a GraphQL API around the Universal Chess Interface (UCI). I originally developed a mock implementation and wrote about it awhile back. That used version one of Apollo’s client/server stack, which changed quite a bit in version two. One of the biggest changes was the subscriptions interface and implementation, and I struggled for many hours to get that to work. Part of the problem is that the documentation is not very complete and rather scattered. This post will cover the most basic implementation of subscription service and the client code that uses it.

10. Connecting GraphQL with Java Spring Boot and Postgres or MySQL

GraphQL is revolutionising the way developers build APIs. It lets you query precisely what you want. Nothing more, nothing less! It also gives you the flexibility to query related objects in a single round trip, unlike the REST APIs.

11. Understanding GraphQL [Part 1]


12. Creating React Dashboard Ultimate Guide Part 1: Overview and Analytics Backend

Below you can see the demo of the final application. Online demo is available here.

13. Headless CMS and SEO Best Practices

Key Takeaways

14. Building Your First GraphQL Server

15. 6 Best Online Courses to Learn GraphQL for Beginners and Experienced JavaScript Developers

Hello guys, you might have heard about GraphQL, another exciting technology. GraphQL is gaining a lot of popularity because of its superiority over traditional REST APIs.

16. How To Handle Complex User Permissions in GraphQL

I have been working on a GraphQL workshop, and it’s been a great learning experience. One of the trickiest things I have had to deal with in GraphQL is handling complex user permissions. It used to be a hassle until a friend pulled my attention to Hasura.

17. Autogenerate Your GraphQL Documentation With Magidoc

Learn how to autogenerate GraphQL documentation with Magidoc.

18. GraphQL Can't REST

While conventional wisdom states we should move to GraphQL entirely, for customer-facing APIs, we need REST. For our own frontends, GraphQL is the answer.

19. Here is the Fastest GraphQL Playground

It's been 2 months of Firecamp's GraphQL playground launching, throughout this time I have been discussing with so many folks about their GraphQL usage and experience with Playground.

20. Is GraphQL Still a Thing in 2020?

GraphQL has become the most loved tool for API development in a very short span of time, and developers across the world cannot seem to get enough of it. Today I met with the founder of, Pranay Prakash, who has worked on the team behind GraphQL during his time at Facebook. I chatted with him to find out more about his experience working closely with Lee Byron, the creator of GraphQL, and some of GraphQL’s benefits.

21. Hiding Your API Credentials Client Side Using a Proxy Server in React

When you're writing client-side code to make API requests, you might need a Proxy Server to hide your API Credentials. Let's see how to do this for React apps.

22. Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs Need to Die

Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs need to die

23. GraphQL Subscriptions: Using SSE/Fetch over Websockets

"WebSockets should be deprecated for GraphQL Subscriptions. Instead, we're proposing to use Server Sent Events."

24. Building GraphQL API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong – Part 3

In part 1 and part 2, the setting up and testing of GraphQL APIs was covered. In this article, the focus is on the querying of the graph DB, which is Neo4j in this case. For querying, the Neo4j OGM library and Spring Data’s Neo4jRepository will be used.

25. API Architecture Style: Differences Between REST API and GraphQL

The battle for the best API framework is a never-ending one. I will explain you the difference between two very popular and frequently used API frameworks.

26. Using ChatGPT as an Educational Chatbot in a Next.js Frontend: A Guide

Let’s try our hand at building just such a frontend integration — a chat helper that can use OpenAI to answer a potential student’s questions...

27. API Integration in 2021 and a Look at Insights from 2020

What's next for API integration? Share your thoughts in Cloud Elements' industry survey to win prizes and contribute to the industry-renowned report.

28. Do NOT Leave GraphQL Exposed Online

In this post, I’d like to share my unpopular opinion on what GraphQL is really meant to be.

29. What’s Wrong With GraphQL?

While GraphQL offers several benefits, there are some potential disadvantages and challenges to using it in C# to consider, before you decide to implement it.

