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10 Tips to Drive Up Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Do you know, for every $100 spent on guiding the right traffic to the website, firms spend just $1 on the practices that might convert that traffic into leads? Driving truckloads of traffic on a page remains to be the vital goal of most of the marketers, but just a few realizes that even if your page is welcoming a colossal amount of traffic every day, it is not making any difference unless the conversion follows.

If you ask me, the utility of your website is ought to drive a significant amount of traffic, but the ability to convert that traffic into satisfied customers depends on how well you optimize your page for the anticipated outcome.

Those who have figured out what drives conversion to their page are playing in dollars while the others are still toiling in the trillion-digit market with the average conversion rate of less than 0.5%.

Let us cut to the chase, and explore some of the proven hacks to give a bump to your conversion figures with the least efforts.

Create Multiple Landing Pages


Create more than two landing pages with easy navigation, link them to your homepage and there you go! More landing pages, with relevant and high-value keywords, increases a website’s search click-through rates and help you create a richer experience for your visitors.

Case Study: Companies increased their sales conversion rate to 55% by increasing the number of landing pages to 10–15.

Incorporate Testimonials


The goal behind adding testimonials to your website is to give other people the assurance that your past clients have success stories attached with your brand. The testimonials increase your visitor’s trust and hold the capability of increasing the conversion rate by 50% when placed right on the lead generation page.

Case Study: A recruitment website, Wikijob increased their conversion rate by 34% through the proper placement of customer testimonials in their website.

Exhibit Clear Unique Value Propositions


What draws the line between the best class and the mediocre is the capability to excel in the crowd of competitors. If you have something that tells your visitors why you stand out? Then say it loud! It is vital to tell the visitors why they need to deal with you, and what will be the benefits.

Case Study: A popular video game named Sims 3, invited 128% more visitors to register after improving their website’s value proposition

A/B Test: Two Words, Great Results


“Test, tweak and repeat”! You cannot say you are operating in the way you have always planned unless you have data points to compare. Take the original version of your page, put it in competition with another, take what works and discard what does not. The main aim of doing A/B testing time to time remains to get a concrete idea of what’s working the most with your audience, and what you need to quit or change ASAP. However, make sure you do not jump to conclusions very soon if you seek to achieve optimum results.

Case Study: Soocial, an online address book did an A\B test and found that the addition of a word “free” next to their sign-up CTA increased the conversion rate to 28%.

Seem Secure


In the madcap world of web, security and trust are vital if you seek to make it large. Putting a little faith in your website by incorporating SSL or other trust seals can boost your conversion rate and help you nurture a set of valuable clientele for a protracted period.

Case Study: A furniture company, oriental furniture witnessed a 7.6% hike in their conversion rates by incorporating a buy safe seal in their website.

Say “Hi” To Short Forms


Why to turn-off your visitor with a 25+ filed sign-up form, when you can lure them by keeping just the essentials? The logic is simple, if you have convinced your visitor to sign-up, not let him/her drop the plan over some petty issues like the length of your sign-up forms.

Case Study: Imagescape, an architecture-designing firm understood the importance of the small forms and gained 120% conversion increase by reducing the form fields from 11 to 4.

Use Video To Convert


Do you know that 70% of the top 100 search results you see today are videos?

Around 64%-85% visitors are more likely to buy after watching a product video, and prefer watching over reading large chunks of text on any website.

Case Study: A study done by an e-tailing company, StacsAndStacs.com revealed that the purchase percent of the visitors who saw a particular product video was 144% more compared to those who did not.

Keep Your Call-to-Actions Strong


After putting all the efforts in building your customer’s trust, the worst that could happen is lose them with a weak CTA. Though, 47% of the websites have clear and highly noticeable CTAs, yet 70% of the firms lack in it, and hence have low conversion and high bounce rate.

Case Study: Danish E-commerce website increased their conversion to 17% by incorporating CTA with a link to their product page.

E-mail Is Not Dead


E-mail segmentation based on the user behavior is what driving the conversion in firms these days, without any fear of getting outpaced soon. When asked, over 68% of the firms agreed that e-mail still has the potential to bring in loads of conversion and have embraced it wholeheartedly in their marketing strategies.

Case Study: Vero, a software company increased their conversion to 450%, by implementing few modifications in their e-mail strategy.

Opt For a Conversion-Centric Web Design


A conversion-oriented web design is a bunch of things like responsiveness, easy & fast navigation, de-cluttered layout, attractive color contrast & images, styling, directional cues, and proper white space, etc. Persuasive designs and psychological principles play a significant role in driving the conversion rate. Along with the attractive display, the user experience also entices the visitors to convert into customers.

Case Study: Numara, a software company increased their sales by $330,000/month by renovating their web design.

To Conclude:

A special tip for all the readers that made it till here; before implementing any of the tips you find over the internet, remember that what works for one website or business might turn out to be a complete disaster for the other. Therefore, keep tracking the results of your activities constantly in order to keep the control in your hands, and do not forget to take the help of analytics in your CRO strategies. With the hope that the tips I mentioned will be of help to all of you, I take your leave thank you.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.


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