30. GraphQL, GraphQuill, and You

Let’s start with the idea of a database, and a basic query. Server taps the database. Server brings back persistent state information that allows an application to update, and maybe a GUI. What’s wrong with this picture? Not much at first, of course. A GET request is the anchor of RESTful architecture, and in some ways the anchor of the web. So basic that fetch syntax defaults to that type.

31. Spending Weekend with GraphQL

Have you ever experienced an itch you just can’t scratch? If yes, then you will feel my pain. A few days back, everything was fine, I was happily writing code(!) and doing standup meetings regularly. Just before the weekend, my boss called me and shared this problem with me.

32. Real-Time GraphQL API Exploration with GraphQuill

As software engineers, we use tools built by other devs dozens of times a day. Personally, I use over 15 VS Code extensions. Until my team and I set out to build GraphQuill, I didn’t have the slightest clue about the process of developing and publishing an extension. It’s been a fun and worthwhile experience working within the VS Code extension space, so when my team and I got together to discuss releasing GraphQuill, I insisted we include a behind the scenes look at the development process and what challenged/excited us throughout.

33. GraphQL vs REST - Syntax Comparison

Technical comprehensive comparison: GraphQL vs REST. Check how to work with both API architecture designs and choose the best fit!

34. How Pagination Works in GraphQL

In this post, we'll compare different pagination methods in GraphQL and learn how to configure a REST directive to perform cursor-based pagination with StepZen

35. Creating Appsync API using Amplify CLI

While using any services from AWS you can do it via their API,Console or CLI tool like amplify, amplify was designed specifically to work with AWS and to make it easier for developers to deploy applications on the cloud just by running some commands, In this blog i will be showing you how can you create an Appsync API with Amplify, It will have auto generated resolvers for all the queries,mutation and DynamoDB as the database.Yes you read that right everything will be created for you by AWS using cloudformation which acts as template for all the services that you will be needing. So before we get started i encourage you to install Amplify CLI on your computer and configure it with your Credentials. Let’s get started now.

36. How to Build a GraphQL Data Layer for REST Microservices

GraphQL is a great technology for REST microservices. Learn how to create a data layer for microservices, without writing any code!

37. GraphQL, the Universal Query Protocol, and the Free TON Blockchain

What is the universal query protocol GraphQL and its application in modern blockchain platforms on the example of Free TON

38. How to Leverage Open Source GraphQL CDN/Edge Cache With Cloudflare, Fastly, and

We'll learn how you can leverage our API Developer Framework to add Edge Caching to your GraphQL APIs without locking yourself into a specific vendor.

39. How Weaviate's GraphQL API was designed

Any kind of data storage architecture needs an API. You want your users, and their applications, to access and interact with their data. And no matter how complicated the database architecture itself is, you want this interaction to happen as intuitively as possible.

40. Graph Databases, GraphQL and Dgraph [Tutorial]

In the first quarter of 2020, I had the experience of being in a short term advisory role for a company that had built a type of Linkedin product for a specific vertical market. They had done a valiant job, but it was clear that scalability was a problem and they had created a problem for themselves by having used MongoDB as the datastore.

41. How To Build Graphql API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong [Part 1]


42. Dev without Ops - Why we are building The Vercel for Backend

It was a great feeling to see my first website live on the internet.

43. My Experience with GraphQL

44. How we manage live 1M GraphQL Websocket Subscriptions

GraphQL subscriptions are the key part of our environment because it allows using the same schema/query based concept but with live WebSocket updates over multiple UI components. Especially considering our use-case for UI <> API communication at, some of our website analysis tools can give a response with a partial data or it could take a significant amount of time. Using WebSockets allows us to send data to UI whenever our tools are ready to respond.

45. How to Generate TypeScript Type Definitions and Code from GraphQL

Using GraphQL together with TypeScript can have huge advantages, as you can use your GraphQL schema to create TypeScript type definitions on the fly!

46. How to Build a Blog with Strapi, Netlify, and React 👨‍💻

How to Build a Blog with Strapi, Netlify, and React 👨‍💻

47. PARSIQ Vs The Graph: Pull and Push Queries

Comparing PARSIQ and the Graph projects: querying the blockchain. Pull and push queries. Domain-Specific Query Languages.

48. The Easiest Way to Solve N+1 Problem on GraphQL

GraphQL is awesome! But one of the most annoying parts to implement a GraphQL server is solving N+1 problem.

49. How to Create a Tinder Clone Application in Phở [No-Code Approach]

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a Tinder clone, in under 1 hour using Phở Networks, an open-source no-code platform that makes it seamlessly easy to create social applications.

50. GraphQL, Streaming, and RESTful API development Come Together in this Open Source Software

Swell is a cross-platform compatible (Mac, Linux, & Windows) desktop application and the leading API dev tool for testing and visualizing steaming TCP connections (ie WebSockets, SSEs, GraphQL subscriptions). Swell functions similarly to Postman, but with the added perks of full streaming and GraphQL support. Being an Open Source project, Swell is 100% free and open to outside contributions.

51. Intro Guide to the GraphQL API using Node.JS and Apollo

GraphQL is the alternative for REST made by Facebook. When Facebook reached the limits of REST API, they had to make something breaking these limits.

52. The New Next.js and SWR Clients: What You Need to Know

So that's it, we are now using SWR as our default data fetching library, giving you all the benefits, like optimistic updates while consuming WunderGraph APIs.

53. My first Gatsby Experience - A Review

TLDR; Gatsby is good for react portfolio sites, but worse than NextJs for web apps and much slower to work and more of a hassle than Web Builders/CMS for brochure/primarily static sites.

54. Modeling Hierarchical Access With AppSync In 3 Simple Steps

I have been working with a US client to build a first-of-its-kind app for managing medical consents. It falls under HIPAA compliance and it’s paramount that we do not allow unauthorized access to user data.

55. How To Build Graphql API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong [Part 4]


56. How To Connect GraphQL On Top of Existing REST API

Start using GraphQL in legacy portions of your app without breaking any existing contracts with functionality that may still rely on the original REST API.

57. Reasons Why Everybody Loves The New GraphQL Editor 3.0

We’ve just launched GraphQL Editor 3.0 and I must say it’s nothing like a year ago as we released it. When we started our vision was to provide an alternative way of designing a GraphQL schema, but what we ended up with is a lot more.

58. Coding Tutorial: Implement a GraphQL API on Top of an Existing REST API

Start using GraphQL in legacy portions of your app without breaking any existing contracts with functionality that can still rely on the original REST API.

59. GraphQL vs REST: API Design Best Practices For Long-Running Operations

Some best practices for API design projects that are intended to work over the course of a long-term operation within a larger organisation using GraphQL

60. 6 Tips To Scale an AppSync Project To 200+ Resolvers That Will Blow Your Mind

I have been working on a large AppSync project for a client these past few months. The initial version of the app was built in just a few weeks, but the client has commissioned additional features and the project has kept growing. At the time of writing, this project has over 200 AppSync resolvers and 600 CloudFormation resources.

61. WTF is A Headless CMS? [Explained]

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

62. Building Graphql API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong [Part 2]

Part 1 of this series provides detailed description on GraphQL server and how to start setting it up using springboot, Schema Definition Language (SDL) and its types.

63. How To Connect SailsJS with GraphQL Guide

If you're having troubles with organizing API for the Node.js app, using the Sails.js framework with the GraphQL, know that you're not the only one - we've been there too.

64. Build Your Own Puppy Playdate Tinder App with Slash GraphQL

Every dog owner wants to find the perfect friends for their new puppy. Now we have an app for that!

65. Book Rating System From Scratch using Goodreads API and Slash GraphQL

GraphQL is a relatively new way to build user interfaces and APIs for consumers. It's essentially a querying language backed by a strongly typed schema, which makes it easy to write human-readable requests to get exactly the data you need. Compared to REST, whose responses are dictated by the server, GraphQL queries place the power squarely in the hands of the client.

66. Streamlining The Developer Onboarding Process: A How-To Guide

For new hires, the first day on the job can be rough. Here's how Prismatic approaches building a successful software development team from day one.

67. Querying Data With GraphQL & Ballerina

Take look at the basics of GraphQL and how it is supported out-of-the-box with the Ballerina programming language.

68. Automate GraphQL Backed Applications' Security Testing

Working with the latest tech is fun. It’s fresh and exciting. As developers we feel invigorated by being on the bleeding edge. Consider us thrill seekers.

69. An Awesome Tool To Quickly Create An Amazon-Like Recommendation Engine

[TL;DR; Get started using Dgraph's Slash GraphQL product and connect to a Spring Boot application which will act as a simple RESTful recommendation service.]

70. Step Up Your Game and Start Using Nest

NestJs is an easy-to-learn and powerful framework. The beginner's guide for developers will teach you how to create an application using the NestJS framework.

71. How to Make Your Lambda Functions Run Faster (and Cheaper)

The AWS Lambda service allows us to easily deploy and run our own code, without worrying too much about the underlying infrastructure (when compared to non-serverless technologies). It essentially scales infinitely (with great power comes great responsibility), and can be connected with a bunch of other services, like API Gateway, S3, AppSync, DynamoDB, etc.

72. Fetch the Right Data With Next.js and React SSR

A frontend developer should be able to define what data is needed for a given page

73. Gremlin vs Cypher vs nGQL: Graph Query Language Comparison

In September 2019, Graph Query Language is accepted as a new database query language in a vote by the International SQL Standards Committee. The unification of GQL takes time.

74. Tracking the Worst Sci-Fi Movies With Angular and Slash GraphQL

A Slash GraphQL service instance contains everything needed to provide data to an Angular app. Let’s make a fun demonstration using some of the worst movies.

75. Introduction to GraphQL


76. How to Build a Reddit Clone with React and Dgraph Cloud

Social media apps are perfect candidates for using graph databases and GraphQL APIs. The combinations of complex data queries and relationships are endless.

77. How To Make a Twitter Graph with Slash GraphQL

See how using Slash GraphQL and data from Twitter can provide graph visualization [link analysis] to identify unexpected nodes and links.

78. A Great Way To Create A Brilliant GraphQL-Powered Blog

In this article, I'm going to explore graph databases/GraphQL by building a proof of concept blog powered by the recently launched Slash GraphQL - a hosted GraphQL backend.

79. Going Beneath the GraphQL Federated API

Want to understand how GraphQL Federation works? Follow on

80. Making GraphQL Queries in Python Like a Boss

A guide to which GraphQL client libraries to use in Python.

81. How to Build a Blog with NextJs, Chakra UI, and HyGraph

In this article, I described how I created my blog using NextJs, Chakra UI, and GraphCMS. I also disclosed the tools, technologies, and services that I used.

82. How to Post to Devto, Hashnode, and Medium dotcom via Their APIs

Generate posts on Dev, Hashnode, and Medium using the same markdown source file to simultaneously post on all three platforms using their REST and Graphql APIs.

83. Data Loaders in a GraphQL Server

Learn how to optimize data fetching in a GraphQL server for queries, mutations and subscriptions, by using data loaders.

84. Togayo: A Reconfigurable IoT Platform

An open-source IoT platform that uses microcontroller reconfiguration, capability-based peripherals, GraphQL, TimescaleDB, entity component system, and more.

85. How to Add GraphQL Wrapper Over REST API

How to add GraphQL wrapper along with swagger documentation in ASP.Net C# using NSwag tool

86. The Simplicity of tRPC with the Power of GraphQL

87. An Introduction To The GraphQL Editor v 4.5

GraphQL Editor new release

88. GraphQL Is Not a Silver Bullet

GraphQL is not a configuration language, also not a transformation language, a replacement for SQL, and definitely not Terraform.

89. Celebrating 10,000+ stars on GitHub repository⭐ ❤️️

Postwoman is celebrating the milestone of reaching 10,000 GitHub stars 🎉

90. 2022 Noonies Programming Nominee Roy Derks on GraphQL, React, and More

I’m Roy Derks! A tech speaker, writer and software developer from the Netherlands! I’ve been nominated for the categories below and if you've enjoyed anything

91. WunderGraph's Integration with Fauna

Fauna is a distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API.

92. Stitching, Integrating, Composing & Federating Multiple GraphQL APIs

I've run across a post on reddit where someone asked how to integrate their own GraphQL API with a third-party (Shopify) GraphQL API.

93. Build Flexible GraphQL APIs by Treating the Schema like a Database

Build flexible GraphQL APIs by treating the Schema like a Database

94. Building a GraphQL eCommerce App from Scratch

How to Build a GraphQL eCommerce App from Scratch

95. A Guide to Composing and Integrating APIs Together

With React/Next.js, the fundamental problem you’re solving is that of turning some notion of ‘state’ into DOM, with a focus on composability

96. 10 GraphQL Dev Tools for Making API Building a Lot Easier

Discover the best GraphQL Dev Tools that can help you streamline your development workflow.

97. Setup a GraphQL API for a Firebase Realtime Database With StepZen

The Firebase Realtime Database is a NoSQL database in the cloud. It doesn't have a GraphQL API, but it has a REST API that you can convert with StepZen.

98. How We Built This: A Platform for Crowdsourced Design Patterns

Built with Next, Apollo and MongoDB and deployed with GitHub Actions and Docker.

99. "If Google Lets me Down, I Write About It," Ben Church — Google Writer of the Year Nom

Ben Church is an engineer from Canada has been nominated as Hacker Noon's Contributor of the Year in our Google story category. The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today. So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Ben had to share.

100. Establish Your Data Team Early Using These Tools and Techniques

Start building your data strategy team and architecture as soon as you can. A one-person data team can make a massive difference to your success as you grow.

101. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs are a Gamechanger, Blurring the Line Between Client & Server

Full-Stack development just reached a whole new level of productivity. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs, as I call them, blur the lines between client and server.

102. These GraphQL Directives Are Overkill

I think that in 90% of the cases, you don't need @defer and @stream at all.

103. How a Customer 360 and Dgraph Cloud Can Help Improve User Retention

Successful corporations leverage a customer 360. Check out how Dgraph can provide top-notch analyses quickly and effectively.

104. 2 minute deployments: Jamstack Ecommerce + FaunaDB

managed to build a scaffolding for jamstack applications using Stencil.js and FaunaDB to power the backend.

105. Creating A Meme Sharing App Using Slash GraphQL

A walkthrough the process of creating a Slash GraphQL backend service to meet the needs of a fictional client, called InstaMeme.

106. Using Next.js 13’s Bleeding-Edge Features for Data Fetching

The app directory, Streaming, Suspense, and hybrid Server and Client Components were demystified — with a little help from GraphQL + WunderGraph.

107. How to sample AppSync resolver logs

AppSync has built-in logging integration with CloudWatch Logs (see here for more details on the logging options).

108. How to Deploy Java GraphQL APIs Using Apifi — A Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide to Getting a Java GraphQL API up and Running in no time Using Apifi.

109. Lawyer Turned Full-Stack Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy Talks AI in 2020

When he's not working for a Google-backed startup in the AI space, Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy from the UK writes coding tutorials and courses - the former of which earned a nomination for a 2020 Noonie. After the ad break: we present to you, our big techy world, from the perspective of Ruairidh.

110. How to Build a Voting Application for Tech Courses with GraphCMS and Nuxt

Build an application that allows you to vote courses in tech. You will use technologies such as GraphCMS, Nuxt.js, GitHub, TailwindCSS and NPM.

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